Yippeeee! We are VERY pleased to announce that MATT & WENDY have won our Big Wedding Photography Giveaway! This was a SUPER-DUPER hard decision to make (even after tallying up all of the votes), all of the finalists collectively brought in a total of over 1,400 votes! After reading through all of the votes and comments we feel a connection with each of the five finalists. We never anticipated such a huge response and have seen an OUTPOURING of support from loved ones and fellow blog followers. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone that participated for helping us make this all possible!

To Matt & Wendy, you will be receiving the following:
-up to 8 hours wedding day coverage
-online proofing
-two photographers (including myself & Justin)
-engagement session
-one 11x14 15 spread flush mount album from Renaissance Albums
-high resolution digital negatives on disc provided at one year anniversary

To the other four finalists, since we have fallen in love with each one of you and we feel strongly that you shouldn't have to walk away empty handed, we want to give each one of you an engagement session! This includes:
-up to two hours coverage
-online proofing
-high resolution digital negatives on disc

BUT, that's not it!! We have the most amazing and talented friends! Five other photographer friends of ours have let us know that they also would like to pitch in! They would like to shoot the other four weddings! So, each of these finalists couples is going to get their wedding shot for free (if they would like) by one of the following photography studios:

This is obviously based on the availability of each photography studio, etc. So if each of the couples would please email me at, we will put you in touch with the other photographers and get the ball rolling!

Congratulations again to Matt & Wendy, we can't wait to meet you in person! We also want to take a quick minute to thank Renaissance Albums for generously donating a beautiful wedding album and Fotofafa for sponsoring the post processing!

Thank you again to everyone that supported, voted, commented, and participated! HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you all in 2010!

*More to come in the next few weeks: Best of from 2009, Best ring shots from 2009 & our last four weddings of 2009!!!

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Feuza said:
So glad they won, something about how optimistic he was really touched me and that is way cool that these photographers stepped up to the plate like that and everyone wins~ blessings
(12.31.09 10:07 PM)
Wendy and Matt said:
Everyone I have been so sick waiting for the final vote to come in. We are ecstatic and are celebrating. WE can't believe the amazing response from all our friends and family. We love you all. To the other finalist You are all amazing and I know that this was a tough race. Amelia and family we can't thank you enough. This means so much to our families. We can't wait to meet you as well. We'll email you all our contact info. YEAAAA!!!!!!
(12.31.09 10:09 PM)
Anne Nunn Photographers said:
what a beautiful story you two! You will be able to get through all that life has! What a great testimony of standing through such a difficult time! Blessings to you!
(12.31.09 10:10 PM)
Kristine Atienza said:
YOU GUYS ARE ALL GOOD!!! PEOPLE! How wonderful for ALL the couples to get free photography!!! omg you guys all rock!!!!!!
(12.31.09 10:11 PM)
Anonymous said:
YAY!!! That is SOOOO amazing that everyone is willing to pitch in for the other couples!! what a blessing!!
(12.31.09 10:15 PM)
yan palmer said:
wow, what an amazingly brilliant outcome. i cannot even believe it! i'm touched and inspired. well done amelia lyon and well done other photographers who are pitching in!
(12.31.09 10:16 PM)
Patrick and Rachelle said:
Congratulations Matt & Wendy! Be blessed in your marriage and cant wait to see your pics. God BLess and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Amelia, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! for this amazing opportunity. Be blessed this NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(12.31.09 10:30 PM)
Matt and Jalyn said:
Amelia and Justin- thank you for having such big hearts and allowing us to have this fantastic opportunity. The gratitude we feel is overwhelming. All the couples are so deserving! Congrats Matt and Wendy!!! We would like to thank our family, friends and Jalyn's kiddos for the support and loving words. We could not imagine not having them in our lives. Yay for love!! Yay for everybody! Have a beautiful New Year!! 2010 is filled with so much hope, joy and excitement!
(12.31.09 10:33 PM)
beka said:
can i just say how awesome i think it is that everyone is going to get their wedding covered! seriously such an awesome gift for ALL of the couples! i think you are all SO amazing for being willing to share your talents with everyone!
(12.31.09 10:50 PM)
Matt and Wendy said:
We just want to thank you and the judges and anyone and everyone involved again. We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!
(12.31.09 11:00 PM)
Kristin and Steve said:
Congrats to Matt & Wendy!!! We are sooo thankful and blessed to have been a part of this, thank you so much for this amazing gift and blessing in our lives. We don't know how we could begin express in words how much this means not only to us, but our families and loved ones! Also a big thanks for the love and support we received in comments. We can't wait till we can meet you in person, Happy New Year!!!! :D
(01.01.10 12:55 AM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
I've voted for them! I'm so happy!! Congrats!!! And wow I'm amazed by the generosity of your photographers friends who offer a free wedding to the other couples!!! You ROCK!!!!
(01.01.10 02:47 AM)
Isabel said:
Congratulations! I'm so happy they won!!!
(01.01.10 07:17 AM)
Whitney said:
Congratulations!!!!!!! You guys deserve it! I can't wait for your wedding.
(01.01.10 12:07 PM)
julia said:
I am so happy for Matt and Wendy! I have know them a long time (played ball with wendy and basically grew up with matt) and they are a very special couple. They deserved this and will be ever grateful to you for this opportunity! this was a wonderful thing you did. And congrats to all the other couples as well
(01.01.10 01:22 PM)
jen berry said:
i know the deep destitute one feels one your soulmate is diagnosed with cancer. the flipside is the bond that is forged from diagnoses, to treatment, to remission is unprecedented and precious. congrats to these two. if i can carrying your bags on the wedding day, i'll be more than happy to contribute.
(01.01.10 03:40 PM)
Beth said:
Wow so happy for all of the couples!!! What an amazing display of generosity on all of the photographers parts. Can't wait to see each and every one of the fabulous wedding pics :)
(01.01.10 05:36 PM)
Vickey Weiss said:
What an amazing gift! It's even more amazing that your fabulous friends are giving too. Your are all fabulous to share your awesome talent!!!
(01.01.10 06:01 PM)
matt + angie sloan said:
so happy and honored to help! :)
(01.03.10 02:35 PM)
Candice & Daniel {The Beautiful Mess} said:
love this ending. love it. what a generous gift to ALL five couples.:)
(01.03.10 03:27 PM)
tate said:
A big congratulations to the couple. Enjoy the session with them!
(01.05.10 05:38 AM)
hannah said:
yaaaa have fun with them
(01.24.10 07:40 PM)