A few weeks ago Justin's parents came into town for a visit, they needed a little "grandson fix"! We decided to do something a little different a headed down to the Long Beach Aquarium, it was really amazing and our boys totally loved it too! I highly recommend a visit there for anyone who has a free few hours to spend! After the aquarium we had to stop by the beach since that's grandma's favorite place to be! It was a fun day!

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Stevie said:
Thanks for sharing what looked like a fabulous day! I love that photo of Justin with Sloan and Hudson driving the boat. He has the coolest clothes. That shirt is awesome!
(04.03.08 06:29 AM)
ksen said:
gosh -- what a gorgeous, fun day you guys had. & talk about a beautiful family!!! i absolutely adore the image of justin & sloan, as well as you & sloan... oh & hudson "driving the boat" is way too cute! i also love his stance with the sand on his feet in the last one. :)
(04.03.08 08:26 AM)
michelle ellis said:
I swear, you have two of the cutest boys ever!! Looks like fun was had by all...
(04.03.08 09:01 AM)
Looks like a fun day!! In 2 weeks they will get their "Madi fix"!!! I wish we were closer... I LOVE the last pic of hudson... Wuts up small paul! Is that all he owns! haha. Looks like a fun day! Hopefully this summer we will get out their for a fun day at the beach!!! Miss you guys!
(04.03.08 10:05 AM)
nicole liebgott said:
I love that last picture, looks like you had a great family day
(04.03.08 11:08 AM)
Jill Brady said:
Fabulous as always. I especially liked that all your boys were rocking the black and white stripes; very pirate/prison :). I'm so excited for Saturday!
(04.03.08 11:50 AM)
carrie@urbanbaby said:
GREAT shots! my boys love that place! -c
(04.03.08 02:11 PM)
jessie said:
What a great day it was! Thank you! My favorite things: grandchildren, blue sky, interesting things to see, family and beach! How could you go wrong! Love the memories all documented by great photographers!
(04.04.08 10:33 AM)
Jasmine Marie said:
Your boys are so adorable. I love the curlies in his hair! ;)
(04.04.08 10:42 AM)
wanny wanny said:
hahahah hudson is such a ROCKSTAR i love it... hahahahh that picture of him holding the stearing wheeel is so hot i love it... hahah lil sloan is growing up so fast i can harly believe it he is the cutest thing ever
(04.06.08 09:31 AM)
Tracey said:
That jellyfish shot is amazing. Can i blog this? And are you selling it as a print? Tracey x
(11.03.10 04:15 PM)