Therese + Jim suggested for their engagement session that we shoot in Pasadena and I didn't hesitate to agree! Any chance to shoot and visit Pasadena I happily take. Pasadena feels like home to me. Maybe because Justin and I lived there for the first two years of marriage, maybe because I grew up spending every New Year's Eve on Colorado Boulevard just to sleep during the Rose Parade the next morning, or maybe because my grandmother use to own and run a bridal gown shop in Downtown Pasadena...whatever it is, I HEART that city!:)

I was lucky enough to have Erin of He and She Photography come and assist me, we had fun with Therese + Jim, I'm excited to show these images off!
jt_eng002.jpgjt_eng003.jpgjt_eng004.jpgjt_eng005.jpgjt_eng006.jpgjt_eng007.jpgjt_eng008.jpgjt_eng009.jpgjt_eng010.jpgjt_eng011.jpgjt_eng012.jpgjt_eng013.jpgjt_eng014.jpgjt_eng015.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
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Jonathan Connolly said:
I love your favorite shot of the day. That came out so nice!
(05.14.10 05:37 AM)
Derek Frenzel said:
Awesome shoot- I love the staircase and metal grate ones towards the end. And ah Pasadena... It makes Sarah and I happy as well.
(05.14.10 07:39 AM)
Alice Hu said:
The shot on the stairs is amazing!
(05.14.10 08:45 AM)
Erin said:
Awesome job! Love all the photos :)
(05.14.10 10:13 AM)
Patrick T. said:
Awesome Photos! Therese, congratulations to you on your engagement and continued happiness with your man! :) Go Gurrlll! Jim, congratulations on finding a special woman that is AMAAAAAAAAZING.. take great care of her!
(05.14.10 04:37 PM)
carlotta said:
love love love these shots!
(05.14.10 07:31 PM)
Allison said:
Amazing as always!
(05.15.10 08:00 AM)
Austin Walker said:
#6 is the money shot. Looks like you had a lot of fun!
(05.15.10 12:55 PM)
TonyJ said:
Wow-thanks for the inspirational images. The backlit couple on the stairs through the grate are fantastic, but I was most struck by the long shadow/upside down image. I kept thinking I should be bothered by the fact it's upside down but the more I looked the more I short my eyes have a hard time looking away!
(05.16.10 06:42 AM)
Suzanne said:
These are fabulous pictures!
(05.16.10 05:34 PM)
Laura said:
What a fabulous shoot! I love your style and the energy you capture in your work. Wonderful! Full disclosure: I just spent about an hour looking through your blog and love it all :) Keep rockin' Happy Sunday!
(05.16.10 06:18 PM)
Perfekt Photo said:
Nice shots under the bridge!
(05.18.10 01:19 AM)
Sarah Frenzel said:
Great stuff Amelia. Love the flare shot by the bridge!
(05.18.10 08:21 PM)
nick said:
This post blew my mind into a million pieces and then put it back together 20 times better than it was before!!!
(05.19.10 08:01 PM)
EmmaRose Photography said:
Nice work! Love the yellow lines on the steps and the shadowplay especially! Very inspiring!
(05.20.10 10:33 AM)
Brenda Landrum said:
I love this session, especially the last set of images!! So many wonderful shots! Fabulous as always Amelia!
(05.26.10 05:42 PM)
Desi said:
Hey Amelia, Lovely as always!! Plz tell me what lenses you use? I'm planning on buying a new one..need a few tips! desi
(06.01.10 06:47 AM)
amelialyon said:
Desi, Justin and I use a bunch of different lenses, but our most favorite all around good lens is the Canon 35mm 1.4! I have it on my camera about 75% of the time.
(06.01.10 09:31 AM)
Therese A. said:
Amelia, I can't get over how beautiful these pictures are. Thank you for making our engagement session fun and memorable. We can't wait to see the wedding photos. I know they'll be just as gorgeous!
(06.17.10 09:37 AM)
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It is my great pleasure to show off the lovely couple of Wendy + Matt. You may recall their faces from a contest we held at the end of 2009. When we first received Wendy's + Matt's submission I was hoping that they would be the couple to win and THEY DID! Justin and I had been looking forward to finally meeting Wendy + Matt in person after seeing how many of their loved ones had voted on them, we truly felt they deserved this great honor. Their engagement session turned out sweet! Justin and I are truly looking forward to their wedding day!
mw_eng001.jpgmw_eng002.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Heather Espana said:
Beautiful! I love the little door series. .. adorable :).
(05.11.10 01:41 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
I love both of the ones with the palm trees! HOT Stuff!
(05.11.10 01:44 PM)
Megan Welker said:
loove this! They were my favorite too! beautiful couple and images Amelia!
(05.11.10 01:52 PM)
Shari said:
(05.11.10 02:16 PM)
Melissa Gartner said:
So pretty. Love the last one!! Amelia you get better every day!!
(05.11.10 02:58 PM)
jen berry said:
First of all, you rock for doing this. Cancer takes such a toll on a couple and the fact that they made it through deserves celebration. Not only did you give them a session, you gave them a kick butt session. These are awesome. full of romance and laughter. i love the last two. the line in the last one guiding your eye right to them is awesome. And the laughter and love in the 2nd to last rocks!!! I Love her blue dress. cute!!!
(05.11.10 03:02 PM)
Brenda Landrum said:
I love this session! Every image is so beautiful and I too love the wide grass shot!! Awesome!
(05.11.10 04:57 PM)
Randi said:
how did you get so high up for the grass shot?! did you bring a ladder? They are such a beautiful couple.
(05.11.10 05:27 PM)
Thresha said:
These are great!! I especially adore the ones in the grassy field area!
(05.11.10 05:58 PM)
ben said:
(05.11.10 06:55 PM)
Allison said:
Oh these are just perfect! I love the stories you tell with your pictures!
(05.11.10 09:43 PM)
Lora Ayers said:
these are so unique, I love it when she pulls his tie, so cute! And the last one with the silhouettes is nifty too!
(05.12.10 11:55 AM)
Micah Cordes said:
AWESOME! 5th picture is my fav.
(05.12.10 02:25 PM)
Lizzy Peterson said:
ok I absolutely love love LOVE these pictures!!!!!!! You are so talented!!!! Amazing job Amelia!
(05.12.10 02:53 PM)
noelle said:
I just wanted to tell you that I have been following you for a while and you have become one of my favorite blogs! The Jill pregnant shoot is my favorite shoot ever! I absolutely adore your use of light in that shoot. The colors were so saturated, the shadows were cool in contrast to the bright warms of the light. Love your work!
(05.12.10 07:18 PM)
jean smith said:
you NEVER cease to amaze. seriously...eye candy every time i come over to your blog. LOVE these!
(05.13.10 11:21 AM)
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