We first met Amanda + Ray at a bridal show we did a few months ago at The Mission Inn, this was our first bridal show so we had no idea what to expect. Amanda + Ray, apparently, were impressed with our work:). They called a few days later to book us for their upcoming wedding in November. When Amanda asked me if I remembered who she and her fiancee were I immediately responded, "Of course!!!" Over our short sweet conversation as they passed through our booth I couldn't forget how I thought that this couple was gorgeous and had so much personality, I had hoped that they would call us and they did!!! I shot their engagement session in downtown Pasadena and I thought that it suited them perfectly! I also had an awesome assistant by my side, Emily of RogerRuth Photography, thanks Em!

Also, a quick deserved mention, Nicole DeAnne rocked yet another amazing make-up and hair look for Amanda...I love that most of my clients work through her, she is seriously one of the best out there!!! Now on to the pics.....















And last, but CERTAINLY not favorite shot of the day!

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Lisa said:
Rockin' set!! The first one is just HOT. Those legs! Oh me oh my! But I have to say I LOVE the last two ... they just have a little somethin' somethin' to them ... ooh-la-la
(04.02.09 01:53 PM)
Jill said:
She's adorable. And he's a stunner. Loved these (and, as always, you do good work).
(04.02.09 02:07 PM)
brooke bowland said:
stunning images as always.
(04.02.09 02:25 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
What a cute couple! She is gorgeous!
(04.02.09 02:28 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
these are cute-socks!! I lovveee this sweet little couple. Amelia, way to knock it out of the park girly!
(04.02.09 02:44 PM)
Jill said:
WOW! With two beauties like that, how could you take a bad shot! Those are incredible!
(04.02.09 02:49 PM)
little mick said:
Just wanted to say hi. recently found your site via "image is found". Am bit of a fan of your work. Gives me inspiration for my own work as a child photographer. Mick. From Brisbane Australia. :)
(04.02.09 03:17 PM)
Emily Ruth said:
Amanda and Ray were totally adorable! and so photogenic. Thanks for letting me tag along that day- it was so fun and I love working with you any chance I get! Again, you are fabulous.
(04.02.09 03:32 PM)
Lynne said:
I love these two. How can you get any cuter? Amanda and Ray you chose well Amelia Lyon rocks!
(04.02.09 05:20 PM)
Sarah e. said:
what a cute couple! These are awesome!
(04.02.09 06:35 PM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
These are so cute. I love her heels. (And the ass-out photo in the funny sequence. That's a hilarious pose!)
(04.02.09 07:44 PM)
Melanie Jade said:
LOVE her dimples! What a cute couple.
(04.02.09 10:11 PM)
Melissa said:
I Love all of them! But the last one is too cute =)
(04.02.09 10:38 PM)
Sarah @ said:
I love the shot where their legs look incredibly long. I don't know how you do that, but WELL DONE!
(04.03.09 08:54 AM)
Rebecca Hansen said:
the shots through the chainlink fence are my faves.
(04.03.09 10:14 AM)
Abra said:
No wonder you wanted them to call you. They are truly adorable. Can't wait to see how you rock their wedding photos.
(04.03.09 10:34 AM)
Vanessa - V3 Weddings & Events said:
ADORABLE! Their positive, playful nature shines right through in these photos~ LOVE LOVE LOVE!
(04.03.09 10:14 PM)
Rog said:
J-ly and A-ly! J-ly and A-ly! J-ly and A-ly! J-ly and A-ly! J-ly and A-ly! J-ly and A-ly! J-ly and A-ly! J-ly and A-ly! J-ly and A-ly! Remember when the people were chanting your name and in your strength, you ripped your blouse?
(04.03.09 11:32 PM)
Nicole-Lynn said:
Love her hair! Awesome engagement session!
(04.06.09 10:29 AM)
Chad Morgan said:
Are you using a TS-E, or a PS filter for the blur? Either way, nice creative shots.
(04.08.09 10:02 AM)
amy said:
wow wow WOW! some of my favorite stuff here. so much fun!
(04.08.09 05:21 PM)
Kayla said:
These are so great as always! I love all the black and white shots!
(04.09.09 08:47 PM)
david said:
my favorites are the 4 in 1 series, fun & provocative!! You made the shooting seems so effortless...
(04.14.09 01:31 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
They are the cutest! I LOVE her style and super sweet look. YOu guys rocked these!
(04.15.09 04:19 PM)
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When searching for a location to photograph Patricia + Art for their engagement session, Justin reminded me of the awesome colors we had seen a few weeks prior in Downtown Silver Lake. We decided to go there and we seriously had so much color to work with...I loved it!!! It was also helpful that Patricia + Art were great subjects to have in front of our camera, super photogenic and ultra fun to work with!paeng001.jpg


I know that this counts as two photos, but together they make for my favorite "diptych" of the day!


On the side of the road against this amazing teal building we saw this old school yellow bug bus...we had to take advantage of the situation.


Where's Waldo????


I literally saw this writing on a metal bar right next to where we were shooting, thought it would help tell the story a little better:)






Sun-glare and twiggy trees equals I'm in love!


Lastly, a shot of the city over Echo Park.
If you like how beautiful Patricia looks, you should check out the master mind behind her look by visiting Nicole DeAnne's blog!Wedding to follow in November!

