Since today is Valentine's Day I decided it would be appropriate to feature the BEST OF ENGAGEMENT images from last year!

Soooo, onto the next one...Featuring The BEST OF 2012....ENGAGEMENTS! La-la-la-la-LOVED all of these engagement sessions! Truly, engagement sessions bring me the MOST creative fulfillment, it's my favorite subject matter to photograph! Happy couples, in love, just having fun right in front of my lens!
Up next: The Best of 2012....WEDDINGS!
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ADAM Coberly said:
Great shots Amelia! Thanks for sharing!
(02.16.13 06:03 AM)
Dan Ward said:
Love these photos! Some absolutely stunning pictures! Looks like you had a great year! :)
(02.17.13 11:03 AM)
Lucie Zeka said:
amazing job
(02.25.13 06:51 PM)
Jon Tinkler said:
Loving your relaxed and candid approach :-)
(02.09.15 04:11 PM)
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Chris + Jess had this amazing idea to fly me up to Napa and photograph their engagement session at the very same vineyard Chris proposed to Jessica! I though it was brilliant, plus, who wouldn't want to go on a quick day trip to Napa? Such a beautiful place, I wish I could've stayed a bit longer!

This is engagement shoot #1 for Chris + Jess, I'll also be doing a second engagement session of them in Downtown LA in the very near future. I love that Chris + Jess decided to do two sessions to represent where they are and the places that they love!

I started the shoot off at this amazing tree, the light and the branches just made me so happy to be there!
cj_engblog001.jpgcj_engblog002.jpgChris designed this label to go over the wine bottle he used to propose to Jess with!
cj_engblog003.jpgcj_engblog004.jpgcj_engblog005.jpgOf course she said yes!:)
cj_engblog009.jpgcj_engblog010.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day on the left.
cj_engblog011.jpgcj_engblog012.jpgcj_engblog013.jpgcj_engblog014.jpgcj_engblog015.jpgcj_engblog016.jpgcj_engblog017.jpgcj_engblog018.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!:)
I'm looking forward to engagement shoot #2 in Downtown LA!
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jess said:
thank you sooo much amelia!!! you're amazing! can't wait for our second shoot!
(11.01.12 02:41 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
SO BEAUTIFUL! My favorite is your favorite! That needs to be blown up and hung in the house. So cool.
(11.01.12 03:07 PM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Great session AMELIA! Thanks for sharing!
(11.07.12 07:17 PM)
Fotograf Bytom said:
I love your natural style and fantastic pictures breathtaking,
(04.02.13 05:20 AM)
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