After a fun filled crazy week we spent in Las Vegas at the WPPI Convention (photos to come soon!) we've been playing a crazy game of catch up, so we plan to be blogging quite a bit this week!

To start our week off we went with Virginia + John's engagement. This sweet couple had hired us almost two years ago, so we were definitely looking forward to seeing them again after such a long time. We shot the session in Fullerton at one of the local high school football stadiums. The weather was questionable as it had rained all the way up until we started to shoot, but we ended up LOVING the conditions and the clouds were unreal!

On a side not, if you like Virginia's hair and make-up, the credit goes to Nicole DeAnne, the amazing brains behind the beauty!









Almost my favorite shot of the day...


My favorite shot of the day! The clouds were SO rockin!




Wedding to come in June of this year!
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Emily Quinton said:
AMAZING!!! Your almost favourite of the day is my fave! Love it. Splendid :-)
(02.24.09 02:08 AM)
serena said:
these are freakin' amazing!!
(02.24.09 02:35 AM)
jerry yooners said:
dyaaaam gina! i was gettin' a lil tired with my e-shoots but this sess just kicked my ass into inspiration mode! adlkfjasldfjas;ldfkj!!!!
(02.24.09 03:16 AM)
Austin Curtis said:
the last one is the bomb track! so soo good!
(02.24.09 03:16 AM)
josh solar said:
What beautiful shots! The one on of them laying on the steps is my fav.
(02.24.09 03:57 AM)
ninjaken said:
awesome engagementrama images!
(02.24.09 04:52 AM)
john waire said:
looks like the weather provided the perfect lighting for this session. this is a hot one for sure. great job! STOP being so damn good!!!
(02.24.09 05:06 AM)
Debbie S said:
The steps picture is really cool. What a lovely couple!
(02.24.09 05:16 AM)
Preston said:
Great, great, usual!
(02.24.09 05:46 AM)
carrie@urbanbaby said:
i LOVE these, those first four,and the last one...unbelievable!
(02.24.09 06:10 AM)
Daniel said:
Gettin the sexy on with the 4th shot. Love it.
(02.24.09 06:14 AM)
nate said:
you guys killed it!!! AWESOME SESSION!!!
(02.24.09 06:19 AM)
jeffrey Woods said:
Hey guys nice to catch up at Vegas wish it could of been longer. Maybe next time on our trip to So-Cal this summer. I LOVE this last image great shot and executed very nicely (way to see things differently). See you soon jw
(02.24.09 06:23 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
What a cool session! I love these... that last one is seriously awesome!
(02.24.09 06:30 AM)
Toni said:
Beautiful! Did you blend two exposures on the last shot to get the water on the lens effect? It's fabulous! You two are so unbelievably talented... it's so easy for us to brag about you!
(02.24.09 06:34 AM)
Matt Dorroh said:
So awesome, I love em'!
(02.24.09 06:41 AM)
Em Reichert Torhorst said:
Dude, what a cute couple. Love your location. As usual ... keep rockin' it! Em
(02.24.09 06:47 AM)
Stevie said:
Beautiful Beautiful!! I LOVE that one by the fence that was shot from straight above. And Virginia's dress is soo cute!
(02.24.09 07:33 AM)
Kayla said:
WOW!!! These are amazing! I love all the unique angles!
(02.24.09 07:38 AM)
Jason Row said:
As always, beyond awesome!
(02.24.09 07:41 AM)
Jamie Delaine said:
Gorgeous as always! That last one is neat with the rain (?) all around!
(02.24.09 07:50 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
The pics are just gorgeous! Beautiful composition and lines!
(02.24.09 08:07 AM)
Trisha said:
AHH! that last shot is soo cool!
(02.24.09 08:10 AM)
Simone said:
Wow! I have to come out of de-lurking to tell you that these pictures are amazing. Who would have thought you could get such stunning, romantic photos from a football stadium? You guys rocked it!
(02.24.09 08:42 AM)
bobbi said:
How are you amazing every time you go out and shoot? Me... I'm only amazing 1 in 5 times. :) Seriously, you so freeeeeeking rock.
(02.24.09 08:50 AM)
Alyssa Lang said:
Loooooove the second shot!
(02.24.09 08:56 AM)
Amanda Rae said:
These are amazing! I'm such a huge fan of your work. I briefly met you guys at the b school party in Vegas, it was so nice meeting you!
(02.24.09 09:12 AM)
Brittany Sattel said:
Beautiful! As usual. :) Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on my blog roll!! ~ Britt
(02.24.09 09:21 AM)
Lindsey Joy said:
A.MA.ZING, WOW!! I love how moody these images are, way to work it out!!!
(02.24.09 09:22 AM)
Michele B said:
I love the reflection shot, but they were all awesome! Ann as usual, Nicole did an awesome job!
(02.24.09 09:29 AM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
So fun! Love these!
(02.24.09 09:30 AM)
angie + matt said:
