There are so many elements to the engagement session that have really caught my interest. The couple, the location, the style...I'm super happy with how it all turned out! Teresa (now into the fashion industry), was dappling in the photography industry and actually attended our first LYON-SHOP last year back in July. She and Kenneth fell in love with our work and hired us to shoot their upcoming wedding. Also, on the day of their engagement session Teresa showed up with a fun new dress for me....I LOVE when clients are so sweet to think to bring gifts, it really made my day!
kt_eng002.jpgkt_eng003.jpgkt_eng004.jpgkt_eng005.jpgkt_eng006.jpgkt_eng007.jpgkt_eng008.jpgkt_eng009.jpgkt_eng010.jpgkt_eng011.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
I'll be off to shoot their wedding this weekend, it's going to be fantastic!
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natalie said:
haha so cute! did you push them? :)
(06.29.10 12:28 PM)
kristine atienza said:
yay teresa!!! congrats on your wedding!!
(06.29.10 12:54 PM)
Mel said:
I don't know how you do it...get better that is! AMAZING!
(06.29.10 06:34 PM)
belle said:
i love the one of them on the bench!
(06.30.10 12:19 AM)
Dominik said:
Awesome as always :-)
(06.30.10 01:28 AM)
Lindsay said:
Those are all really amazing! How do get that yellowish tone?
(06.30.10 06:03 AM)
Anda said:
Awww, It's Teresa! She and Kenneth are beautiful! These shots are amazing, as always.
(06.30.10 06:44 AM)
Brooke Powell said:
totally wish you could shooot my wedding this july!
(06.30.10 10:42 AM)
arenda said:
love that last shot! i mean, who doesn't love a tire swing?! :)
(06.30.10 07:28 PM)
Mary Dougherty said:
so much variety - I love it!
(07.01.10 10:50 AM)
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What can I say about Jennie + Darwin?? I will first start off with the fact that within the first ten minutes of meeting them I could see that they are definitely two pees in a pod, meant to be, and absolutely perfect together! Their favorite place to visit happens to be the happiest place on earth DISNEYLAND! I'm usually reluctant to shoot there, but I was up for the challenge and I am super stoked on how the images turned out! Plus, I got to spend a fun afternoon with these two awesomely-silly-amazing people!
I usually start out my engagement sessions with a little pep talk to the couple. I let them know that the first few photos always feel a little bit awkward, but then they'll feel more comfortable as we continue the shooting. I began the "pep talk" with Jennie + Darwin and the next thing I know Darwin has already swept Jennie up in his arms and laid a huge kiss on her, it was the perfect start to their session and a great way to break the ice!
jd_blog003.jpgjd_blog004.jpgjd_blog005.jpgjd_blog006.jpgjd_blog007.jpgjd_blog008.jpgjd_blog009.jpgjd_blog010.jpgjd_blog011.jpgjd_blog012.jpgjd_blog013.jpgThe next three shots together are my favorite! Can't visit Disneyland without riding the teacups!
jd_blog014.jpgTalk about the biggest corn dogs I've ever seen!
I'm looking forward to the wedding in September!
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Kim said:
Beautiful - as always!
(06.22.10 12:01 PM)
Mel said:
Stunning as usual, I adore all that color!
(06.22.10 12:09 PM)
Sam Allen said:
These are amazing. I am a diehard Disneyland fan and was told by our photographer that this would not be possible. So to me, you accomplished the impossible in the most amazing way. Truly capturing the fun loving couple, the romance of the park, and the life of both as well. Looooooove them!!!!
(06.22.10 01:29 PM)
Jen said:
this looks like the most fun you could have!! i love these!!
(06.22.10 01:54 PM)
Shari said:
so fun! I love them! the one with the big rock is so have such a good eye for those kinds of things... and they seriously look like they are having fun...great job at capturing them!
(06.22.10 03:03 PM)
Tenielle said:
Amelia..... this is as sweet as a giant stick of candy floss!!! :)
(06.22.10 05:08 PM)
Simply Natral Photog said:
THese are great! THey look so lively and photogenic-great work!
(06.22.10 08:14 PM)
Anne said:
Amazing pictures!!! Love your work!
(06.23.10 06:04 AM)
Lora said:
Love, love, love the one inside the castle! Being an Orlando girl I love Disney world, never been to Disneyland but these are incredible!
(06.23.10 06:51 AM)
jen berry said:
ok. i've seen so many pictures of Disneyland engagements, but none like this. You really captured an unique portrayal of the couple and a one of a kind memory for them. That first shot is ridiculous. you continue to excite and rejuvenate my love of photography. LASTLY, i wanted to know if you love your radiopoppers better than Pocket Wizards and which kind do you have? (thanks in advance)
(06.23.10 11:01 AM)
Joe+Kathrina said:
ugh, that is the funnest session!!!! So awesome!
(06.23.10 11:07 AM)
courtlynn said:
So exciting! I always wanted to know how Amelia Lyon would see Disneyland!
(06.23.10 02:50 PM)
angie said:
ahhhhh! A couple after my own heart! So cute. :)
(06.24.10 10:51 AM)
belle said:
love the one of them in a doorway of the castle! it's so romantically mysterious.
(06.26.10 04:47 PM)
Supermar said:
Disneyland is one of my favorite places on earth and I've been there a million times, but thanks to you, I've seen it in a whole new light! Thanks for making one of my favorite places new again.
(07.04.10 10:57 AM)
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