This engagement session makes me happy! I love the location at the Bradbury Building in Downtown LA, plus Dina + Tai look amazing together!
td_end002.jpgtd_end003.jpgtd_end004.jpgtd_end005.jpgtd_end006.jpgMy favorite shot of the day on the left!
Excited to shoot Dina + Tai's wedding in a few weeks!

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yan palmer said:
i love seeing how you see. its like no one else.
(09.14.10 07:43 PM)
Amanda Wilcher said:
I love love the very first image and your favorite where they are laying down! Super sassy! I also luuurve their attire. :)
(09.14.10 07:56 PM)
David L said:
How do you go about shooting in the Bradbury building? Is a permit required, do you call ahead, or do you just show up and tread lightly? Thanks. Love this shoot! David
(09.14.10 08:07 PM)
alyda said:
this shoot is out of this world amazing! the shot on the stairs looking down is so so so good!
(09.14.10 09:39 PM)
Kelly Mendoza said:
These are really beautiful. Gorgeous couple and amazing locations!
(09.14.10 09:41 PM)
shari said:
such a cool location! thanks for sharing. i love the images, and yes, a stunning couple as well!
(09.14.10 10:07 PM)
brett said:
ahhhhh, love the Bradbury! we put some shots up on our blog from a recent trip to visit my brother out in L.A. that featured the lovely building. great couple and fun images. thanks for sharing.
(09.15.10 08:22 AM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
Lovely shoot! I've never got past the first flight of stairs at the Bradbury. The hand holding shot is super sweet.
(09.15.10 09:19 AM)
Dina Dalziel said:
Ah! I love the pictures!! Thanks Amelia for the fun fun day. :) The bradbury building isn't the easiest to get into. It's occupied by LAPD internal investigations, and unless you have a connection you can't get past the first floor. The only other option is applying for a photo permit which can be a couple hundred dollars. Good luck!
(09.15.10 09:35 AM)
Amy Arrington said:
Absolutely beautiful. :) Love them.
(09.15.10 10:18 AM)
stacey kinkaid said:
gorgeous and I love the soft processing on the colour images.
(09.15.10 04:06 PM)
Jesse said:
Fabulous images! Love that second shot too (the B&W one).
(09.16.10 09:58 AM)
Stephanie P. said:
WOWEE what a hot couple!! I love their style ... and yours!! thanks for sharing!
(09.18.10 10:15 AM)