The first time I met Elaine and Aram was at their engagement session a few weeks ago. I had no idea what they looked like, all I was familiar with was the sound of their voices (as they had booked us over the phone)! I arrived at the LACMA for their engagement session and was delightfully surprised with coolness of this couple! Also, the LACMA exterior was an excellent location for an engagement session of their caliber, I felt this place suited Elaine and Aram very well.





My favorite shot of the day!









After spending some time at the LACMA Aram and Elaine wanted to head into Korea Town to visit a second location, I caught a few shots of them in the car ride over.




The last place we went to was PinkBerry! This was my first time tasting this little cup-o-heaven, and let me say that it was unlike any ice-cream or yogurt out there. I am officially hooked!

Elaine and Aram's wedding takes place in just a few weeks, I have a feeling it'll be a good one!

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Ashley said:
I LOVE that escalator shot and the sun just pouring in! Gorgeous!
(06.18.08 01:36 AM)
Bobby Earle said:
Holy cow! You guys are freaking incredible! We definitely gotta throw up some high fives in the near future. I'd even raise a roof or two :) Bobby
(06.18.08 08:16 AM)
Meg said:
I work out in the 24 hour fitness across the street from LACMA and I have been drooling at those lamp post for quite some time now- glad to see someone used 'em. Can't wait to head over there myself. Awesome stuff-M
(06.18.08 10:19 AM)
Abigail Q said:
I am amazed at how cool all those light posts are! Beautiful shoot!
(06.18.08 11:31 AM)
Chatti said:
you're great!!! I love the pictures with the columns
(06.18.08 05:51 PM)
Heather Cole said:
This has to be one of my favorite engagement session ever!! I love it SOOO much, there are hardly words! WOW!!
(06.18.08 06:21 PM)
mike cunningham said:
the escalator shot is piiiiiimp!
(06.18.08 07:17 PM)
Kenny said:
Great set Amelia, I especially like how you captured the couple's playfulness, and not just the usual luvy-duvy stuff. Can't wait for our session in August!
(06.18.08 09:20 PM)
jackie wonders said:
i'm so in love with your photos.. i catch myself not breathing while looking at your photos- but, then i start again:)
(06.18.08 10:40 PM)
ben + laura said:
the lightposts and elevator shots are ridiculously amazing- FANTASTIC work, amelia!
(06.19.08 11:15 AM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
Three things...for starters, awesome shirt homeboy! White from far away, but far away from being all white when up close. Polka dots are radical, good choice. Next item of business, is that a light post graveyard, or light post heaven? What a cool place to shoot! Last of all, let us all take our hats off to the best in the west...Justin and Amelia you rock my world in two. Take a normal escalator and make it look like a stairway to heaven. cool, cool. Too cool!
(06.19.08 09:31 PM)
Krista Photography said:
These are awesome! I love the shot on the escalator!
(06.23.08 03:49 PM)
evelyn said:
(07.05.08 05:49 PM)
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Ever since the first time I met Theresa and Dan, they have been such a delight to work with! In planning their engagement session, they decided have it done in the city of Long Beach. I had never shot in Long Beach before (other than the time we visited the aquarium with our kids) so I was happy to have a new environment to work with! We started out at the Aquarium of The Pacific and then made our way out to the surrounding Downtown Long Beach areas.

On a side note, Theresa hired my amazingly-talented sister Nicole DeAnne (aka "Pickle" for all of you blog stalkers out there) to do her hair and make up for the wedding and engagement session. I thought she did an awesome job with Theresa, and I'm honestly not just saying this because she's my sister, this is actually what she does for a living and she's REALLY good at it too! If anyone is interested in using her services or even just checking her work out shoot me an email and I'll forward her info ( Nicole DeAnne is also featured on our J'adore Details site.








Since we started the session out at the Aquarium of The Pacific our hands were stamped upon entering, if you look really hard you can see the dolphin stamps on each of Dan and Theresa's hands....I thought I'd mention a little trivia behind this image. :)





One of my favorite parts of their engagement session was how colorfully dressed Theresa and Dan were, their outfits really added to the backdrops of these images.



My favorite shot of the day!



I am so glad we had the chance to sneak in their engagement session as Theresa and Dan are going to be married this weekend, I really am looking forward to seeing them all dressed up in wedding gear! I'm also excited to be working with my sister again!
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Ryel j said:
This session rocks!! And what a sweet location :)... it's one of my favorite places. It's so hard to pick my favorite!!
(06.11.08 11:39 AM)
Lara @ southern wedding style said:
The colors in the shot with the peach door are phenomenal--so soft and sweet! Beautiful shots. I love them all.
(06.11.08 11:43 AM)
angel swanson said:
what a gorgeous set, and what a small world! i went to high school with theresa's big bro, and went to college with dan! ;-) they make a beautiful pair and i'm so glad they are workign with you! t&d -- drop me a line if you need help tying up loose ends! fab job on these images, amelia!!
(06.11.08 01:56 PM)
katrina + andrew = sedona bride said:
those are awesome shots! nice work!!! - katrina
(06.11.08 04:52 PM)
Joanna said:
I went to a wedding you did months ago (Ronald and Kristine) and since then I've been back to your sight regularly and I have to say you are just AMAZING! Not only do I have the wedding fever, but I have been trying my hand at photography and your website gives me all those fixes! I think your super talented and the second I get engaged I would LOVE to have you shoot me! :-)
(06.11.08 04:58 PM)
lauren clark said:
wowee. these are so great!!
(06.11.08 06:03 PM)
Austin said:
Ohhhhhh Aaaahhhhh Summmmmahtime in the LBC! Warren G and Snoop Dogg approve and so do Jean and I! We can't wait for our session! Still need to set that up sometime.... keep up the awesomeness!
(06.11.08 06:21 PM)
Joe Kunin said:
What a gorgeous set! I love these. Great job :)
(06.11.08 07:05 PM)
denise bovee said:
you rocked these girly! love em!
(06.11.08 09:32 PM)
dan & tessa said:
wow, thanks so much amelia! you are amazing at taking the ordinary (us & long beach) and making it a truly beautiful image! thanks again!
(06.11.08 09:44 PM)
Roger Ellsworth said:
shoot!, This shoot is awesome. You've captured them as if all of us looking at your blog know them. Very real, Very dare I say (intimate?) innocent. Love it. It sure helps having such a lovely couple. GO LBC! Well, Nothing goofy from me tonight. -My name is ROG and i like to party. Lyndzee says that she partys -No Lyndzee, I know for a fact that you don't party.
(06.12.08 01:02 AM)
Caitlin Domanico Photography said:
OOOOH! I love the colors!
(06.12.08 01:57 PM)
Mike Cunningham said:
you even managed to get the Queen Mary in one....brilliant
(06.12.08 10:57 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
Oooh that green jacket against a purple wall... YUM!
(06.12.08 11:32 PM)
Rachel said:
um, I think you might be my new favorite photographer in the whole wide world.
(06.15.08 02:10 PM)
Katie Thurmes said:
my favorite is your favorite. though how you pick just one is beyond me! great style in all of them!
(06.16.08 12:37 PM)
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