I first met Sarah + Eric at a friend's wedding a few years back. They made such an impression to me that I hadn't forgotten about them. Then, earlier this year I met up with them for a consultation, I expected to meet a couple I had never seen before, but as soon as they arrived I instantly remembered who they were! Needless to say, after our consultation they hired Justin and to shoot their wedding day!

I don't normally tell about my clients' love stories, but this one is so significant and warrants applause because of everything that has happened. Sarah + Eric met on E-Harmony nearly five years ago and immediately hit it off, they were like every other couple, in love and realized they wanted to get married. Eric proposed, Sarah said yes, and just a few short months later on 7/07/07 their lives would both change forever as Eric was involved in a major, paralyzing car accident. An accident that would take the use of his body from the waist down. The plans they had for planning a wedding had to placed on hold as Eric recovered, went through bouts of physical therapy, and learned how to take life a few feet shorter in a wheelchair. Now, finally, four whole years after the accident they get to have the wedding they always wanted!

As I shot their engagement sessions (we had to shoot two in order to accommodate Eric and outfit changes), I got bits and pieces of their love story, and as I went home their story weighed heavy on my mind. How courageous they both were to jump through all of these hurdles together, how happy they both looked, and how much unconditional love I could see through my lens. This is a story I'll never forget, thank you to Sarah + Eric for teaching me and allowing me to capture your love, it truly has been an honor and I am really looking forward to the wedding day!

se_eng003.jpgse_eng004.jpgse_eng005.jpgse_eng006.jpgse_eng007.jpgse_eng008.jpgse_eng009.jpgse_eng010.jpgse_eng011.jpgThis series is so awesome, Eric wanted to show off how excited he was to be marrying he did!
se_eng016.jpgse_eng017.jpgse_eng018.jpgse_eng019.jpgse_eng020.jpgse_eng021.jpgse_eng022.jpgse_eng023.jpgMy favorite shot! I think it's really sweet!
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Maggie Fortson said:
Oh my goodness... this is the sweetest!
(07.07.11 06:22 PM)
Anonymous said:
Beautiful! I love this park, used to go fishing there with my dad as a kid.
(07.07.11 06:27 PM)
Mel said:
What a lovely couple...
(07.07.11 06:31 PM)
Ciara Richardson said:
PERFECTION. you can just feel the love jumping out of each photo. such a beautiful couple. :)
(07.07.11 06:43 PM)
bobbi said:
i'm absolutely blown away by these. they're perfect. absolutely perfect. and my favorite... same as yours :) high fives friends, high fives!
(07.07.11 06:46 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
So sweet Amelia. Well done. What a beautiful couple.
(07.07.11 06:58 PM)
erin h. said:
such a great story, couple, and session. LOVE them!
(07.07.11 07:08 PM)
Christina Dely said:
BEAUTIFUL! Love this!
(07.07.11 08:25 PM)
Beka said:
Lovely couple and such beautiful images. My favorite is the last one too. It looks so peaceful and you really captured their love for one another. :)
(07.07.11 08:51 PM)
Trisha Chan said:
the last few on the bench are SO SO sweet and beautiful! this post made me tear up..i'm overjoyed for a couple i don't even know! God is good!
(07.07.11 08:52 PM)
amy said:
man, the love is just oozing from these photos! gorgeous couple and gorgeous pics!
(07.07.11 09:14 PM)
Kelsey said:
I absolutely love these- esp the headshot diptychs! So, so, so, so, sweet.
(07.08.11 04:58 AM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
What an adorable couple. The series by the water are gorgeous photos!
(07.08.11 05:03 AM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I love the free laughter shots. Such joy. Congrats to the lovely couple.
(07.08.11 06:06 AM)
Kate Whitmore said:
what a gorgeous couple!
(07.08.11 07:03 AM)
Tvs Photo said:
Amazing collection, as Kelsey said, the diptychs are sweet!
(07.08.11 10:21 AM)
becky said:
this has got to be the sweetest shoot so far! what an amazing couple and testament to true love. you captured something so sweet and so pure. thank you for sharing!
(07.08.11 11:53 AM)
Kassia said:
Very sweet! They look so beautiful and happy together!
(07.08.11 12:47 PM)
Addison said:
I love these last two images the most. A beautiful relationship well captured. Way to go, Amelia.
(07.08.11 01:52 PM)
Connie said:
Amelia - you captured their love beautifully. I've known Eric since we were in 1st grade. He is the most genuine and selfless person. I'm so happy he found Sarah and that their big day is almost here! When Eric told me they hired you I was thrilled! He said that no one else compared to you and Justin. Hopefully we get to see you at their wedding (not sure when your baby girl is due...?) and you will get to meet our little girl...Amelia.
(07.08.11 08:46 PM)
Ian Williams said:
I have always admired your work. It speaks to that primal emotional side every person has within them. I just couldn't keep silent any,ore these images are not only breath taking but they are a stunning example of what photography is suppose to do. Capture pure emotion. Thanks for your inspiration.
(07.08.11 11:44 PM)
Amy said:
These are beautiful Amelia and Justin. Sweet love story. They look fun.
(07.09.11 03:37 PM)
Mara said:
Beautiful images and wonderful couple! True love - they are blessed!
(07.09.11 08:14 PM)
Kay English Photography said:
I love these sooooo much! Just perfect and you can feel the love between this amazing couple!
(07.10.11 05:09 AM)
David Ferguson | Brisbane wedding photographer said:
Very sweet, nicely handled. Love img10.
(07.10.11 07:06 AM)
K.D. said:
I think this is easily one of my favorite shoots!
(07.10.11 10:10 AM)
Emily said:
What a lovely couple!
(07.10.11 11:45 AM)
sarah & eric said:
amelia! thank you so much for your sweet blog entry! we feel so blessed to have met you and are absolutely in love with our engagement photos!
(07.10.11 12:39 PM)
Cory said:
Wow...their love story and these images brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing couple!
(07.11.11 02:54 PM)
Ashley Taylor said:
Great post, good use of lighting!
(07.12.11 02:15 AM)
24-7 said:
Amelia, I'm a friend of Sarah and Eric and just wanted to take this time to thank you for your AMAZING you know these two brave love birds have flown long ways to finally rest and your pictures portrayed where they have finally nest themselves...warm, peaceful and each others' arms. Thank you once again.
(07.12.11 09:32 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
This post was so touching. Thank you for sharing their story. It's truly amazing.
(07.12.11 01:09 PM)
jen howell said:
WOW! Beautiful images to capture a beautiful story. They look so happy and fun!
(07.13.11 12:40 PM)
carissa said:
very touching, beautiful couple.
(07.18.11 05:36 PM)
Jessica Worley said:
Such an amazing story and amazing images! What a beautiful couple!
(07.25.11 01:16 PM)
ruby said:
B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L it touches my heart to see how much love and strength they have for each other... big hugs to you, Sarah & Eric
(08.01.11 04:48 AM)
christina Klas said:
Hello! I came across your website through pinterest and I LOVE your photography style. Looking through these photos was particularly sweet. Their smiles are certainly infectious!
(08.01.11 11:12 AM)
Katelyn James said:
this is just beautiful!! Seriously, they must LOVE these so so much!!!
(08.01.11 02:21 PM)
Kara M said:
Wow! What a beautiful couple. They look so happy and in love!!
(08.19.11 04:00 PM)
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I always love shooting in Pasadena, I've had a special place in my heart for that city ever since Justin and I lived there in a little tiny bungalow house when we were first married. Also, my grandmother use to own a wedding gown shop on Colorado Boulevard. I suggested to Fred + Grace that we shoot there and they quickly agreed. I shot the whole thing around the Pasadena City Hall, LOVED it!
fg_eng126.jpgfg_eng127.jpgfg_eng128.jpgfg_eng129.jpgfg_eng130.jpgfg_eng133.jpgfg_eng136.jpgfg_eng139.jpgfg_eng140.jpgfg_eng143.jpgfg_eng144.jpgfg_eng145.jpgfg_eng148.jpgfg_eng149.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Love the colors and genuine emotion!

