Lauryn + Jimmy booked Justin and I to shoot their wedding and engagement session via email because they weren't able to meet us in person, due to the fact that they are currently living in Korea teaching english. I was really happy to book their engagement session at Union Station in Downtown LA during their recent trip back to the States. It's always fun meeting clients in person after gaining a professional relationship over email. I had a great time getting to know these two and am definitely looking forward to the wedding in August!
My favorite shot of the day!

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Anna Kim Photography said:
Wowzers! That sunburst kiss is such a sweet shot. Your work continually blows me away. Thanks for being such an inspiration.
(03.15.10 04:21 PM)
Kerri McConnell said:
love it. i adore the very last one. :)
(03.15.10 04:32 PM)
jackie wonders said:
holy shadows + reflections! you're a whiz. love 'em.
(03.15.10 04:36 PM)
anda said:
amelia!! i love these! the locations are awesome and the reflections are to die for.
(03.15.10 04:55 PM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
How beautiful!!!
(03.15.10 04:56 PM)
katie b. said:
don't know if I have commented before but i love your photos. thanks for sharing.
(03.15.10 05:21 PM)
jean smith said:
so, so, so in love with your images. as usual. you are one of my greatest inspirations.
(03.15.10 06:12 PM)
Spencer Morris said:
Love these, mostly number two.
(03.15.10 08:11 PM)
Shari said:
awesome!!!!!!!!!! i love these guys rock!
(03.15.10 08:48 PM)
Mel said:
You really do use light so brilliantly!
(03.15.10 10:40 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
what?! The reflections ones are blowing my mind. Love that you didn't make this a traditional Union Station shoot but added your own awesome amelia flavor!
(03.15.10 10:55 PM)
Steven Elmer said:
Guys, you continuously push it harder than ever and I am always in awe and inspired, keep it coming ;)
(03.16.10 01:03 AM)
Kayleen T. said:
I love your processing on these, especially the warm/brown black and whites! The rotating door shot is like what??!! I have no idea what's going on or how you did it but I love it!
(03.16.10 02:05 AM)
Natalie Tuggle said:
Adorable! I love the old movie feel of these photos.
(03.16.10 07:36 AM)
paul said:
the reflection images are my favs
(03.16.10 08:50 AM)
Katy Gray said:
Beautiful session, I especially love the one where they are on either side of the bench with the people walking by.
(03.16.10 10:23 AM)
Nellie Guerrero said:
I love the train station! Very lovely Amelia!
(03.16.10 11:42 AM)
Bonni Simmons said:
That location is incredible... and so are the images. :) Awesome!
(03.17.10 09:37 AM)
Russell Snider said:
Always love your work, I recently came across you two and it''s always enjoy coming to your site. Very inspiring.
(03.17.10 11:33 PM)
Sergio said:
i love this engagement session! I feel it!!! Thank you!
(03.17.10 11:52 PM)
Dognbird said:
Love! This session is so well done, love all the emotions and the way you played with the light.
(03.19.10 08:58 AM)
Gilbert Wong said:
Images taken very casual and yet memorably worth keeping for years to come! I want this feel too in my shots. Inspiring!
(03.25.10 10:04 AM)
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Whewww! After one of the craziest/fun weeks ever at WPPI in Las Vegas, Justin and I are ready to jump back into real life! What better way to do this than with a blog post of a fun-fantasticly playful couple like Lindsey + Brandon?! We shot their engagement session down on Balboa Island and used the docks as a backdrop, then we headed over to the downtown area to wrap things up with a "Balboa Bar" (which I JUST discovered, and I feel like a total dork because I should know this, being a Southern California native). Soooo, without further ado, I present to you Lindsey + Brandon Engaged! Ta-da!
lb_eng003.jpglb_eng004.jpglb_eng005.jpglb_eng006.jpglb_eng007.jpglb_eng008.jpglb_eng009.jpgSO much personality:)
lb_eng010.jpglb_eng011.jpgBalboa Bar!
Wedding to come in early May!!!

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brooke bowland said:
WOW. these are incredible. beautiful work as also, i wanted to thank you for being so amazing. meeting you at WPPI was a highlight. you gave me the warm fuzzies. :)
(03.12.10 11:39 PM)
Alec Vanderboom said:
You're awesome. Big fan of the sunken boat shot.
(03.12.10 11:44 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Love it Amelia! The one in the little boat is so cute!
(03.13.10 12:32 AM)
juste said:
They look so lovely and playful!!:) Well done job!
(03.13.10 01:05 AM)
Shari said:
wow, that b/w close-up of their faces is GORGEOUS! I love it!
(03.13.10 07:27 AM)
sheena said:
oh my goodness I love them! How cute is she! These are so much fun!
(03.13.10 07:50 AM)
Mel said:
I ADORE how smiley they are!
(03.13.10 08:08 AM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
This is a sweet session! I love her goofy attitude!!
(03.13.10 08:43 AM)
briana elledge said:
something about the one with them biting the ice creams is black magic.
(03.13.10 08:55 AM)
Abra Michelle said:
Yep, never cease to amaze me. Who wouldn't L-O-V-E having pictures of them with the love of their life having so much fun and looking gorgeous doing it?
(03.13.10 09:42 AM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
What a sweet session. LOVE the one of them standing in the boat!
(03.13.10 09:51 AM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
(03.13.10 11:02 AM)
Heather Parker said:
I love the one of them standing on the small boat!
(03.13.10 11:31 AM)
tate Tullier said:
Love the goofy face ones! :)
(03.13.10 12:31 PM)
fotograf toruń said:
Love it! The color,composition! Stunning pictures! I'll be coming back to learn form you. Regards
(03.14.10 07:04 AM)
Patrice said:
Happened upon your blog. Amazing photography! The Haiti pictures are life changing.
(03.14.10 10:04 PM)
Rebecca Ding said:
You guys absolutely rocked this! When are you coming out to Oz to do a workshop? :-)
(03.15.10 12:46 AM)
Fotograf Lublin said:
I love tilt shift and ice cream shot :)
(03.15.10 06:53 AM)
Catherine Guidry said:
Amelia, this set of photographs blows my mind! The lighting, the colors, composition...everything is just perfect. Congrats on a great engagement session. Im sure your clients are so pleased.
(03.15.10 09:02 PM)
jena said:
what a fun couple! love the outfits too!
(03.17.10 05:52 AM)
Fotograf Toruń said:
I like it! You have a great talent
(05.20.13 11:16 AM)
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