This engagement session with Sarah + Gabe at the Union Station in Downtown LA renewed my love for photographing engagement sessions...not that I had fallen out of love with shooting engagement sessions, but when a fun couple comes along with a rad location, it gives me a good reminder of why I love being a "photographer of love". Cheesy as it may sound, it's true!:) Wow, just realized how many times I said the word "love" in that paragraph, lol!
gs_eng001.jpggs_eng002.jpggs_eng003.jpggs_eng004.jpggs_eng005.jpggs_eng006.jpggs_eng007.jpggs_eng008.jpggs_eng009.jpggs_eng010.jpgThese next two photos are equally my favorite shot(s) of the day!
gs_eng011.jpggs_eng012.jpggs_eng013.jpggs_eng014.jpgI was sort of infatuated with Sarah's shoes!
Wedding to come in early 2011!
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Kathleen Amelia said:
You never fail to amaze me!!
(12.09.10 01:13 PM)
Kyle said:
Sapphire wedding rings FTW! And baller shots in the subway FTW also :)
(12.09.10 06:21 PM)
katelyn said:
sarah's doppelganger = natasha bedingfield gorgeous. all of it.
(12.09.10 10:31 PM)
katelyn said:
no wait i take it back... natasha + sara bareilles. there we go.
(12.09.10 10:32 PM)
SR said:
(12.09.10 10:55 PM)
Jenny said:
Love your style! :) On this session it looks like you used some vintage actions. What do you use if you don't mind me asking! Great work!
(12.10.10 08:56 AM)
Aly said:
one of them sitting on the grate is my fave! rockstar!
(12.10.10 05:57 PM)
Kristen said:
Awesome shots - love the close ups
(12.12.10 03:30 AM)
Erica Ward said:
Fabulous work as always - the bw conversions in particular are stunning!!
(12.12.10 09:49 AM)
Sarah said:
Amazing as always! LOVE your style! Love the vintage actions you use. Fabulous!
(12.14.10 09:10 AM)
Becca said:
Amelia, these are to die for. If you ever come out to Colorado, I must must must have you take pictures of my family. Until then, what is your recipe for the first series of photos? will you share?
(12.15.10 06:47 AM)
jennifer nichols said:
I love this session! Great shots!
(12.18.10 08:30 PM)
Casey Figlewicz said:
Did you guys have to get a permit to shoot at Union Station?
(12.18.10 09:29 PM)
Melissa said:
Love love love the colors! Such lovely photos...You are SO creative with your photo composition!
(12.20.10 02:38 PM)
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As a photographer it's really awesome when a couple shows up for a shoot and then everything just flows seamlessly. This is how the engagement session with Connie + Stefan went, I didn't even take a crazy amount of images because I didn't need to. There was a rad chemistry between them and my camera! Loved every minute of this session!
sc_eng001.jpgsc_eng002.jpgsc_eng005.jpgsc_eng006.jpgsc_eng007.jpgI thought Connie looked divine...of course the work of Nicole DeAnne always looks fabulous!
sc_eng008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day....chemistry!
Second favorite shot of the day!
Looking forward to the wedding in 2011!
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Marissa Rodriguez said:
You can feel the chemistry between these two! They are so cute! And amazing work as always!
(10.19.10 11:46 AM)
shari said:
amelia -- you're right, that is the BEST! and you can feel it in the ease of these images...what a beautiful couple...i love the relaxed feeling I get from just looking at them being relaxed! :) great job!
(10.19.10 12:33 PM)
(10.19.10 11:01 PM)
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