As a photographer it's really awesome when a couple shows up for a shoot and then everything just flows seamlessly. This is how the engagement session with Connie + Stefan went, I didn't even take a crazy amount of images because I didn't need to. There was a rad chemistry between them and my camera! Loved every minute of this session!
sc_eng001.jpgsc_eng002.jpgsc_eng005.jpgsc_eng006.jpgsc_eng007.jpgI thought Connie looked divine...of course the work of Nicole DeAnne always looks fabulous!
sc_eng008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day....chemistry!
Second favorite shot of the day!
Looking forward to the wedding in 2011!
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Marissa Rodriguez said:
You can feel the chemistry between these two! They are so cute! And amazing work as always!
(10.19.10 11:46 AM)
shari said:
amelia -- you're right, that is the BEST! and you can feel it in the ease of these images...what a beautiful couple...i love the relaxed feeling I get from just looking at them being relaxed! :) great job!
(10.19.10 12:33 PM)
(10.19.10 11:01 PM)
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I shot Judy + Anthony's engagement session locally. I thought it was sweet how they wanted to have their little dog included in some shots, and what a ham their little dog was!:) Congrats on the upcoming wedding Judy + Anthony!
aj_eng001.jpgaj_eng002.jpgaj_eng003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
aj_eng004.jpgaj_eng005.jpgaj_eng006.jpgaj_eng007.jpgaj_eng008.jpgaj_eng009.jpgaj_eng010.jpgaj_eng011.jpgaj_eng012.jpgaj_eng013.jpgaj_eng014.jpgmmmmmm, love me some shadows!

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Kate Whitmore said:
Is overused? I don't even care...because that's what these are!! Luh-ove the lines in every single image.
(09.23.10 05:54 PM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
Great shots! My jaw dropped when I saw these because I grew up going to church with Anthony. Congrats to him and Judy... and the shadow shot is perfect.
(09.23.10 08:11 PM)
Alex said:
Incredible!! I love these :) I love how you use locations, so unique.
(09.24.10 02:38 PM)
Sarah said:
Amazing! Your photos are so unique, I love them!
(09.24.10 09:11 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
LOVE the ones of them in the tunnel! Great job! I love how comfortable they look in front of the camera!
(09.24.10 09:37 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
Those are some DELISH shadows! Loving each of these images and their dog is so adorable!!
(09.27.10 12:29 AM)
robyn said:
Love the tunnel for a location! And this last shot with the shadows of the trees is just genius. Seriously. Great work.
(09.27.10 03:20 PM)
Paige + Blake said:
Stunning. I adore the tunnel light. Location looks so familiar.
(09.28.10 03:24 PM)
Lindsey Joy said:
Gorgeous as usual Amelia! I love the shadows on the building in this last shot!!
(09.29.10 11:25 AM)
Christine Pobke said:
Swoon. Yes, I said it, and I am also doing the swooning. :) Beautimous.
(10.10.10 11:44 PM)
Nathan Walker said:
love this little session amelia! secretly i love e-sessions more than weddings... don't tell anyone tho ;)
(10.12.10 03:36 PM)
Riccardo said:
Cool locations!! Love it.
(10.12.10 09:43 PM)
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