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Leigh-Ellen said:
What a gorgeous set of photos. Beautiful spots.
(06.21.11 09:37 AM)
amber fischer said:
That wall is incredible!! And I love her dress against it. Rad shoot.
(06.21.11 10:00 AM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I love the "old fashion" effect you used on a few of them!
(06.21.11 10:19 AM)
shari said:
amelia - that one of the fountain plays games with my eyes! i love it. beautiful!
(06.21.11 01:04 PM)
cobz hoffmann said:
wow love the black and whites where their legs are like so out of focus how do you do that!
(06.21.11 07:25 PM)
grace | wedding favors said:
Second and third photos will be my pick as the sweetest! I love looking and browsing throuhg engagement photos. I can definitely see how the lovely couple feel in these pictures. :D
(06.23.11 09:02 AM)
maggie fortson said:
awww... these are so fun and romantic. perfection!
(06.23.11 03:39 PM)
Kim Bullock said:
Great shoot. I love your style.
(06.23.11 07:27 PM)
watercolor portraits said:
Classic old fashion pictures look and are the best.
(06.24.11 01:03 AM)
Rich said:
Beautiful shoot! I passed by that location one time but another photographer was already there! So we went to shoot at the foot of the mountains close by! The city hall is such a gorgeous location. Wish I had had a chance with it!
(06.26.11 07:05 PM)
Pierre Graf said:
Great serie. Very emotional.
(07.15.11 08:02 AM)
Deepetch said:
Great shoots!!! You have nice creative on the way you captured this photographs.Great job and happy working.
(07.28.11 01:52 AM)
Fotograf slubny Lublin said:
Very nice!
(10.28.11 04:03 AM)
Mostafizur said:
Awesome!!! Great photos.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 08:06 AM)
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