Justin and I had a great afternoon with Mary + Peter at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. We ended up scheduling and shooting the session on Valentine's Day, it was a fun way to celebrate the holiday of love...I know it sounds a little cheesy, but its true!

We had shot at this location before so after a while we decided to venture out into the local downtown area to find some unique backdrops to work with. Needless to say, we were very glad that we did, here are some of our favorite shots from their engagement sitting:





I really like the natural emotion in these two photos.



Okay, we like taking reflection shots:)!

Here's my favorite shot of the day! Compositionally it draws to me and also I like the contrast between the sunlit subject against the shadowed wall.



I wish my dimple was as profound as Mary's, I love it!

Keep watch for their wedding to take place at the end of this month!
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Candice Brooke said:
Your rock my world! Im freaking out!
(03.03.09 07:33 PM)
Augusta said:
Fantastic, as usual! I love the third one with the shadow of the tree.
(03.03.09 07:34 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
A ninja I tell you!! These are rad as always guys! Love the way you used light and shadows!! kudos, high-fives and all!
(03.03.09 07:43 PM)
g3tfr33 said:
great captures as always!--the reflection shot is outta this world!
(03.03.09 08:10 PM)
josh solar said:
No need to justify the reflections...they look great :) All the pics look awesome as usual!
(03.03.09 08:21 PM)
Heather Espana said:
I love the reflection looks like they're in love beneath a sky of flying fishies :).
(03.03.09 10:01 PM)
connieMchung said:
Hi Amelia!!! I love ALL of them! Esp the reflection one. :)
(03.03.09 11:07 PM)
leah said:
such a great shoot !! and btw i love your reflection shots!
(03.03.09 11:33 PM)
Anna-Rina Rahim said:
Love the reflection shot too! And man, they're a good looking couple :)
(03.04.09 12:29 AM)
jean smith said:
BEAUTIFUL! your images are SERIOUSLY eye candy!!!
(03.04.09 12:50 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
Love these! Love the sun flare, shadows, reflections... awesome images!
(03.04.09 06:41 AM)
erika verginelli said:
wow! what is that reflection shot?????? amazing!
(03.04.09 07:50 AM)
Alyssa Lang said:
Niiiiiiice! Two and four are super rad.
(03.04.09 09:20 AM)
Megan Welker said:
looooooove these!! The lighting and mood is just so yummy! Your work is always amazing!
(03.04.09 09:31 AM)
Katrina said:
This is adorable :P I wish you guys were in Canada.
(03.04.09 10:16 AM)
Daniel said:
Bringin on thw awesome as usual. Love the fishy #7. Great use of that lens
(03.04.09 10:26 AM)
bethany said:
wowww. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that reflection shot. i didnt even realize that's what it was at first... :)
(03.04.09 11:16 AM)
jesi haack said:
all of the effects on these pictures are just stunning! I can't pick just one to talk about! but the fish one is pretty unreal. Beautiful job!
(03.04.09 12:16 PM)
melissa said:
hey there! my friend Candice palmer referred me to you and I wanted to know your price list and if you are will;ing to workin in AZ ot Lake Tahoe! Mel
(03.04.09 07:26 PM)
Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Cheyenne Schultz said:
You guys are so freaking good.
(03.05.09 08:24 AM)
ben + laura said:
super sweet ... as always! you guys rock!
(03.05.09 05:26 PM)
Rog said:
Will you stop amazing me in this lifetime? Let me use a lifeline, no a friend. Hold's ringing, it's ringing..."Hello, yeah I need your help. Will the Lyons ever stop amazing me in this lifetime? What are you laughing at? Stop laughing, wait...what was that...not in my lifetime or the next. Ok thanks". This is my final answer, Not in this lifetime or the next. Thanks for the time of your eyes and brain to read this. Now my life is complete.
(03.05.09 05:46 PM)
Terra Dawn said:
I loooooooove that fish reflection shot. How gorgeous!!! It looks like the fish is swimming through the sky!!! You never stop inspiring. :)
(03.06.09 01:44 PM)
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Many of my readers may have noticed that Justin and I have HUGE families (and this is an understatement!), so we have the sweet pleasure of getting to photograph many of our family members as they find the one they want to spend forever with and decide to tie the knot! Shane is my second cousin and his lovely fiancee, Hillary, is truly a sweetheart.

