Heather + Sean were married a few weeks ago in Los Angeles at the LDS Temple there. It's always a delight to shoot on these grounds since this is where Justin and I were married nearly 9 years back! Also, we are constantly being challenged each time we shoot at this location to recreate ourselves as photographers so that each couple gets a unique set of photos for their wedding day.

Here are my favorite portraits from Heather + Sean's wedding day!
hswed002.jpghswed003.jpghswed004.jpghswed005.jpghswed006.jpghswed007.jpghswed008.jpghswed009.jpghswed010.jpghswed011.jpgPeople often ask if Justin and I ever get "timeless/classic" portraits of the bride and groom. The answer is yes, we just don't always post them on our blog;) Love this one of Heather + Sean.
hswed012.jpghswed013.jpghswed014.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day...ALL in camera, no photoshop tricks here.
hswed015.jpghswed016.jpgHeather + Sean had this crazy idea of incorporating guns into their photos somehow. It was fitting since they both love shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, and basically anything to do with the great outdoors.
hswed017.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congrats to Heather + Sean, click here for their wedding slideshow including shots from their reception!

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Marielle Hayes said:
Beautiful! Love all of them!
(05.26.11 03:33 PM)
Heidi said:
Yeah! Cute pics, congrats guys. And nice to finally meet you Amelia! Your so sweet and talented!
(05.26.11 05:58 PM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I love the one of them laughing towards the top... they look so in love and happy
(05.27.11 06:59 AM)
Laura Burlton said:
These are gorgeous and fun! I adore the last one with the guns and would say that in it's own way it is just as timeless and classic as the more traditional pose, in that I would bet their grandchildren and generations past will probably likely remember it more.
(05.27.11 10:33 AM)
Lori Anderson said:
Not a fan of guns, but that last shot is AWESOME! It's quirky and I LOVE it!
(05.31.11 05:07 PM)