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Emily Ruth said:
My favorite part of this shoot is the random little kid standing in the window of the teal building! Re-dick-u-lous!! But seriously, I love the way you pull out the beauty in your surroundings.
(03.25.09 10:06 PM)
connieMchung said:
awwww. i love this post. they look so natural and completely at ease. gotta love la.
(03.25.09 10:09 PM)
Abra said:
These are great. Have I mentioned lately how much I love your work?
(03.25.09 10:12 PM)
cristen chester said:
these are great and i love that yellow + orange wall! oh, and anytime an old VW bus can be worked into a shoot it is mandatory as described in the rules of being a rad photographer handbook!!!
(03.25.09 10:31 PM)
angie + matt said:
I am laughing so hard at the Wheres Waldo one!?!? That is hilarious! These are incredible Amelia! She is beautiful!
(03.26.09 12:10 AM)
Rich said:
Wow. Your shots through the bus window are super inspiring! I really dig when you juxtapose a portrait image with another cool element, like the branches shot...your posts are always so stylish and well thought-out, not just a list of cool images. nice :)
(03.26.09 03:35 AM)
alison conklin said:
these are beautiful. i love all of them but the series with the van are amazing and brilliant.
(03.26.09 04:49 AM)
johnwaire said:
i got a chuckle out of the where's waldo shot. how perfect was that? great session amelia.
(03.26.09 05:27 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
What an awesome session! Love all the colors, especially the teal building. My fave is the 'where's waldo?' shot. Love the kid peeking out the window.
(03.26.09 06:16 AM)
s said:
long-time follower, first-time commenter here :) i just adore the way you allow these couples the freedom to star in their own "movie"--often your shots remind me of film stills or ad promo shots...which are wonderful, because each couple deserves that break from their life and a little spotlight to celebrate their love.
(03.26.09 06:19 AM)
Mary Marantz said:
these are fantastic! I especially love the first one with the yellow van!!
(03.26.09 06:27 AM)
Matt Dorroh said:
Awesome, outstanding images!
(03.26.09 06:27 AM)
Kayla said:
These are incredible! I love them! Great colors and the Where's Waldo one is so awesome!
(03.26.09 07:19 AM)
Melanie Watson said:
Love the whole van series. Actually I love them all. The colors are fabulous and the couple is adorable! Great session! :)
(03.26.09 07:31 AM)
Tiona Fuller said:
Fantastic session images! Love the yellow bug bus series - the creativity in the first bus image is OUTSTANDING!
(03.26.09 07:34 AM)
Brianna Phelan said:
This session is awesome! Great photos :)
(03.26.09 08:31 AM)
Michele B said:
Super creative you guys! I get all excited whenever I see a new post in my google reader and head straight over to check it out.
(03.26.09 09:41 AM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Dah Dah Dah Dah Daaaaah,,, I'm LOV-IN it!! Im totally diggin the short bus pictures and the Where's Julio shot?? AWESOME!! You never cease to amaze me. Love you's!! We need to hang soon.
(03.26.09 11:07 AM)
Ashley Rose said: as always! I love love love how you literally make your surroundings sooo beautiful! =) its delightful!
(03.26.09 11:08 AM)
Meg said:
Yey my hood!!! Beautiful work Amelia!
(03.26.09 12:18 PM)
g3tfr33 said:
aaah, your eye for reflections and colors never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the beautiful & creative work!
(03.26.09 01:25 PM)
ben + laura said:
love this session ... great job!
(03.26.09 02:58 PM)
jean smith said:
so, so, so fabulous. you are truly a photographic genius!
(03.26.09 05:31 PM)
amelialyon said:
Seriously!? I love the feel of the E-session guys... Awesome job! I REALLY appreciate all the shout outs too! YOu two are SO rad.. all the time! THANKS!
(03.27.09 09:05 AM)
Julie said:
beautiful! makes me wish we had taken engagement photos.
(03.27.09 10:59 AM)
Tyler said:
You are the COOLEST Thing I've ever seen LOL! You have to do my SR. pictures! But you'd have to fly to little rock! LOL!
(03.27.09 12:27 PM)
amelialyon said:
I'm totally writing this on your computer, in your office, at your house. Is this a first? Neither of you are in site, only voices from the bedroom saying "Roger...we'll be out in a minute.". Don't worry, I'll wait for you, actually I think your driving, so that's good. That's means I won't leave without you. As for this post, it makes me want a VW bus again. Doesn't everyone at one time want a VW bus? Awesome and amazing are you two.
(03.28.09 10:41 AM)
Courtney Ortiz said:
I really enjoyed that! Thank you!
(03.28.09 03:32 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
Beautiful photographs!!!!!!!!!!!
(03.29.09 08:10 PM)
Rebecca Hansen said:
I adore the colors in the bus shots. BEAUTIFUL. eyegasmic even.
(03.31.09 08:41 AM)
Seth said:
Oh snap! Great minds think alike: Good stuff guys! :)
(03.31.09 12:17 PM)
Sarah @ said:
I don't think I could love this engagement session any more than I do. This is definitely one of my favorites on your website!
(04.02.09 11:46 AM)
Austin said:
5th one down...might be my favorite shot of all your engagement posts!
(03.15.10 02:09 PM)
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