From day one we have completely enjoyed Jean + Austin's company. They really are such a sweet and stylish couple, they even brought a little presents for our boys at the first consultation! When planning their engagement session they gave us complete rights to the location and creativity, so we took to the opportunity and decided to schedule their sitting at a location that we had been eyeing for quite some time. It was a parking garage off of the 5 freeway in Tustin and it sits right up against a beautiful glass building. We didn't know exactly where to tell them go so we met up in a random parking lot nearby and found this amazing little cove of vines that jump started the shoot. To make the long story short, this stands as one of our favorite engagement sessions to date! Enjoy!



Second favorite shot of the day!







Earlier that day Austin had called to warn us that he would be surprising Jean with a ring he bought for her (not the engagement ring, but another ring from Christian Dior that spelled "oui"), I was jealous:). Here he is giving it to her!



The next two images are all in-camera with off camera flash...honest!

Hands down, definitely my favorite shot of the day!

Ps. I bet you'll never guess who is the mastermind behind Jean's hair and make-up...any guesses?! YUP, none other than Nicole DeAnne!
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gretchen k. said:
such rad locations! beautiful pics amelia! =)
(01.15.09 10:51 PM)
Shaun Menary said:
Killer session!! The third image in the post is an absolute masterpiece! Great work.
(01.15.09 10:56 PM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
that b&w one is the bizzity boom bam bomb baby! overkill? maybe, but it's still the truth :)
(01.15.09 10:57 PM)
cristen chester said:
these are all absolutely stellar images! even the 'united' truck on the 5 is perfectly timed and adds to the juxtaposition of the image! did you plan that?!? what a cute couple, love all the wardrobe changes + how sweet is that they thought of your adorable boys by bearing gifts!
(01.15.09 11:04 PM)
Whitney said:
Awesome location. I love the picture with the freeway below. Oddly enough, it makes me miss Southern California so bad. Great pix, awesome little ring and great job on the h&m Nicole!
(01.15.09 11:32 PM)
Bobby Earle said:
Good lord.
(01.15.09 11:33 PM)
Hanssie said:
Wow! Those last shots are amazing! So creative...
(01.15.09 11:47 PM)
ROG said:
Snap you two! We do the same single shot, multiple flash ordeal and love it. You guys do it wellllll might I add. Also might I add, a fabulous looking couple. Homegirl was rockin a rad dress for a while there. What I wouldn't do to wear that same dress on a day alot like that day, at a place not too far from that place.
(01.15.09 11:57 PM)
serena said:
awwww.....these turned out great! esp love the one of them in the parking structure with the sun flare.
(01.16.09 12:25 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
Some really unique work here! You just up the ante with every shoot!! Thanks for the blog love :) Totally loving the third to last and second to last off camera flash work. AMAZING!
(01.16.09 02:08 AM)
Rich said:
I've never thought to do a long exposure shot like that with a couple. You turned a parking garage into a sick location! New favorite photographer, check...
(01.16.09 02:37 AM)
Kimi said:
Haven't been this inspired by a photo shoot in a long time!!! Amazingly HOT. :D
(01.16.09 05:26 AM)
evan hunter said:
Outstanding as usual, you just don't seem to run out of ideas do you
(01.16.09 06:24 AM)
Toni said:
Oh my word, kudos on catching the United truck passing on the corner balcony shot! I assume that was intentional... and if not, don't admit it.
(01.16.09 08:11 AM)
Yumi P said:
Phenomenal work Amelia! You rock it every time. I especially love the site you chose. You'd think it was just another parking lot but you turned it into a prime location. Industrial chic!! Keep em coming!
(01.16.09 08:24 AM)
Cindel Huston said:
Ameeel! These look so great, i love i love! What a stunning couple too!
(01.16.09 09:19 AM)
denise bovee said:
sigh.... you guys really are ridiculously talented
(01.16.09 09:28 AM)
kristin said:
Dang guys...I'm always at a lost for words at how awesome your shoots are. You got some serious creative skills. What a cute couple. I bet their wedding is going to be off the hook!
(01.16.09 09:38 AM)
heather broom said:
Awesome shots! I love love love the third one!
(01.16.09 09:41 AM)
Jerry Yoon said:
hey Jean! man, you look good in all your getups. amelia must have been over the moon with this shoot. the locations, the hot couple and the creativity. luckeeeeeee
(01.16.09 10:24 AM)
Ashley Rose said:
Umm wow. Seriously you guys are so inspiring! And I am soooo jealous of that ring!!!!
(01.16.09 10:31 AM)
Karla Dueck said:
jeepers. you are both fan-friggin-tastic. loving the first, third and fourth shot...
(01.16.09 11:39 AM)
julie said:
flippin' amazin'!!
(01.16.09 11:45 AM)
Michelle Ellis said:
Amelia, you never cease to inspire(: love it love it love it and that oui to hint to the hubby for valentines day
(01.16.09 12:24 PM)
carissa_jldesigns said:
why are you just about the sickest photographer out there right now!?!?! i cannot get over you! this shoot just blows me away!!!!
(01.16.09 12:27 PM)
nancy said:
i thought i commented, but my internet has been having issues. i couldn't just let it go and had to tell you guys how you never cease to amaze!! I was just telling angel that you two could make a tire look hot - and you did it to a whole parking structure!!
(01.16.09 01:44 PM)
michelle said:
WOWZERS!!! one of my all time favs frm you.
(01.16.09 01:49 PM)
Jacqueline said:
I love the first picture! It's beautiful!
(01.16.09 02:07 PM)
Trisha said:
my friend, josh, is shooting with you guys on their wedding day? i think. or he's setting up a photobooth? anyhow, small world!! love your work!
(01.16.09 02:20 PM)
stikman said:
These came out really good...nice job. Do you have to get permission/release from a place like this? (parking garage owners, etc....)
(01.16.09 02:57 PM)
sandie said:
y'all are MAGICAL!!!
(01.16.09 03:31 PM)
Kelley Lee Gin said:
This is one of the best e-sessions I have seen in a long time! Great work!KLG
(01.16.09 05:43 PM)
christeena said:
OMG, Austin and Jean, you guys look too hot!!!! I am now a new huge fan of Amelia!!!
(01.16.09 08:05 PM)
caspix said:
holy gorgeousity my friends, no.4 just hits me in the guts!
(01.16.09 10:03 PM)
leah said:
wow those are amazing
(01.17.09 09:09 AM)
Ryel j said:
Way to go!!! See what couples get when they put their trust in the photographer. Greatnesss!!!
(01.17.09 10:11 AM)
maile said:
Your favorite is my favorite too. All amazing as usual!
(01.17.09 11:11 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
Your images are unbelievably breathtaking...
(01.17.09 02:26 PM)
Jashe said:
You Blow My MIND
(01.17.09 02:43 PM)
Cathy (and David) said:
LOVE!!!! Especially that first shot, and the one with him standing above her. So creative and edgy-cool.
(01.18.09 12:09 PM)
Melissa said:
Awesome shots! Great work!
(01.18.09 01:44 PM)
jenn nichols said:
these are unbelievable. y'all always keep it fresh and awe-inspiring!
(01.18.09 07:32 PM)
Linda Truong said:
YES YES YES YES!! MY FAVOURITE ENGAGEMENT SET TO DATE TOO! WOOO! :D I love each one of the shots. They are soo hot!
(01.19.09 06:09 AM)
barbara ( soon to be dieppa) said:
wow! The first like SIX are my favs! What a beautiful couple and creative locations! Great job!
(01.19.09 10:45 AM)
Ashley said:
what a gorgeous couple!!!
(01.19.09 12:48 PM)
Lindsay said:
You guys are awesome. A parking garage. Fantastic.
(01.20.09 02:43 PM)
Jeremy Gilliam said:
Absolutely love the one peeking out from the trees with the sun!
(01.20.09 03:51 PM)
Liz said:
I've been an admirer for a long time. You are so talented! Who would have thought of taking photos at a parking garage?? Beautiful!
(01.20.09 04:47 PM)
Maya Laurent said:
I see why it's one of your favorites! I love the shot of the them with the road right underneath. Super cool angles!
(01.21.09 11:28 AM)
Heather Kincaid said:
This shoot is freaking AMAZING! LOOOVE the off-camera flash work in the parking garage. So fun!
(01.21.09 12:13 PM)
Minneapolis Wedding Photographer said:
I am in love with these bride and groom photos! The garage with spins is my favorite. I would have liked to see the wedding dress. Keep up the good work!
(01.21.09 03:32 PM)
Paige Evans said:
I found your blog on the Brooklyn Bride blog and I just wanted to say that your pictures are amazing. There just aren't words :) If we ever make it out to California I'm gonna book you first thing to take pictures of me and my husband.
(01.23.09 05:39 AM)
What a ridiculously hot couple! Love every shot - especially the one with the magical lighting trick :) Nice work.
(01.23.09 03:42 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
GORGEOUS! I think the third shot is my favorite!
(01.27.09 09:43 PM)
Diana Rush said:
These are just HOT!
(09.18.09 03:03 PM)
Nomad Photography said:
These images are just awesome. One can see the joy and love in the eyes of these two love birds. Kudos. Thierry
(09.15.10 07:15 PM)
Aumunuque Photography said:
AWESOME in the world did you do those double images? I love it......
(09.02.12 11:19 PM)
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Like I said, we had the most AWESOME clients in 2008! Here are my favorite shots of the day for 2008 featuring engagement sessions!























