This engagement session makes me happy! I love the location at the Bradbury Building in Downtown LA, plus Dina + Tai look amazing together!
td_end002.jpgtd_end003.jpgtd_end004.jpgtd_end005.jpgtd_end006.jpgMy favorite shot of the day on the left!
Excited to shoot Dina + Tai's wedding in a few weeks!
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yan palmer said:
i love seeing how you see. its like no one else.
(09.14.10 07:43 PM)
Amanda Wilcher said:
I love love the very first image and your favorite where they are laying down! Super sassy! I also luuurve their attire. :)
(09.14.10 07:56 PM)
David L said:
How do you go about shooting in the Bradbury building? Is a permit required, do you call ahead, or do you just show up and tread lightly? Thanks. Love this shoot! David
(09.14.10 08:07 PM)
alyda said:
this shoot is out of this world amazing! the shot on the stairs looking down is so so so good!
(09.14.10 09:39 PM)
Kelly Mendoza said:
These are really beautiful. Gorgeous couple and amazing locations!
(09.14.10 09:41 PM)
shari said:
such a cool location! thanks for sharing. i love the images, and yes, a stunning couple as well!
(09.14.10 10:07 PM)
brett said:
ahhhhh, love the Bradbury! we put some shots up on our blog from a recent trip to visit my brother out in L.A. that featured the lovely building. great couple and fun images. thanks for sharing.
(09.15.10 08:22 AM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
Lovely shoot! I've never got past the first flight of stairs at the Bradbury. The hand holding shot is super sweet.
(09.15.10 09:19 AM)
Dina Dalziel said:
Ah! I love the pictures!! Thanks Amelia for the fun fun day. :) The bradbury building isn't the easiest to get into. It's occupied by LAPD internal investigations, and unless you have a connection you can't get past the first floor. The only other option is applying for a photo permit which can be a couple hundred dollars. Good luck!
(09.15.10 09:35 AM)
Amy Arrington said:
Absolutely beautiful. :) Love them.
(09.15.10 10:18 AM)
stacey kinkaid said:
gorgeous and I love the soft processing on the colour images.
(09.15.10 04:06 PM)
Jesse said:
Fabulous images! Love that second shot too (the B&W one).
(09.16.10 09:58 AM)
Stephanie P. said:
WOWEE what a hot couple!! I love their style ... and yours!! thanks for sharing!
(09.18.10 10:15 AM)
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Wow, this is a first, I'm blogging an engagement session of a couple on the same day that they are going to get married! Yes indeed, Justin and I are off to shoot Lindsey + Chris's big day as soon as I'm done with this blog post!

*Before I go on, I just have to give you all a fun little background about Lindsey + Chris.  Chris was the first person to be inside the Muno character costume on Yo Gabba Gabba! & Lindsey was the person inside of Plex for seasons 1 & 2 of Yo Gabba Gabba!! So there, how fun is that?!
cl_eng001.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
cl_eng002.jpg01.jpgcl_eng005.jpgLindsey + Chris....such fun characters!:)
03.jpgSince Lindsey + Chris both have a love and passion for the performing arts, we thought it would be fun to shoot in front of this "stage door" sign.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone! So excited to see Lindsey + Chris all decked out in their wedding gear today!
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Mel said:
Seriously, your use of light is fascinating!! I love them.
(09.11.10 11:28 AM)
Summer C. said:
How cool! We love Yo Gabba Gabba!
(09.11.10 03:29 PM)
kasey said:
These are great photos!! And on a personal note- I love these, because my 1 year old niece could NOT be a bigger Yo Gabba Gabba fan!!!! She's absolutely crazy about it!
(09.11.10 06:44 PM)
Jessica said:
to say i adore your photography is an understatement.
(09.13.10 10:10 AM)
Julie Russo said:
Wow, these are all so beautiful! They are all my favorite. Can not wait to see wedding photos(especially "first look")! You had so much good stuff to work with...venue was beautiful, handsome(and funny)groom, and the BRIDE....was the most beautiful I have ever seen!!
(09.13.10 01:28 PM)
Mendel Potok said:
They are so cute together! And I love this wedding photography, I didn't know how sharp falloff black and white photographs could be so romantic.
(02.21.11 11:43 AM)
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