Luv! the first one:) Love this location too, brings back fond memories;)
(02.24.09 09:38 AM)
Christie Mumm said:
these are all BEAUtiful, but the last one, the reflection shot, rox my world, big time! Your awesome!
(02.24.09 10:15 AM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
yummy yum yummy guys as always!!!
(02.24.09 10:27 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
I looooove these. The clouds set a great mood! That reflection shot is off the hook!!
(02.24.09 11:31 AM)
sarah rhoads said:
wow. that last shot is SICK! i LOVE when photos really make you step back and think about what is going on. this one did exactly that. very interesting! love it!
(02.24.09 11:32 AM)
Paige Green said:
oh my gosh!!! Virginia was my best friend in Jr. High!!!!! that is soooo awesome that she booked you guys.
(02.24.09 11:36 AM)
Linda Good-Hart said:
I love this session. Great feeling, great viewpoints great execution. BTW, Nicole you rock the hair and makeup always!!!
(02.24.09 12:03 PM)
Augusta said:
I love your close ups! And this is a really great location. Looking forward to more this week! :)
(02.24.09 12:03 PM)
Sarah Smith Photography said:
WOW, i love the tones you used in these images and that last refelction shot is by far the coolest reflection shot I have seen! awesome work!
(02.24.09 12:21 PM)
Emily Coovert said:
I absolutely love that last photo. It's a great catch!
(02.24.09 12:42 PM)
todd pellowe said:
you guys are really good at picture taking.
(02.24.09 02:26 PM)
Hanssie Trainor said:
The fence shots are amazing! Great ideas as always!
(02.24.09 02:42 PM)
Melissa Gartner said:
Amelia what is your recipe for the color & the B&W?? They are all so awesome!!
(02.24.09 03:43 PM)
kate said:
your angles on these are so awesome! i especially love the distant compositions, where the couple looks really small. and the ones with the fence=amazing!
(02.24.09 07:40 PM)
jeremy parsons said:
Wow. You know, you guys are pretty good at what you do:) Love it.
(02.24.09 08:51 PM)
Candice Brooke said:
You are rocking it like it is a hot plate of beans on a cold day. -random seriously though... you rock!
(02.24.09 11:28 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
These are awesome! I live near there and did a session durring one of those recent rainly weekends and got the same amazing clouds! (just posted them too!). You guys did an amazing job, I love how you shot in such a simple place and got some amazing images! They are stunning!
(02.25.09 09:24 AM)
ben + laura said:
freakin' awesome ... is all we have to say
(02.25.09 09:28 AM)
ScotWharton said:
That last shot is nice....REAL NICE!
(02.25.09 02:40 PM)
Samuel Awesome face Lippke said:
I like your work. I'll keep you in mind if I ever need pictures.
(02.25.09 05:49 PM)
Navy Sou said:
These images are SICK!!!! Keep it coming!!!
(02.25.09 06:42 PM)
Jessie said:
I am so in love with this shoot (and your style). I keep coming back to it in awe of the beauty in each photograph.
(02.25.09 07:20 PM)
kim newsom said:
jeff's been telling me how great you are soooo had to take a peek myself, and yes, totally and completely agreeeee. you do handsome work. well done.
(02.25.09 11:27 PM)
sandie said:
holy wow! so many comments ! you rock! I love love love the stairs shot! walking down.. what a great idea! I'm inspired! (AGAIN)
(02.26.09 10:49 AM)
amancay said:
that last shot has my mind completely spinning... best I've seen in a long long time, wow!
(02.27.09 09:56 AM)
briana elledge said:
wowza, the last one still has my head spinning, so eh hem, again i reitirate my point, which was what again... oh right, wowza. -briana
(02.27.09 11:09 AM)
Julie Parker said:
Great shoot! I especially love the last one!!!
(03.02.09 10:56 AM)
Kellan said:
Her eyes in that second shot...WOW!
(04.09.09 02:10 PM)
Dasha Tatarinov said:
wow..looking at these shots it makes me want to become a pro photographer evermore!!! stunning pictures you took...i especially like the stair one where theyre walking down
(08.19.09 12:23 AM)
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We are beyond delighted that Jason + Kelly hired us to shoot their engagement photos as well as their upcoming wedding in March. Why, you ask??? Well because Jason has been one of Justin's super close friends ever since they went to Art Center College of Design together about 5 years back, AND Kelly and I use to cause a little trouble together when I was a young single adult living in Huntington beach about 8 years back! I had lost touch with Kelly after I moved away from the HB and found the man of my dreams then got married. So you could only imagine how excited I was when I found out that Jason found HIS girl of his dreams and it happened to be one of my old friends!

