Through all the years of being a photographer, I have never been asked to photograph a surprise proposal! So when Andrew (the groom-to-be) contacted me about the idea I was ecstatic! He wanted to pop the question to his lovely girlfriend Lia at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland!! He had it all set up for them to be walking by and a characterture artist would lure them into a drawing of them together. When all was done the artist would flip the photo around and show Lia what was being drawn and then Andrew would drop down on his knee for the actual proposal. I LOVED watching this from afar, I was nervous and excited just waiting for it all to happen. I'm SO glad that I was able to be part of such a momentous occasion, so-much-fun!

Let the photos tell the story....
al_prop007.jpgApparently Lia has been following this blog for quite some time...she recognized me!:)
al_prop008.jpgal_prop009.jpgThe rock.
al_prop004.jpgShe said, "Am I allowed to do this?!" LOL!
al_prop010.jpgal_prop011.jpgal_prop012.jpgal_prop013.jpgal_prop014.jpgal_prop015.jpgal_prop016.jpgal_prop017.jpgal_prop018.jpgal_prop019.jpgLove me some goooood shadows!
al_prop020.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congrats to Lia & Andrew!!! I can't wait for the wedding next August!!!
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Blair Van Bussel said:
I absolutely love everything about this! Such a sweet idea, and beautiful photos to remember the amazing moment!! :)
(09.28.12 12:52 PM)
Alyssa Armstrong said:
Oh I have been waiting for this session to hit the blog ever since I saw you mention it on twitter awhile back. LOVE this so much! You made Disneyland look so peaceful!
(09.28.12 01:04 PM)
lia said:
I'M not sure if I was more happy to be engaged or to see you Amelia. lol thank you SOOOO much for capturing probably one of the most amazing moments in my life. The quality of your pictures are phenomenal but more importantly the moments you captured this day brings me so much joy!! you are the best.
(09.28.12 01:26 PM)
delovelydetails said:
love this! so cute, i really wanna do a photoshoot at Disneyland eventually!
(09.28.12 01:37 PM)
Chung Nguyen said:
So sweet!
(09.28.12 02:41 PM)
Danielle Green Rigby said:
That's how I got engaged too!! We now have the picture hanging in our living room. Great idea Andrew!
(09.28.12 06:09 PM)
Heather Armstrong said:
Love!! You are so creative!!!!!!!
(09.29.12 01:36 PM)
Drew Renner said:
I love the expression on her face as she realizes whats going on. Killer job Amelia.
(10.03.12 09:24 AM)
Rebecca said:
Fantastic! What a great moment to get to capture
(10.06.12 09:21 PM)
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From the day that I met Susan + Sean I really felt drawn to them as people. They seemed so personable to me, plus Sean is a fellow Art Center graduate (Justin and he can now throw high fives together since they are now fellow alumni buddies!). I recall hitting it off really well with them at our initial meeting and crossed my fingers that they would book me. To my pleasant surprise they did and now I Justin and I get the awesome opportunity to photograph their wedding!

I shot their engagement session a few weeks ago and I LOVE how this session turned out! Plus, it's always amazing when Nicole DeAnne dresses up my brides with lovely hair & make-up!
ss_eng_blog001.jpgss_eng_blog002.jpgss_eng_blog003.jpgss_eng_blog004.jpgss_eng_blog005.jpgss_eng_blog006.jpgss_eng_blog007.jpgss_eng_blog008.jpgss_eng_blog009.jpgss_eng_blog010.jpgss_eng_blog011.jpgss_eng_blog012.jpgShe's a pharmacist, he's and artist!
ss_eng_blog013.jpgss_eng_blog014.jpgss_eng_blog015.jpgss_eng_blog016.jpgss_eng_blog017.jpgss_eng_blog018.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ss_eng_blog022.jpgss_eng_blog023.jpgMy second favorite! I love the emotion in Susan's face! LOL!

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Shari said:
lovely! as always. cute couple!
(08.13.12 06:33 PM)
will said:
love the TOMS & Jordan shot (love 'em all of course) but awesome kicks!
(08.13.12 10:10 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
YAY! I cannot wait for another wonderful wedding together! Susan and Sean are so genuine and sweet! Your second fave shot of the day totally sums up her happy personality! LOVE!!
(08.15.12 12:03 AM)
canvas prints said:
well done you two, i hope your happness lasts forever.
(08.17.12 10:55 AM)
Poster Printing said:
Great colors - what sort of post processing are you doing?
(08.22.12 10:48 AM)
michelle waspe said:
gorgeous work.. love it.
(08.29.12 07:36 AM)
Jai Catalano said:
These are stunning. It makes me want to get engaged all over again. Now I am married with 2 kids. I am not complaining but those were the fun days. :)
(08.29.12 09:36 AM)
Abby Hacker said:
Looks like they are having so much fun! Great photos!
(08.31.12 04:53 AM)
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