I shot this engagement session with Kristen + Britt a few months ago and have yet to show it off! I love the timeless look of it! Thanks to Kristen + Britt for spending a lovely afternoon at the beach with me!
bk_eng_blog001.jpgbk_eng_blog002.jpgbk_eng_blog003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congrats on the engagement you two! I'm looking forward to their upcoming wedding!
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Life with Kaishon said:
Congratulations to them! What a beautiful couple! Love your shots. You are extremely creative.
(05.15.12 09:13 PM)
kaitlyn said:
these are too great! i love the beachiness, wish I could take my engagements again! :)
(05.16.12 09:29 AM)
Lo said:
beautiful use of light. these are fab.
(05.16.12 03:08 PM)
kristen holly said:
These are gorgeous!! That 4th one is like woa - amaze!
(05.18.12 08:14 AM)
Wedding Photography said:
Beautiful set of photos and i like your ability catch the moment. Love the choose of the lens: beautiful backgrounds. Congrats.
(05.19.12 02:10 AM)
Delbensonphotography said:
Beautiful photographs. Beautiful couple. Beautiful background. These are awesome! i love it. I am excited to see the wedding photographs.
(05.24.12 12:11 AM)
Marvin said:
I really like the way you use lighting in your photos!
(05.25.12 09:15 AM)
Fotograf nunta Iasi said:
Verri nice photos! I like!
(05.26.12 10:50 AM)
Hotibo said:
Very romantic! I like it.
(07.17.13 12:28 AM)
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I was super excited to hear that Marissa + Jay were engaged to be married! Justin and I have known these two for quite some time as they have both worked on the kids television show that Justin helps to produce, Yo Gabba Gabba! Jay works as the Director of Photography (and does an amazing job at it too) while Marissa works in the hair/make-up department. These two are definitely a lovely pair and we are looking forward to the wedding in May up in San Luis Obispo!
jm_eng_blog002.jpgjm_eng_blog003.jpgjm_eng_blog004.jpgjm_eng_blog005.jpgjm_eng_blog006.jpgjm_eng_blog007.jpgjm_eng_blog008.jpgjm_eng_blog009.jpgjm_eng_blog010.jpgjm_eng_blog011.jpgjm_eng_blog012.jpgjm_eng_blog013.jpgjm_eng_blog014.jpgjm_eng_blog015.jpgjm_eng_blog016.jpgjm_eng_blog017.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
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Ariel renae said:
So gorgeous!!
(04.05.12 05:58 PM)
Janneke de Jong said:
Beautiful. I love the light in your photos!
(04.05.12 06:23 PM)
Wedding Photography said:
Looking at your blog seriously makes me think I should probably toss in the towel with the wedding photos, and maybe just try and become a underwear model again....Great work Amelia!-- RH
(04.05.12 06:30 PM)
Mirko Herzner said:
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... I have an engagement session today myself and got some fresh inspiration from your post. Hope the weather plays a friendly part...
(04.06.12 01:28 AM)
malkoza said:
... My name is Bogdan, i am 25 old ... i am from Ukraine , becouse my english is very bad ..... Amelia --- you is my favorite photograf , your shot's is a best of the best , .... Amelia, i dream and i want make photo like you!!!! ))))) (+_+)
(04.06.12 01:56 PM)
Ruth said:
(04.08.12 02:08 PM)
Whitney Parker said:
I just love your work. Each image is a piece of art.
(04.14.12 03:16 PM)
Travis Shumate said:
Beautiful work, Amelia.
(04.17.12 12:57 PM)
Joel Conner said:
great set!!! love them all
(04.17.12 10:09 PM)
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