Jason + Kelly are perfect for each other! I remember a few years back (before Kelly was in the picture) I asked Jason to describe his perfect girl and this is what he said, "Well, she's GOT to be a brunette, also someone that is a little out-doorsy, but still super girlie!" That is EXACTLY what Kelly is! So glad they found each other!

We shot their engagement session at the beach right next to where Kelly lives, and I usually have a hard time with the beach, but I have to say that this one definitely surprised me!











When shooting at the beach, we usually ask our couples to bring along one "prop" to help spice things up, Kelly chose this amazing red Japanese umbrella...LOVED IT!


Out of focus, long shutter, running while shooting, super of my favorite shots from the day.


Obviously, my favorite shot of the day!!!!

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nate kaiser said:
do you mean more real or more canon??? ;) awesome shoot amelia!!!
(01.26.09 08:22 AM)
David Josué said:
nice colors, like your work
(01.26.09 08:23 AM)
john waire said:
love that last shot with the seagulls. looks like the beach is your friend after all :) great session!
(01.26.09 08:28 AM)
Aaron Snow said:
This is amazing. Great color. Wonderful detail. Congratulations Jason and Kelly!
(01.26.09 08:29 AM)
jackie wonders said:
i totally feel the same about the beach! but, what i loved this shoot b/c you made it so much more about them than the setting...and, the "adding a prop" idea for sandsoaked areas :) thanks for sharing!
(01.26.09 08:30 AM)
Lady_Rhinoa said:
I love their session. It`s very vibrant, full of posistive energy and this girl... so actress looking. They look very cute together. Beautiful !!!
(01.26.09 08:41 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
Ohmygosh! They look like models!! What a beautiful couple :) Their soft vibrant energy really shows in these photos. Lovely!
(01.26.09 08:48 AM)
Allison said:
Totally love the photos with the red umbrella - especially the one where they are running in front of the yellow building! You always do the most amazing work! Good stuff. :)
(01.26.09 09:07 AM)
Jamie Delaine said:
That last one is INSANE!!
(01.26.09 09:18 AM)
jac said:
gorgeous!!! i love the b/w of them holding each other...such a beautiful and genuine couple!!!
(01.26.09 09:41 AM)
carrie said:
smokin' hot couple....smokin' hot images. NICE!!!!
(01.26.09 09:46 AM)
Kate said:
They are so cute! Love the shot with the lifeguard stand and the blue sky, and the parasol shots. Great job :]
(01.26.09 09:48 AM)
bethelynk said:
these are exceptionally good!! gorgeous couple...loving the umbrella...brella...hey hey. ;)
(01.26.09 10:11 AM)
Ashley said:
I've never seen the beach look so good! Your fav shot of the day is awesome!! Inspiring as usual =).
(01.26.09 10:11 AM)
Melissa Koehler said:
Drool, just gorgeous. That last shot should be a HUGE canvas! Just gorgeous!
(01.26.09 10:24 AM)
Lyndzee said:
SAAMOKIN couple!! Great shots as always and I must say that I LOVE her chiffon dress,, I want it. I"d have to agree with you on the 'seagull' one as my fav. Love you guys!! Lyndzee*
(01.26.09 10:59 AM)
ScotWharton said:
WOW! These are so amazing! Love the one of them almost kissing
(01.26.09 11:08 AM)
bethany said:
ive been a blog stalker for a while now, but im realizing more and more how much comments make a difference! so here i am! :) the last shot, beautiful! i would always worry about the birds doing a little something something that falls out of the sky though... :)
(01.26.09 12:01 PM)
Meg said:
Love that last one too- and the one of them running in front of that yellow building- awesome stuff Amelia! (I, too, have issues when shooting at the beach ;) )
(01.26.09 12:26 PM)
Heather said:
These are gorgeous!
(01.26.09 03:27 PM)
jackie cooper said:
Fabulous session, love all of the ones of them on the beach, especially the last 3, so fantastic.
(01.26.09 04:28 PM)
