It's always such a fun thing to get to know all of my wedding clients prior to their wedding day during their engagement session. This is a unique opportunity to see how they interact with each other and what their "love dynamic" is really like. I'm super happy with 2011's Best Of Engaged collection!
Still to come: The Best Of Rings & Weddings!
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Tova said:
Great set of photos!
(01.17.12 09:22 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
Inspired DAILY by you!
(01.18.12 10:36 PM)
briana@ divine light photography said:
as always, ahmazing! i am constantly coming back for inspiration, and i have to say, i am never dissapointed. thank you so much for sharing all the incredibleness - briana
(01.19.12 11:27 AM)
Foto Clipping said:
some awesome moments!
(01.24.12 11:22 PM)
Debbie Mayes said:
Love all of these! You are such an inspiration!
(01.26.12 09:25 AM)
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After spending this last Saturday at Tammy + Pat's wedding I thought this would probably be a good time to finally blog their engagement session...right?! This was a great location to work with in Downtown Orange!
tp_engblog001.jpgtp_engblog002.jpgtp_engblog003.jpgtp_engblog004.jpgtp_engblog005.jpgNicole DeAnne did Tammy's hair and make-up for the engagement session!
tp_engblog006.jpgtp_engblog007.jpgtp_engblog008.jpgtp_engblog009.jpgtp_engblog010.jpgtp_engblog011.jpgtp_engblog012.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!:)

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Mel said:
Love the color in these images!
(10.19.11 09:11 AM)
Tammy said:
Had such a great time at this shoot! I loved the location and the pictures came out perfect!! Thank you Amelia!
(10.19.11 11:22 AM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
The light in these photos is mesmerizing... as is the lovely couple. Amazing set of photos.
(10.20.11 06:42 AM)
Stella said:
Love all of them :)
(10.26.11 08:29 AM)
Ashley said:
Love these pics, especially the sun flared ones.
(10.26.11 01:04 PM)
Elise said:
You were on my street! Orange is a great place for photos.
(11.08.11 12:32 PM)
Brittney Pecore said:
Great use of a simple ally. Love the angles
(11.10.11 01:20 PM)
Chris said:
In love with the colors of these photos!
(04.17.12 03:36 AM)
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