I shot this engagement session with Kristen + Britt a few months ago and have yet to show it off! I love the timeless look of it! Thanks to Kristen + Britt for spending a lovely afternoon at the beach with me!
bk_eng_blog001.jpgbk_eng_blog002.jpgbk_eng_blog003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congrats on the engagement you two! I'm looking forward to their upcoming wedding!

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Life with Kaishon said:
Congratulations to them! What a beautiful couple! Love your shots. You are extremely creative.
(05.15.12 09:13 PM)
kaitlyn said:
these are too great! i love the beachiness, wish I could take my engagements again! :)
(05.16.12 09:29 AM)
Lo said:
beautiful use of light. these are fab.
(05.16.12 03:08 PM)
kristen holly said:
These are gorgeous!! That 4th one is like woa - amaze!
(05.18.12 08:14 AM)
Wedding Photography said:
Beautiful set of photos and i like your ability catch the moment. Love the choose of the lens: beautiful backgrounds. Congrats.
(05.19.12 02:10 AM)
Delbensonphotography said:
Beautiful photographs. Beautiful couple. Beautiful background. These are awesome! i love it. I am excited to see the wedding photographs.
(05.24.12 12:11 AM)
Marvin said:
I really like the way you use lighting in your photos!
(05.25.12 09:15 AM)
Fotograf nunta Iasi said:
Verri nice photos! I like!
(05.26.12 10:50 AM)
Hotibo said:
Very romantic! I like it.
(07.17.13 12:28 AM)