Well, well, well...after taking a week and a half break from the real world to celebrate Christmas I have a TON of blogging to catch up on, so be prepared to be bombarded by blog posts from us in the next few weeks!

Nicole + Rich make handsome couple and plan to tie the knot in April of 2009. We shot their engagement session at The Mission in San Juan Capistrano. This was my first time shooting at this location and loved the set up!

Nicole's make-up was done by my ever-talented sister Nicole DeAnne.











My last AND favorite shot of the day!

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applem00n said:
i'm diggin' the trippy reflective-fish pond shot. very alice in wonderland.
(12.30.08 03:17 PM)
Stephanie Osborne said:
I absolutely love the flare photo, puddle portrait and especially the sihoulette. Lovely as always
(12.30.08 03:44 PM)
Rog said:
Are you two feeling ok? Cause this post is SICK! hahahaha, I'm re-writing pick up lines as we speak. Did you ride the short bus today? Cause these pics are ret...umm, might be too much, huh? Did you pull off a backflip on a GT bicycle? Cause you are frickin RAD! (love the 80's, i was born in 80). I was just wondering if you could be the guest speakers at the first annual Kamera Kai-Photography Dojo expo I am hosting on the very next leap year!?
(12.30.08 04:34 PM)
Jashe said:
You really out did yourself on this shoot. Simply Awesome!!
(12.30.08 07:41 PM)
Kathleen Trenske said:
Beautiful session... looks like an awesome location too, such fun textures.
(12.30.08 08:39 PM)
Heather said:
These pictures are gorgeous! I am getting married at the Basilica right there and we will be doing some pictures in the mission :) I have stored some of these away as inspiration to show our photographer!
(12.31.08 09:20 AM)
todd pellowe said:
really love what you've done here. great feeling and equally great post processing. fun couples pick fun photographers!
(01.01.09 12:32 AM)
Jill Myers said:
Wow, wow, wow! Each one of these images can stand alone as their own piece of art!
(01.02.09 06:19 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
Well, these pretty much rock the house! Plus your sister is quite the talented makeup artist! So smokin'!!
(01.11.09 11:12 AM)
Emily Quinton said:
I simply adore the reflections image. That's my fave image I've seen this year so far. AMAZINGNESS...
(01.24.09 02:53 AM)
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When I showed up to meet Sharon + Jonathan for their engagement session Jonathan pulled out his guitar, I thought it was awesome and such a great prop to add to their engagement photos! Especially since during their courtship (now there's a word I got from my mom:)!) Jonathan played the guitar a ton for Sharon and it became on of her favorite things about him. So sweet!

Also, also, Sharon's beautiful hair and make-up was done by none other than THE Nicole DeAnne!







I really love the "dreamy" feeling of the next two shots.


My favorite shot of the day!


Their wedding is just around the corner, December is closer than ever before!
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wrecklessgirl said:
(11.18.08 12:35 AM)
john waire said:
sometimes you see two people together and you just smile. sharon & jonathan are one of those couples. you captured their affection perfectly. i love the b&w "grass view" shot. there's also something about the very first shot that is just so classic -- i think this is one they will look back on til their old and grey with fond memories.
(11.18.08 05:16 AM)
Kari said:
Love the clean look of the shot in the door way, hot!
(11.18.08 07:33 AM)
sarah rhoads said:
tasty tasty.
(11.18.08 08:07 AM)
Abra said:
you constantly amaze me with the beauty of your images.
(11.18.08 09:53 AM)
jackie wonders said:
it think it's so great when people where awesome jewel-tone colors to their sessions!!! your stoked:) great images amelia.
(11.18.08 11:14 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
These are amazing!!!
(11.18.08 12:16 PM)
matt + angie sloan said:
Sweet job! I love the first 2 sooooo much!!!
(11.18.08 12:24 PM)
sharon+jonathan said:
you are so awesome, amelia!!!!!! :)
(11.18.08 02:57 PM)
Ashley Rose said:
I love the last image!!!!! Its stunning! :)
(11.18.08 05:38 PM)
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said:
that green dress is STUNNING@ the pictures with the yellow flowers are beautiful.
(11.18.08 06:24 PM)
gretchen k. said:
your pics are so beautiful! amazing job!
(11.18.08 06:27 PM)
Nicole DeAnne said:
Seriously!?Seriously!? You blow me away every time! P.s. you forgot... hahah! I think her hair & make-up is the best in these photos! I die!
(11.18.08 10:03 PM)
Beka said:
I am loving the ones in the field. Seriously amazing!
(11.19.08 01:23 PM)
Rog said:
You know what I like about december being closer than ever before is, It remains to be true until it's here. Every day we get closer than before, until Jan 1. Then every day is getting farther away until the exact middle of the year, then it gets closer again. Hmm, good thing I didn't say that out loud. Pretty lame. Anyway, I'm pretty sad that you started putting logo watermarks on all your pics, because I've been getting weddings on a different blog by showing images I stole from yours. It's worked great until now. I'm just not as good. A photographer zero, with no calories or sugar. hahaha. Love the pics you guys! You continue to amaze me byte by byte. My favorite Photograph of this shoot was the ring shot...(that was a pre-emptive pat on the fanny for the future ring shot)
(11.19.08 08:16 PM)
nicole said:
Absoultely amazing!!!
(11.19.08 10:27 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
(11.22.08 10:59 PM)
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