Jeff + Jane were married on August 29th and had a sweet reception at the Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Irvine. We really like the open feel of this venue, very down-to-earth. You may recall Jeff + Jane's faces from their engagement session we posted back in April. Two things that I thought were sweet touches to the overall look to Jeff + Jane on their wedding day were: 1. Jane's simple, yet classic hair-do with make-up (compliments of Nicole DeAnne) & 2. Jeff's classic black suit with bow-tie.


My favorite item of the day: Jane's shoes! I'm a die-hard for a good pair of heels!

jjwed_004.jpgjjwed_005.jpgjjwed_006.jpgjjwed_007.jpgjjwed_008.jpgjjwed_009.jpgjjwed_010.jpgjjwed_011.jpgjjwed_012.jpgjjwed_013.jpgjjwed_014.jpgjjwed_015.jpgjjwed_016.jpgjjwed_017.jpgjjwed_018.jpgjjwed_019.jpgjjwed_020.jpgjjwed_021.jpgjjwed_022.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
jjwed_023.jpgjjwed_024.jpgjjwed_025.jpgjjwed_026.jpgjjwed_027.jpgjjwed_028.jpgjjwed_029.jpgjjwed_030.jpgjjwed_031.jpgjjwed_032.jpgjjwed_033.jpgJustin's sweet ring shot!
Click here to see the whole day in its entirety, the slideshow!
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Courtney Craver said:
These are gorgeous! Love the tilt shift pics...
(10.14.09 12:40 PM)
Chris Robertson said:
The first few portraits of the bride and groom are wide which can go wrong real fast but you nailed it. Lovely!
(10.14.09 12:49 PM)
yan palmer said:
um, maybe it WASN'T a good idea to check your blog while i'm trying to edit an engagement session. now i have to go have a wicked duel with the green eyed monster. =)
(10.14.09 01:14 PM)
Kirstinrose said:
Oh my goodness, these pictures are so stunning! The bride is very beautiful! I adore the 6th picture, the one of the bride. So beautiful! =)
(10.14.09 01:22 PM)
Tina said:
Beautiful! The one of the bride looking over her shoulder is stunning!
(10.14.09 02:55 PM)
megan welker said:
you are on a roll with your blog posts girl!! love this sweet wedding!
(10.14.09 05:22 PM)
Megan said:
Completely beautiful wedding, just beautiful.
(10.14.09 07:03 PM)
Jane Hasty said:
(10.14.09 07:54 PM)
Alexandra said:
Wow :) These are all so beautiful!! I love the ones of them in the field! So beautiful :) Great work!
(10.15.09 12:31 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
beautiful wedding, i love the details!
(10.15.09 10:52 AM)
paula said:
gorgeous images!!!
(10.15.09 05:23 PM)
angie monson said:
amazing. love this wedding.
(10.15.09 08:28 PM)
John Johnston said:
Absolutely stunning. your imagery is amazing.
(10.16.09 03:33 AM)
Cathy said:
Wow, you guys captured some amazing shots (as always!). I love the group shot with the puddle reflection. Oh, and LOVE the shoes! :)
(10.16.09 07:46 AM)
Kyle Richter said:
Lyons!! Always love your night shoots!! the direct light on purpose is awesome.. great style.. Love it. cheers.. Kyle @ s28.
(10.16.09 10:15 PM)
Laura Lawson said:
Beautiful wedding and photography! I just started following your work; stoked to see more! I especially love the gorgeous shot of the trees with leaves on the ground with the couple almost in the middle. Keep it up! Cheers!
(10.17.09 07:35 PM)
Michelle Stone said:
again, you guys ROCK. seriously amazing photos!!!!
(10.20.09 12:57 PM)
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Melissa + Bryan are works of art, literally! I was super drawn to them when I first met them months back at our consultation meeting. I loved their style, look, and attitude. When we were planning their engagement session I was super excited because I had been waiting for the perfect couple that would fit a specific location I had been eyeing for a while now. We made our way to one of the many abandoned farm houses in Chino. Melissa + Bryan definitely were the the best for this location look and feel. I had a crazy hard time narrowing down the images for this post, so I'm posting more than usual for an engagement session, but I truly am in love with the session as an overall work of art.
bm_eng002.jpgbm_eng003.jpgbm_eng004.jpgbm_eng005.jpgbm_eng006.jpgbm_eng007.jpgbm_eng008.jpgbm_eng009.jpgbm_eng010.jpgbm_eng011.jpgbm_eng012.jpgbm_eng013.jpgbm_eng014.jpgbm_eng015.jpgbm_eng016.jpgbm_eng017.jpgI love these two double shots together, my favorite image of the day!
Wedding soon to follow in a few weeks!

