James + Shanti hired us to shoot their engagement photos before the head back to their roots at the end of this month to tie the knot in Indonesia. Since they hired us via email, the first time I met James + Shanti was on the day of our shoot and this always makes me feel a little anxious because I never know what to expect. Well, any expectations that I had were exceeded by this sweet, quiet, and loving couple.
js_eng155.jpgjs_eng156.jpgjs_eng157.jpgjs_eng158.jpgjs_eng159.jpgjs_eng160.jpgjs_eng161.jpgjs_eng162.jpgjs_eng163.jpgjs_eng164.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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ohana photographers said:
(06.25.09 10:07 PM)
Feuza Reis said:
glad I am the first to add the comment, wow, I love what you do with our friend the SUN
(06.25.09 10:08 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
I love her happy yellow dress to fit these happy photos!
(06.25.09 10:15 PM)
Debbie S said:
You guys are amazing!
(06.26.09 07:12 AM)
paul romero said:
Well done once favs are the ones with off camera lighting! Nicely executed!
(06.26.09 07:39 AM)
neLz said:
such a cute couple! :) ♥
(06.26.09 08:44 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a cute guys killed it!
(06.26.09 09:04 AM)
Bianca said:
I loved every single image!!! You guys rock! I've been coming here for a while and I never get bored! :)
(06.26.09 09:37 AM)
ChristanP Photography said:
I love the wide angle shots!
(06.26.09 09:59 AM)
Michele B said:
I am seriously addicted to your blog. I check for new posts everyday because I know they are always awesome. You guys rocked this session, as usual :)
(06.26.09 02:54 PM)
Emmuna said:
I love these photos! You are very good inspire me with ideas. Keep up the wonderful work please!
(06.28.09 08:49 AM)
Blake Green said:
i LOVE your lighting in these shots. Especially the one with the telephone pole. Very cool. I wish we could get in on the Lyon Shop, maybe next time though. Keep it up, you guys are an inspiration.
(06.29.09 01:35 PM)
Lauren said:
Hi Amelia! I love your work and actively stock your blog... haha. Anyway... The pictures where they are leaning up against the electric post... what lens are you using? I love the way you framed this shot!!!
(06.29.09 04:03 PM)
Carie Fisher said:
Spectacular photos and what a beautiful couple!
(06.29.09 05:13 PM)
amelialyon said:
Lauren (John), thanks for following our work!! We shot that image with the 16-35mm 2.8. Hope this helps!
(06.29.09 09:15 PM)
Allison richter said:
Love the wide angle shots and the colors amazing pics!
(06.29.09 09:29 PM)
Karin Dailey said:
WHOA. lovely pics. lovely couple. she makes me want to grow my hair out again. :)
(06.30.09 06:14 PM)
abraham said:
great post, love that last image!
(07.06.09 07:49 AM)
Chris Taylor said:
Wow, beautiful set of images, your work has such a unique look, really inspiring! Thank you.
(07.08.09 12:48 AM)
rebekah said:
Love these images!
(07.17.09 12:24 AM)
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We first learned of Lara + Tim's existence when we received a sweet email from Lara inquiring about our wedding photography services. The thing that drew us first to them was the way that Lara described her and Tim's relationship. Simply put:

"We are a very comical and loving couple and want someone to capture our special day!"

We were delighted when they decided to hire us right after our initial consultation with them!

Lara + Tim invited us shoot their engagement session in Marina Del Rey. Since they are both avid sailors, it was a perfect location that put them in an environment that they were both comfortable and natural in. We started at the beach and then headed over to the marina where we went aboard a boat that Tim looks after and sails as well. Introducing Lara + Tim!
tleng_002.jpgtleng_003.jpgtleng_004.jpgtleng_005.jpgtleng_006.jpgtleng_007.jpgtleng_008.jpgtleng_009.jpgtleng_010.jpgtleng_011.jpgtleng_012.jpgtleng_013.jpgtleng_014.jpgtleng_015.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Excited for their wedding to follow in August!!!

