After spending this last Saturday at Tammy + Pat's wedding I thought this would probably be a good time to finally blog their engagement session...right?! This was a great location to work with in Downtown Orange!
tp_engblog001.jpgtp_engblog002.jpgtp_engblog003.jpgtp_engblog004.jpgtp_engblog005.jpgNicole DeAnne did Tammy's hair and make-up for the engagement session!
tp_engblog006.jpgtp_engblog007.jpgtp_engblog008.jpgtp_engblog009.jpgtp_engblog010.jpgtp_engblog011.jpgtp_engblog012.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!:)

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Mel said:
Love the color in these images!
(10.19.11 09:11 AM)
Tammy said:
Had such a great time at this shoot! I loved the location and the pictures came out perfect!! Thank you Amelia!
(10.19.11 11:22 AM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
The light in these photos is mesmerizing... as is the lovely couple. Amazing set of photos.
(10.20.11 06:42 AM)
Stella said:
Love all of them :)
(10.26.11 08:29 AM)
Ashley said:
Love these pics, especially the sun flared ones.
(10.26.11 01:04 PM)
Elise said:
You were on my street! Orange is a great place for photos.
(11.08.11 12:32 PM)
Brittney Pecore said:
Great use of a simple ally. Love the angles
(11.10.11 01:20 PM)
Chris said:
In love with the colors of these photos!
(04.17.12 03:36 AM)
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Justin and I shot Remi + Kristin's engagement right in the middle of South Coast was a brilliant location to shoot at, I would have never chosen it if Kristin hadn't suggested it. I'm super excited for Remi + Kristin's wedding on September 3rd...this'll be the last wedding before our little baby arrives, so it's sort of a count down date for me, I can't wait (for the wedding AND for a new little baby)!:)
kr_engblog003.jpgkr_engblog004.jpgkr_engblog005.jpgkr_engblog006.jpgkr_engblog007.jpgkr_engblog008.jpgkr_engblog009.jpgkr_engblog010.jpgkr_engblog011.jpgkr_engblog012.jpgkr_engblog013.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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shelly said:
I love it. You made a familiar place look fresh and new!! I LOVE your perspective. Wish I could study under you.
(07.22.11 11:15 AM)
Lindsey Joy said:
SO.MUCH.FUN. love the entire session. and yay for countdown to baby girl Lyon!! :) :)
(07.22.11 11:48 AM)
Ashley Dru said:
Oh my goodness, these are way too cute! I just want to keep looking at them over and over again.
(07.22.11 11:52 AM)
Natalia said:
You can do no wrong! Beautiful photos once again!
(07.22.11 12:34 PM)
shari said:
awesome. i too would never have thought of south coast as a good place to shoot...great job! cute couple...they look really fun!
(07.22.11 02:42 PM)
Alvin said:
super cute. well done. where is this location?
(07.22.11 02:45 PM)
thom said:
powdered donut flavored cupcakes, i hope! WELL DONE!
(07.22.11 03:06 PM)
kelli Taylor said:
These are ALL amazing!!!
(07.22.11 05:20 PM)
Denver Photography said:
Yummy. So good with the TS lens and the post work. Lovely stuff, fresh and immediate.
(07.22.11 10:24 PM)
Leah said:
ohhhh LOVE the silhouette pic of them kissing! You have SUCH an eye for fun, creative and unique shots! SUCH amazing work. Love it. just love it. :o)
(07.22.11 10:40 PM)
katie said:
wow. fun fun always flippin fun to look at your pics :) elevator shot is amazing! x
(07.23.11 05:50 AM)
AM said:
LOOOOVE this session! Especially the bike and elevator shots. Yummy.
(07.23.11 07:12 AM)
christina moodie said:
Love love love this session!
(07.23.11 09:39 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
What an adorable couple! So creative and colorful! wonderful work.
(07.25.11 09:44 AM)
Tiffany said:
Adorable! My fav is of them in the elevator, fantastic lighting!
(07.28.11 04:42 PM)
Digital Printing said:
Hi leah! I agree with you, I also love the silhouette picture of them kissing. The photographer is really talented. He knows what angle should be captured. Nice one!That's the best shot for me!
(07.29.11 05:30 PM)
Boston wedding photography | Roberto Farren said:
wonderful photos both in their subject and processing. regards, Roberto
(08.01.11 08:39 AM)
Chris Parker said:
Awesome! Love your style.
(08.05.11 09:20 AM)
fotografia ślubna said:
(08.07.11 11:49 PM)
Amelia said:
Interesting composition to your picks Amelia!
(08.09.11 04:40 PM)
Mari Camargos fotografia infantil said:
So amazing what you do in your poctures!!! Just loove it!
(08.13.11 07:19 AM)
Seattle Senior and Family Portrait Photographer said:
Love this series, very well directed and great creativity! You are excellent! Thanks for sharing!
(08.15.11 11:17 PM)
Fotograf Lublin said:
Lovely pictures Amelia!
(10.26.11 09:54 AM)
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