lucy said:
Your style is so unique...
(01.26.09 04:35 PM)
Abra said:
These are AWESOME! She is an absolutely gorgeous woman. :) What a fantastic job.
(01.26.09 04:40 PM)
heather broom said:
Oh wow...that last shot is timeless! awesome shoot!
(01.26.09 05:31 PM)
Brandi said:
Gods that's making me jealous today with our cold wet nasty weather. Gorgeous work as always.
(01.26.09 06:24 PM)
ROG said:
WOW! Talk about re-inventing the wheel! So remember that one time when all beach shoots were the same ol' crapo and every pic the same as the next? You destroyed them! All of them! Wizards you are...Wizards! oh and don't worry about Nate's nikon lame-inocity, he'll come back to the fold. Or I will make him come back to the fold. CAMERA KAI!
(01.27.09 12:55 AM)
Angie Baxter said:
OMG!!! They must be sooooooo happy with these. Can't wait to see the wedding pics.
(01.27.09 02:15 AM)
hailey said:
oh yes running shot the bom!
(01.27.09 05:28 AM)
amy said:
absolutely gorgeous! that last shot is amazing.... they're all amazing...
(01.27.09 05:44 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
Amazing photographs of their e-session!!!!!! Beautiful couple!!!You definitely caught the feeling..........
(01.27.09 06:46 AM)
Darbi said:
I love your fave...and the one on the docks with the sun flare. I just found your site and am loving your work. (and I'm partial to your color scheme as it's similar to mine!!)
(01.27.09 07:45 AM)
Stephanie Osborne said:
Those beach shots are amazing I LOVE the parasol....
(01.27.09 07:45 AM)
sarah rhoads said:
i love this session. it seems so honest. beautifully done
(01.27.09 07:56 AM)
Sarah said:
I love the last one! What a great shot; I'm sure they must love it too!
(01.27.09 08:27 AM)
~abi~ said:
HOT couple, AMAZING shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(01.27.09 08:33 AM)
Jenny Sun said:
you would NEVER be able to tell you have a hard time at the beach with these shots! they are fabulous! But its great to know that I'm not the only photographer who doesnt naturally love the beach for photos. I'm an urban girl all the way. Well done! :D
(01.27.09 10:32 AM)
Matt Dorroh said:
What an awesome session, great job!
(01.27.09 11:46 AM)
Heather Kinacid said:
Love these! Super beautiful. You guys are so fabulous.
(01.27.09 12:29 PM)
SHEESH!! unbelievably epic! I am blown away by all shots involving the umbrella - so wonderful!!
(01.27.09 12:54 PM)
Stephanie said:
I love the feel of this entire shoot! And those booties are perfection! Any info on them? :)
(01.27.09 12:54 PM)
Ariel said:
You are BY FAR my favorite photographer. So much talent!
(01.27.09 03:25 PM)
Rachel Lindley said:
You are amazing! LOVE the seagulls!
(01.27.09 04:39 PM)
angie monson said:
umm ya you rock.
(01.27.09 11:58 PM)
Charise (Photography By Charise) said:
Beautiful images Amelia. I love the last few with the parasol on the beach.
(01.28.09 09:09 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
First of all…what a small world! Second…these are stunning! So colorful and fun, but also very romantic! LOVE THEM!
(01.28.09 09:29 AM)
Heidi Fazio said:
(01.28.09 11:48 AM)
bobbi said:
you're one of the best photographers EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!
(01.28.09 04:12 PM)
Jason Thon said:
I LOVE the last three!. The color tones, the motion, the feel are all fabulous!
(01.30.09 10:03 PM)
Vania said:
i wish i had an image like the one with the birds of my husband and I. I would hang it hUGGGGE in our house! you are by far the best photographer in the USA
(02.18.09 10:25 AM)
Stephanie Stewart said:
These are amazing! Love the beach shots with the vacant lifeguard shack, and all of the ones with the red umbrella and sea gulls! Perfection! Romantic! Unique!
(04.01.09 08:14 AM)
harvey said:
Very passionate, each photo is indeed amazing. I always adore beach for pre wedding pics, love it!
(08.14.09 09:56 AM)
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