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erica said:
(06.20.09 05:02 PM)
MOM said:
WOW you continue to impress your mom - How blessed I am to be called your MOTHER and yet I am thankful you and your wonderful hubby are sooooooo talented - You both are amazing - Love you so much -
(06.20.09 05:27 PM)
paul Romero said:
love your off camera lighting!
(06.20.09 05:40 PM)
Becky said:
What a gorgeous couple! Your favorite shot also = my favorite shot! Ah-mazing!!!
(06.20.09 06:15 PM)
Niecey said:
Astounding. I'd say more than that, but my breath has been completely taken away.
(06.20.09 06:38 PM)
Mark Sweeney said:
Great shoot. Recently RSS'd (doesn't that sound better than "stalker") ya and looking forward to more. Great balance of lighting & ambient on the boat. Very creative and I love your color balance. Many times the distortion from the fisheye can be distracting and poorly placed. I love the bent pillar under the pier, I think it adds kind of a cool element to it.
(06.20.09 08:28 PM)
Abra Michelle said:
In love with these images. Makes me wish I was able to come to your Lyon Shop all the more so.
(06.20.09 09:22 PM)
Tone said:
So beutifull !
(06.21.09 04:22 AM)
kristen said:
too cute.
(06.21.09 09:20 AM)
Jessica Fike said:
Awesome pictures! I found your blog through BluDomain - I am thinking about getting a website through them! I am now a follower of your blog, looking for inspiration and ideas! I LOVE the close-up pictures - great work!
(06.22.09 05:48 AM)
Steve said:
Beautiful set, Amelia.
(06.22.09 06:19 AM)
Chad Morgan said:
#2 is my fave. Nice work!
(06.22.09 08:41 AM)
ken said:
more awesomeness from the lyon voltron team!
(06.22.09 09:06 AM)
Casia Fletcher said:
Rockin' Session. Really like how you capture each and every couple's personality's to a T.
(06.22.09 11:13 AM)
Allie said:
Love the light in the first set of Pics! Ahhmmaaazzzinnngggg! and what a fun dock shoot! Great Locations
(06.22.09 11:20 AM)
neLz said:
i wish i could pick up on your editing style...i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! if you have any advice, i'd appreciate it. ♥
(06.23.09 08:02 AM)
shanni said:
the first shot makes me want to go eat a fudgecicle it's that delicious!!!
(06.23.09 03:52 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a cute couple. love this series.
(06.23.09 04:44 PM)
Rachel Absher said:
Amelia, I absolutely adore your work. I just recently started following your work and it is phenomenal. I will definitely be back for more visits. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
(06.23.09 07:08 PM)
Feuza Reis said:
When I grow up I want to photography like Amelia Lyon. Not kidding, these are out of this world!
(06.24.09 12:02 AM)
Paige Green said: ALWAYS.
(06.24.09 08:57 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
Awesome photographs! First three are my favorites!!!
(06.24.09 09:08 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
So fun! And so sweet. I love the way they are looking at each other. And congrats on selling out your first lyon-shop! :)
(06.24.09 09:39 PM)
jeremy Parsons said:
Amazing, you guys. Makes me miss the ocean. Miss you guys too. Jeremy
(06.24.09 10:13 PM)
Cathy (and David) said:
Wow wow wow. I looove what you guys do with flash + post processing. Gorgeous!
(06.25.09 06:16 PM)
Paul said:
These are great guys! I love the beach shots and what the fisheye did to the shot under the pier.
(06.27.09 12:35 AM)
Carie Fisher said:
Wow! Good luck narrowing down the wedding shoot. It's going to be fabulous. Nice job catching these two in their natural habitat. They look so at ease and beautiful. Can't wait to see more!
(06.29.09 05:21 PM)
Matt Green said:
Awesome. My favorite is also your favorite. I would love to have heard their reaction to that photo. I hope to be able to make it to the Lyon-Shop part deux.
(07.01.09 09:42 PM)
CA Yacht Club said:
Beautiful Pictures! What fun Lara and Tim are! You've really captured Lara's charector. We are so happy they chose CYC for the ceremony and reception... we look forward seeing you and the happy here couple next month!
(07.11.09 09:24 AM)
Denver wedding photographers said:
Very nice concept. I especially like the black and white photos.
(09.09.11 07:14 AM)
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