Stay tuned for Favorite Shot of the day 2008: Portraits! to come tomorrow!
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Steve Gerrard said:
Don't think you don't rock Amelia cos you bloody well do! ;) Steve x
(01.02.09 11:59 AM)
Stephanie Osborne said:
I absolutely love the photo with all the light posts! However did you find so many in one spot? Great work as always
(01.02.09 12:30 PM)
Crystal said:
Beautiful. They make me want to fall in love. :)
(01.02.09 01:13 PM)
Ryel j said:
More greatness to come... For sure!!
(01.02.09 03:56 PM)
Yuka Photo art said:
I love aal these "best images of the year" I love your style, color and vision...
(01.03.09 01:45 PM)
Aubree said:
Amelia- WE feel so lucky to have had you take our engagements. You are the BEST! So sorry to hear about your Dad, but glad to see the good coming from it. You are awesome!
(01.04.09 06:50 PM)
Hena Tayeb said:
You both have some fabulous shots. It just reminds you how wonderful it is to be in love.
(01.07.09 05:01 PM)
Erin Fowles Sorensen said:
You should submit some of your Urban Light photos for the LACMA photo contest. See this website for more info and contact me with questions!
(01.08.09 04:30 PM)
Fred C. Dobbs said:
I hope all their genitals fall off.
(03.09.10 10:54 PM)
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