I went back to my old stomping grounds in Manhattan Beach to shoot an engagement session with the lovely Tina and Buddy. I say "my old stomping grounds" because this was where I use to work as a nanny and would walk the main beach there all of the time(before I even considered photography as a career). I loved going back there, pleasant memories and the weather was amazing for a portrait session!

Buddy and Tina live just live a few blocks from the Manhattan Beach Pier and I was so glad that they chose to have their engagement session there so I could have an excuse to visit one of my favorite beaches in Southern California.

I am so glad we were able sneak an engagement session in for Buddy and Tina as their wedding is scheduled for this weekend (May 24th)!


There was a shark on display at the end of the Pier in front of the Aquarium, this was kind of an inside joke for Buddy & Tina!





Here's my favorite shot of the day. One thing that I think is great about this photo is the pink scarf (pagmina I believe the correct name for it!) used as a prop which adds another element to the story of this image. I definitely would recommend using props to my future clients.










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chantastic said:
these images are breathtaking.
(05.20.08 11:05 AM)
Ashley said:
I LOVE the images underneath the pier and the second to last one- the close up! Great work, as always =).
(05.20.08 11:23 AM)
mark brooke said:
wow i love all of these! you are amazing!!!-candice
(05.20.08 03:18 PM)
Joe Kunin said:
How beautiful! I absolutely love this set :-) I love the completely genuine emotion in the black and white image where they are laughing.
(05.20.08 03:50 PM)
Steve Gerrard said:
Deffo one of my fave engagement shoots of yours Amelia. I can imagine every single image hung huge on their wall. Thanks for sharing..
(05.20.08 03:57 PM)
Cathy said:
The lifeguard off duty shot = fave. And the one right after. Great job!!
(05.20.08 05:12 PM)
Donna said:
Wow. Seriously great looking couple with killer pix!
(05.21.08 06:03 AM)
Ryel j said:
Girl you killed this session!! So romantic I love it!!!!
(05.21.08 05:00 PM)
jeremy parsons said:
Wow - I love these. Such an incredible connection between them....just awesome images. jeremy
(05.21.08 09:05 PM)
carissa said:
amelia!!! these shots are GORGEOUS!!!! how are you so talented?! mwah!!
(05.22.08 12:51 AM)
angie monson said:
These are all so amazing, I love your work!
(05.22.08 07:25 AM)
david & kimi b said:
ok that shark bait shot made me laugh!
(05.22.08 11:07 AM)
Andrea Tuft said:
You are quickily becoming one of my fav photographers. Love love your style.
(05.22.08 02:29 PM)
Jasmine* said:
Sooo HOT! Love them! :)
(05.22.08 03:11 PM)
Tina Slezinger said:
Amelia!!! This is the first I saw of the photos! I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so so so so much- you are awesome! Tina
(05.22.08 03:30 PM)
Heather Cole said:
Wow, wow and WOW!! these are absolutely beautiful. I love the lines in these photos! So inspirational. :)
(05.24.08 06:51 PM)
jamie said:
i would have freaked if i saw you there shooting the same time i was! :) your shots are gorgeous.
(05.24.08 08:11 PM)
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Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Stacey and Andrew made it to the debut of our new blog!  They were a super fun couple to work with. They both live out of state so it took a ton of emailing and playing phone tag to arrange their engagement sitting.  I think the wait was well worth the results, it was a beautiful day in Downtown Fullerton and Stacey and Andrew looked HOT!

See you guys in a few weeks at the wedding!
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nate kaiser said:
(03.19.08 09:30 PM)
Ryel j said:
Love your new look. ;) So fresh and hip... like you! Your latest images rock. Especially the third up form the bottom. My fav.
(03.20.08 01:35 AM)
Dennis Bullock said:
I think the last one is super cool....hey and the new brand is awesome too!
(03.20.08 04:00 AM)
bobbi+ said:
You. Are. Incredible.
(03.20.08 07:12 AM)
Simply Modern Weddings said:
great shoot..I like the lighting!
(03.20.08 08:37 AM)
angel swanson said:
what a gorgeous couple! these pics are great; i love the ones where stacey is wearing a yellow top. it's so happy and cheerful! xoxo
(03.20.08 08:45 AM)
ksen said:
gorgeous work & beauty-full images!!! i just super adore that last image, too. :)
(03.20.08 09:12 AM)
Adrienne said:
Great photos! I love that viney wall and also the look of her yellow top with the pale green background!
(03.20.08 09:52 AM)
Anonymous said:
no favorite shot of the day??? =)
(03.20.08 08:53 PM)
amelialyon said:
Hello Anonymous, We totally wanted to post a favorite shot of the day, but we're still trying to figure all the ins-n-outs of this new bloggy blog. That being said, our favorite shot of the day is - the 8th one down - the vines in color with them in the background, and the white beams in the foreground! Happy Friday!
(03.21.08 12:57 AM)
Fred Egan said:
I love....Lamp.
(03.21.08 09:41 PM)
denise bovee said:
SOoo love this session! Lots of awesomeness going on here if thats a word : D
(03.25.08 11:02 PM)
someone said:
(04.18.08 11:38 AM)
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