The wedding of Connie + Stefan has definitely been on of my favs from this year to work on! Everything about it was so sweet, classic, & stress-free! Seriously, Connie + Stefan were so happy to be getting married that they had not a worry in the world on the big day! That's what I love to see, couples that focus all of their energy on the actual reason of the day, not just on the little details. It was refreshing!
cs_wedblog001.jpgcs_wedblog002.jpgcs_wedblog003.jpgcs_wedblog004.jpgcs_wedblog005.jpgcs_wedblog006.jpgThe wedding took place at the Brookside Equestrian Center in Walnut, CA. Gorgeous venue!
cs_wedblog007.jpgcs_wedblog008.jpgcs_wedblog009.jpgcs_wedblog010.jpgcs_wedblog011.jpgcs_wedblog012.jpgcs_wedblog013.jpgcs_wedblog014.jpgcs_wedblog015.jpgcs_wedblog016.jpgcs_wedblog017.jpgcs_wedblog018.jpgcs_wedblog019.jpgMy TWO favorite shots of the day...I feel like it fits the whole feel of Connie + Stefan's wedding!
The flowers were amazing, the peonies were my favorite! Awesome work by Blomma Bloem Designs!
cs_wedblog022.jpgcs_wedblog023.jpgcs_wedblog024.jpgcs_wedblog025.jpgcs_wedblog027.jpgcs_wedblog028.jpgcs_wedblog029.jpgSo glad I had Jason Roger by my side that day shooting away, here's the ring shot he got!
Last, be sure to click here for Connie + Stefan's online slideshow!

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anna said:
beautiful couple, beautiful wedding. killer ring shot as well!
(06.15.11 10:10 PM)
noelle stolworthy said:
Hey amelia! How do you get your AMAZING black and white in this set!?!? It is what I dream of black and white being!
(06.15.11 10:56 PM)
Alicia CP said:
Love her dress! (it's my wedding dress too, but different sash!) beautiful images!
(06.15.11 11:16 PM)
Sara Carter said:
Oh wow! I wish i was at that wedding... not even as a photographer! I'd be fine just being a guest. It looks so cozy and friendly and just all around lovely. Great job on making us all FEEL what this wedding was through your images!! So yummy. And props to Jason for that ring shot! He out did himself!
(06.15.11 11:52 PM)
Rachel Tatem said:
What a great wedding. The bride was stunning in a beautiful dress and all looked filled with joy!
(06.16.11 06:37 AM)
Mallory said:
I really loved these photographs.The whole shoot has such a vintage, classic feel to it. Really impressive!
(06.16.11 09:43 AM)
Melissa E Earle said:
What amazing photos! I follow your blog on Blog Lovin and wanted to say how much I enjoyed your photos here Cheerio Melissa E Earle
(06.19.11 07:48 PM)
Natalia said:
Love your work!! And her shoes... thank you for continuing to inspire! Fantastic stuff!
(06.20.11 12:31 AM)
Mark boyce said:
Beautiful. Do you use canons tilt-shift lens?
(06.24.11 02:20 AM)
steph said:
She has AMAZING hair! Wow. And the pictures are gorgeous. :)
(06.24.11 12:28 PM)
Justin said:
That shot through the blind? with the lipstick is killer! As well as the full reception. Sweet series.
(06.27.11 08:17 AM)
wide angle macro photography said:
Yo have real stunning shots. Love all of them but i like Sarah and Eric collection, gives me a warm feeling just by looking at them. Thanks
(07.11.11 12:40 PM)
Foto Face said:
Very nice photos!
(07.12.11 11:33 AM)
Charlene Plagens said:
Have not checked in for some time...reminded of how truly talented you both are...such amazing work!
(07.13.11 03:47 AM)