I shot this engagement session with Sarah + Matty at Venice Beach. I had never shot there before so I was super excited for a fresh location to work with! I especially loved the personalities of Sarah + Matty, so easy and fun to photograph!
sm_eblog167.jpgsm_eblog168.jpgsm_eblog169.jpgsm_eblog170.jpgsm_eblog171.jpgsm_eblog172.jpgA random parking lot with tons of sunshine is possibly one of my favorite set ups to photograph!
sm_eblog173.jpgsm_eblog174.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Watch out for their wedding happening in November!
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ADAM Coberly said:
Yeah! Thanks for sharing :-) Very cool session from Venice Beach. Oh, especially liked the dog getting in on the photos!
(05.03.11 12:23 PM)
Sara said:
Girl, you make a parking lot look GOOD!!! :)
(05.03.11 12:27 PM)
Emily Faulknor said:
Loving this shoot Amelia. How you can make a parking lot look amazing is awesome. :)
(05.03.11 04:03 PM)
Chris said:
That last photo is AMAZING! It's so timeless and classic. Just lovely.
(05.03.11 05:00 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
Each one of your posts makes me more excited about May 19 in Laguna. Cannot wait!
(05.04.11 08:40 AM)
Natalia said:
You are one of the few photographers who I #1 follow and #2 can take amazing photos in bright sunlight. Don't. know. how. you. do. it. GRR! Love 'em!
(05.04.11 09:01 PM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
I'm in love with this shoot.
(05.04.11 09:55 PM)
Jonathan Connolly said:
So jealous of your California skies.
(05.05.11 08:00 AM)
David Ferguson said:
Love your bold use of bright light. Really something. Love them all.
(05.19.11 06:04 AM)
richard cao said:
Amelia and Justin! i really love this set! the emotions are so beautiful here. you guys rock. =)
(05.23.11 11:15 PM)
Tim said:
Beautiful work!
(09.16.12 12:49 PM)
David Blackshaw said:
Some amazing photography!
(05.15.13 08:56 AM)
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It had been a while since I shot in Downtown LA, I was especially looking forward to Tessa + Jay's engagement session after Tessa showed me their invites that she had designed herself. The invites were very "urban city" as I would describe them, so of course we both agreed that Downtown LA would be the best fit for their wedding style!
Nicole DeAnne was Tessa's Hair + Make-up genius!
tj_eblog002.jpgtj_eblog003.jpgtj_eblog004.jpgtj_eblog005.jpgtj_eblog006.jpgtj_eblog007.jpgtj_eblog008.jpgtj_eblog009.jpgtj_eblog010.jpgtj_eblog011.jpgtj_eblog012.jpgtj_eblog013.jpgtj_eblog014.jpgtj_eblog015.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Kathleen said:
Love it! You captured them perfectly!
(04.14.11 06:37 PM)
Stacey said:
I love the entire scenery and the way you captured their love, but VA VA VOOM for that yellow!
(04.14.11 06:54 PM)
Tessa said:
I can't express how much I love the images you captured of us! Thank you!!! You have one of the most amazing artistic eyes -- it's so inspiring. This makes me even more excited for our big day.
(04.14.11 07:33 PM)
Jaquilyn shumate said:
Your favorite is my favorite. Inspiring. Always. Thank you.
(04.14.11 07:51 PM)
My Beautiful Life said:
Tessa and Jay must be ecstatic with these pics. My favorite is the one downtown (in color) with the buildings looming behind them. Very cool.
(04.14.11 08:03 PM)
Korie Herold said:
Luuuuuurve this! The sunshine and that yellow are deeeelish!
(04.14.11 08:15 PM)
Sara Carter said:
I've always wanted to do a shoot in Pershing square! Love it there! You captured so much joy in them and that yellow wall is the perfect way to represent that :) Another beautiful engagement session, Amelia!
(04.14.11 11:05 PM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
Beautiful couple! so creative!
(04.15.11 08:20 AM)
Kristine Atienza said:
yay!!!! these are amazing amelia!!! and we just love tessa and jay!!! :)
(04.15.11 10:33 AM)
Jay said:
Thank you so much Amelia! We had a blast during the shoot and were even more excited after seeing the results. I can't wait for the wedding when we SUIT UP! Thanks again.
(04.15.11 11:26 AM)
bryan said:
great engement series.
(04.15.11 11:50 AM)
Emily Faulknor said:
As always, AMAZED AND IN AWE of your talent. Inspiring, thank you!
(04.15.11 03:52 PM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
You always make me feel ultra inspired!!! That's probably why you're my favorite photographer :)
(04.15.11 05:04 PM)
Arno said:
Hello, Excellent le blog ! Tombe sous le charme du rendu photographique. Bravo. Juste une question : comment obtiens-tu ce rendu "vintage" des photos ? J'aimerai, sinon en faire, au moins essayer d'en faire autant !
(04.16.11 10:44 PM)
clipping path said:
Congrats to the Lovely engaged couple!!!! Wish them a happy life ehead!!
(04.17.11 01:43 AM)
Marielle Hayes said:
Gorgeous. Perfect. Awesome. As ALWAYS! You guys rule.
(04.17.11 11:54 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
eeps! you captured the fun, loving Tessa and Jay perfectly and even managed to include on of their wedding colors in their e-pics! ;) LOVE this set! Cannot wait to work together again on their wedding day! xoxo!
(04.18.11 12:22 AM)
atithi said:
romantic couple...........
(04.19.11 02:17 AM)
Forever Photography Studio said:
Fun, Creative, Unique, and some more creativity = Awesome shoot!
(04.19.11 11:41 AM)
melissa co said:
gorgeous photos! gorgeous couple! ;)
(04.20.11 12:32 AM)
ImranKhan said:
So lovely couple... A lot of fun... Excellent photography... You captured the natural beauty of the couple... Love those pics.
(04.25.11 12:49 PM)
Cherisse said:
Hey, I went to school with that guy. Congrats Jay. Those engagement photos look awesome.
(04.25.11 09:06 PM)
Brady Puryear said:
Haha! the last 3 photos are at a world famous street spot in the Skateboarding world. Great photos too ;)
(01.25.12 09:16 AM)
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