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Jane Hasty said:
Very very cool!
(10.13.09 03:13 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
Wow...these really are a work of art. The are all so edgy and fun!
(10.13.09 03:14 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a stunning session! i love it.
(10.13.09 03:24 PM)
angie + matt said:
I love this couple. They have such a great look! This is totally one of my fave E-sessions for sure. Can't wait for the wedding images:)
(10.13.09 03:25 PM)
alyssa said:
Super fun couple - the leg shots are, absolutely, killer.
(10.13.09 05:19 PM)
Megan said:
Great session, I love these images. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous work.
(10.13.09 05:49 PM)
Jennifer Nichols said:
Oh, I love this shoot! So many great shots!!
(10.13.09 06:34 PM)
yan palmer said:
hi hi hi. what to say about this tough and tender couple? i just feel like you captured their souls. but of course you made it physically beautiful.
(10.13.09 09:19 PM)
Beka L said:
So in love with this couple and session! Very cool and fun and I can't wait to see what their wedding is going to be like! :)
(10.14.09 12:08 AM)
Ginette said:
Your shots are always amazing and inspire me...but something about this shoot is AWESOME on a whole new level! I LOVE IT. They are incredibly beautiful subjects and they way you captured them is perfect. I am so glad that this post was big! :)
(10.14.09 12:34 AM)
Briony said:
just bomb
(10.14.09 06:12 AM)
joyful weddings and events said:
I love these two and cannot wait to see how you capture their amazing day! Their e-sess is so stunning- great work!
(10.14.09 11:01 AM)
Whitney Warner said:
Loving these two! No offense to all the mormons you shoot, but this is more my style with the rusty old buildings in the background and tattoos on your targets!
(10.14.09 11:29 AM)
Alexandra said:
Wowww I'm loving these!! I love the tattoos and the location and the creativity! Wow, awesome work!
(10.14.09 12:09 PM)
Casia Fletcher said:
Totally 'my style' of a session! Great work.
(10.15.09 05:20 PM)
kristin @ The Treasured Petal said:
This wedding is going to be fabulous! I'm so looking forward to finally working with you (two weeks in a row actually- Molly AND Melissa!) What a treat!
(10.16.09 12:03 AM)
jenny haas said:
these are amazing! I always adore your work ;)
(10.16.09 08:52 PM)
Melissa Rossiter said:
I love to look @ your photos every so often. Where was the amazing wedding at such an amazing building? And why two gusn pointing @ each other on your chest? Hope you had fun at Mickey halloween haunt.
(10.28.09 11:22 PM)
Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop said:
You guys captured them perfectly! Definitely one of my favorite couples to work with! They look stunning in these photos!
(11.02.09 11:09 AM)
Alyssa & Dressesshop said:
it's so amazing! ;)
(06.08.11 03:12 AM)
alyssa said:
very creative! i love the pictures so much!
(06.27.11 08:15 PM)
magicweddingdress said:
Nice place for your wedding ceremony!
(07.25.12 01:18 AM)
Slicer said:
I love the tattoo at the bride's and groom's hand.
(07.31.12 10:39 PM)
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