In trying to picture a concept for their engagement session I wanted to keep it simple and make sure it was all about them, so we drove down the street and found the Fullerton was perfect!!! Also, Shane has this sweet car that he restored back in high school with his dad so we used that too. So glad we get to be a part of this fun time with them!








My favorite shot of the day!





Watch for the wedding to come in April!

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gabe said:
(02.26.09 10:46 PM)
Millie said:
Loving all of these! I really love the one of just her shoes, such a nostalgic feeling.
(02.26.09 11:02 PM)
Heather Espana said:
HOT stuff! That last shot is deliciously retro.
(02.26.09 11:28 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Nice to see them again! LOOOOVE the shot through the windshield where he is kissing her forehead and looking at the camera,,, SAUCY,,,,,VERY SAUCY!!!
(02.27.09 12:53 AM)
john waire said:
wow...great post once again. what an AWESOME ride. i think a session with the car alone is warranted :)
(02.27.09 04:59 AM)
tammie billey said:
Great Images!! What a fun e-session. :)
(02.27.09 06:53 AM)
sandie said:
beautiful! youre right the car shots are so cool!
(02.27.09 07:52 AM)
Tom said:
Cool shots! May want to remove the tag number though.
(02.27.09 07:57 AM)
Brandi said:
Beautiful work as always. I particularly love that first one!
(02.27.09 08:40 AM)
Alyssa Lang said:
The first one's super fun! And what a sweet car!
(02.27.09 09:15 AM)
Daniel said:
Number 2... thump! thump! Love this series.
(02.27.09 09:33 AM)
Mateo said:
how'd you put the sun on pause? great variety of backlitters.
(02.27.09 09:39 AM)
Ryel j said:
I love the vintage car and yummy sunlight!! Amazing work as always.
(02.27.09 10:42 AM)
briana elledge said:
i'm in looooooooooooouuuuoooove with image #2, its kinda rocked my socks off, so fyi, you owe me a pair of pink & yellow striped knee socks, jk. seriously tho, please explain to me how you rock and sustain the amount of ahwsomenez which is these pics, cause they are flippin sweezet.
(02.27.09 11:01 AM)
Anna-Rina Rahim said:
Am absolutely gushing over all the shots in this series, especially the first one! Would love to be shot by you one of thesedays, that is when I get over to your neck of the woods ;p
(02.27.09 11:41 AM)
Jenna said:
There is something so high school, in a totally awesome and slightly naughty way about the shots in the car.
(02.27.09 10:10 PM)
Navy Sou said:
The angles!!! OMG!!! Just brilliant!
(02.28.09 10:04 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
Wonderful images! Very powerful and inspiring! Your use of light really works well!!!!!!!!!!!!
(03.01.09 07:30 PM)
The Last Forty Percent Photography said:
I just came across your site tonight for the first time. Your work is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of it. The photos have a great feel to them. - Brianna
(03.01.09 08:38 PM)
ROG said:
Hey...nice Datsun. If I had a can of green olives for every time someone told me I had a nice Datsun, I could end world hunger faster than you could say "Thank you sir may i have another". People have stopped saying it over the last little while though, do to the fact that my pants have been getting more loose. You understand.
(03.01.09 10:33 PM)
sarah rhoads said:
Amelia, I am starting to think you are totally a blogging ninja. dang girl. May the ninja-force be with you.
(03.02.09 03:51 PM)
Terra Dawn said:
Absolutely amazing!!! I love getting your blog in my my feed reader. It makes me happy. :)
(03.02.09 07:47 PM)
jesi haack said:
I love love love the one in the car. I really like how the sun plays a huge role in these shots. So beautiful!
(03.02.09 08:22 PM)
Pardeep Singh said:
These shots are holy wow. Like, wow.
(03.03.09 09:46 AM)
Kari Dawson said:
A gorgeous session and fabulous use of light!
(03.03.09 10:20 AM)
kate said:
I love the shots you do from ground level..they always look fantastic. and that last image is stunning!
(03.14.09 04:09 PM)
Alicea said:
Amazing lighting. That was the perfect time of day. I really loved the angles.
(04.27.09 03:15 PM)
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