Next up with my Best of 2010 series: all of my favorite Engagement photos!
More to come over the next few day with my favorites & Best of 2010 series: Rings! & Married!
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stacey said:
beautiful again.
(01.19.11 04:39 PM)
maggie fortson said:
Full of passion and love! BEAUTIFUL!
(01.19.11 09:36 PM)
john heil said:
so many great shots! Great year of photos, Amelia!
(01.20.11 08:50 AM)
Paco and Betty said:
I love you so much! :)
(01.20.11 12:44 PM)
Mr. Haack said:
Keep them coming Amelia! I love looking at these, you are Awesome!
(01.20.11 01:03 PM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
Bike wheel shot equals fabulous!
(01.21.11 07:58 AM)
SR said:
Yay! Love!
(01.22.11 06:55 PM)
Vegas Wedding Photographer - FogartyFOTO said:
Your commitment to interesting composition and selective focus is bracing. I love your work. It is confident.
(01.22.11 09:26 PM)
barbara dieppa said:
great recap! and beautiful as usual!!
(01.24.11 03:23 AM)
Chaba Vigh said:
Amelia, I love your style, and this collection of 2010 images is great besides being a great idea!
(01.24.11 11:12 AM)
Stacey Hedman said:
LOVE that bike shot, ohmigod! Such a beautiful couple and mix of different scenes.
(01.24.11 04:27 PM)
Mollie said:
Those are wonderful. Love how you capture details!
(01.25.11 08:41 AM)
Kate Whitmore said:
I need the Lyon Shop in my life. Every time I look at your blog (which is daily), I just can't handle the goodness!
(01.27.11 02:58 PM)
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It was so fun working with Borami & Anthony! I absolutely adored Bormai's 1940's style, complete with hat & veil, and Anthony's classic black suit with thin black tie was superb! So glad they were able to make the trip all the way from New York for this!
ba_eng003.jpgba_eng004.jpgba_eng005.jpgba_eng006.jpgba_eng009.jpgba_eng012.jpgba_eng013.jpgba_eng014.jpgba_eng015.jpgMy three favorite shots of the day! I like how the clouds looked like a wave encircling Bormai & Anthony!
Wedding to come in July of 2011!
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Jesse Tenorio said:
Great job Amelia. Love their attire.
(12.28.10 09:11 PM)
Shauna said:
Wow. SHE IS STUNNING! Love these!
(12.28.10 09:16 PM)
Adam Coberly said:
Very cool Amelia. Those cloud shots are amazing!
(12.28.10 09:57 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
These are amazing! Fabulous job-these are my favorite engagements you have ever done!
(12.28.10 11:29 PM)
serena said:
Absolutely love the out of focus one. Lovely work. Great light. :)
(12.29.10 12:47 AM)
NaomiL said:
Amelia you did an awesome job, yet again! They look absolutely beautiful!
(12.29.10 08:36 AM)
caitlin said:
kewl beenz. i like the noise in the out of focus one - looks like film. wait, is it film?
(12.29.10 09:02 AM)
SR said:
Amazing, as always!
(12.29.10 12:57 PM)
naomi chokr said:
Amazing pictures!!!
(12.29.10 01:26 PM)
Jay Studio Photography said:
what a GREAT set of photos! love them!! beautiful vintage style :)
(01.04.11 02:17 PM)
Jennifer said:
So, so beautiful!!
(01.16.11 06:11 PM)
Andrea said:
(03.16.11 11:16 AM)
jkar said:
I am really amazed on the composition of your photos. Its like having a 3rd and 4th dimension on it.
(04.17.11 11:08 PM)
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