Happy Two-fer Tuesday! I decided to post two engagement sessions on the blog today, thought I would give all you followers some extra eye-candy since I was out of town last week and un-able to access anything via the internet.

Here's Shirley + Sam, I shot their engagement session along with Jason Roger in LA with Downtown as the backdrop. We started at the Observatory and then ventured out into the surrounding areas.
ss_blog001.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
My second fav!
ss_blog004.jpgss_blog005.jpgss_blog006.jpgss_blog007.jpgss_blog008.jpgss_blog009.jpgShirley + Sam brought their adorable dog with them to the shoot. They rescued it together a while back!
Wedding to come in just a few weeks!
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Kip said:
And the Grammy for most outstanding imagery goes too... Amelia Lyon!!
(08.10.10 02:17 PM)
Kelly Barber said:
Amy! I ALWAYS love all your pictures! They are amazing, Hope you and your fam are doing well xo
(08.10.10 03:10 PM)
aimee grover said:
Love the Griffith Observatory :) We did an engagement shoot there awhile back against those same stripes! SUCH a beautiful location!
(08.10.10 03:17 PM)
Ryan Morck said:
your second favorite shot of the day is money. Love the double reflection and wide angle shot.
(08.10.10 03:47 PM)
Andrew Gawdun said:
I can't stop being in awe over this set!
(08.10.10 11:40 PM)
Adrienne McNellis said:
That one where they are standing under the tree is amazing. Fantastic.
(08.11.10 09:24 AM)
Michele B said:
I love them all, but the last one's my fave :)
(08.11.10 11:56 AM)
Jen said:
I love the variety of scenery for these pictures -- modern, city, country .... awesome! And this couple is so sexy!
(08.11.10 03:51 PM)
Didier Petre said:
Il like your pictures. Very good and quiet atmosphere. Didier
(08.12.10 07:15 AM)
Samantha said:
These are breathtaking. I love the shot at the observatory with the reflections. Stunning.
(08.12.10 07:29 AM)
Wani said:
Beautiful images as always Amelia. I fell in love with your work when I first saw the pictures you took of your sister-in-law (?!?) a couple of months ago cause she was the most fabulous pregnant woman I had ever seen and I've been a huge fan of yours since then. I always look forward to your next post. They are all great images, but the first with the intensity emanating from her eyes and the last one with the halo you created are my hands down fav. Keep up the fab work. :-) p.s: isnt it interesting how everyone has a different fav. I do love the subjectivity of photography. :-)
(08.13.10 05:03 AM)
Jen said:
I love the light in the last one!! it's just perfect!
(08.16.10 06:54 AM)
Nick Radford said:
socks blown off. awesome.
(08.19.10 03:27 AM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
LOVE the last one and the one where their dog is sitting back and watching them cuddle. Too cute! Congrats, Shirley!! Amelia - you have a steady client/fan base from Walnut! ;)
(08.19.10 11:48 PM)
Kim said:
Love this session. How do you get such a good angle on the shots from above with them laying on the ground? Mine are always awkward. Do I need a ladder?
(09.03.10 09:28 PM)
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Eiman + Todd are friends with one of our past clients and Todd was a groomsman at that same wedding. I was delighted that they hired Justin and I, it's always good to keep business among people we already had the pleasure of working with!
et_blog002.jpget_blog003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Mel said:
Holy Gams!
(08.10.10 06:13 PM)
Annika said: (08.10.10 09:02 PM)
Sam Whittaker said:
Wow. These are seriously fantastic.
(08.11.10 10:52 AM)
Michele B said:
Way to utilize the locations! Love, love love this session!!!!!!!
(08.11.10 11:58 AM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
Love The Standard! Great shots.
(08.11.10 01:30 PM)
Joe+Kathrina said:
Seriously, how are you so awesome?! Love this!
(08.12.10 05:15 PM)
Christina Brosnan said:
I love your use of light in these photos! Stunning set of images as always!
(08.15.10 01:45 AM)
bobbi said:
that escalator shot... I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!! Amazing work as always :) :) :)
(08.15.10 01:16 PM)
leanne said:
I love the picture behind the gate!! I love them all!!!
(08.19.10 12:14 AM)
Anna | wedding Napkin said:
Such a great photography you have. I love all your pics. :)
(01.04.11 07:04 PM)
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