Okay, first of all, SO SORRY for the blog hiatus! Time to get my rear end in gear and get my blog post on! Kristyn + Ryan are the first of the week, they rocked this engagement session, it really is one of my favs of this year so far! Justin and I were especially entertained by their humor, we totally "got them" and they totally "got us"! That's the best recipe for a great portrait session. Now on to the eye candy:
kr_blog001.jpgkr_blog002.jpgkr_blog003.jpgkr_blog004.jpgkr_blog005.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
kr_blog006.jpgkr_blog007.jpgkr_blog008.jpgkr_blog009.jpgkr_blog010.jpgkr_blog011.jpgkr_blog012.jpgkr_blog013.jpgkr_blog014.jpgkr_blog015.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
kr_blog016.jpgkr_blog017.jpgkr_blog018.jpgkr_blog019.jpgkr_blog020.jpgkr_blog021.jpgWedding to come in just two weeks! PS. Kristyn's hair & make-up done by none other than the talented Nicole DeAnne!

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jennifer said:
I love all of these! I tried to pick a favorite, but I just can't :) they are all great!
(06.15.10 12:22 PM)
Jen said:
lovely! i would never think to shoot in a location like this, but you've inspired me once again :)
(06.15.10 02:22 PM)
matt sloan said:
love it! :)
(06.15.10 04:04 PM)
Shari said:
just gorgeous! :)
(06.15.10 04:05 PM)
delbarr said:
(06.16.10 03:00 PM)
Christina Brosnan said:
I love all the clean lines. Really great series!
(06.17.10 03:52 AM)
Stacey Malleck said:
Yay! You blogged again!! P.S. I missed you.
(06.17.10 03:40 PM)
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I shot this engagement session a little over a month ago and have been waiting for a good time to blog seemed like a good day:). My favorite part about Emily + Drew's engagement session was the nature and whimsical feel of the first location, I thought it suited them very well as a couple.
ae_eng003.jpgae_eng004.jpgae_eng005.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ae_eng006.jpgae_eng007.jpgae_eng008.jpgae_eng009.jpgae_eng010.jpgWe ended up at the train station in Downtown Fullerton, I had shot there a bunch of times in the past so I was bound and determined to get a different angle for Emily + Drew. I was really happy with what I got.

Emily + Drew's wedding is just around the corner in July!

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Mel said:
Oh my, these are lovely...I love how you integrate emotion in your images Amelia. Simply stunning!
(06.01.10 12:12 PM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
Gorgeous. I especially love the third from the bottom.
(06.01.10 03:22 PM)
Anne Elisabeth said:
These pictures are breathtaking! Awesome
(06.01.10 03:37 PM)
Allison said:
Love them all.... The first location is such a beautiful spot.
(06.01.10 04:52 PM)
yan palmer said:
its seriously so fun to watch your creativity unfold. no one has a vision quite like amelia.
(06.01.10 07:50 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
I love your fave, Amelia!!! :)
(06.01.10 08:37 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
This shoot is gorgeous! I love the set of three photographs of their eyes! What a fabulous shoot!
(06.02.10 12:02 AM)
Alexandra said:
These shots are so beautiful and creative. I have too many favorites to mention. Great work! (And i love her pink heels :))
(06.02.10 12:47 AM)
Dominik said:
Hello Amelia, your style is so great, unique and a big pool of inspirations for me. Thank you! Best wishes from Germany Dominik
(06.02.10 02:53 AM)
Justin said:
That silhouette shot is pretty amazing!
(06.03.10 06:15 AM)
Cathy said:
Love the phone booth flash shots!
(06.03.10 09:01 AM)
Kristin said:
I love the second location, I know exactly why you keep using it! How do you get the flash of light next to the photo booth shots?
(06.03.10 12:15 PM)
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