We shot Anthony + Lindsey's engagement session at the Montage in Laguna Beach and if we had to choose a beach to shoot at it would be there, this location is beautiful not super crowded!







My favorite shot of the day! That's real sunglare, baby!






Love this overhead shot by Justin!





Anthony + Lindsey were great to work with...we know their wedding is going to be a blast! Ps. Thanks Anthony for introducing us to La Sirena Grill!
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jamie said:
LOVE this shoot. fantastic.
(08.11.08 03:00 PM)
cristy cross said:
Well, I don't really know which one to chose as a favorite, b/c they are all fab-U-lous! I love the silhoette, and them laying down in the grass-mostly grass with a little bit of couple and I just love the coloring on your images. simply awesome!
(08.11.08 03:17 PM)
Ashley said:
I love that shadow shot! Amazing!!
(08.11.08 04:44 PM)
sandie said:
WOWSERS! I love the b/w fish wall shot and the tree silhouette! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
(08.11.08 05:11 PM)
kate said:
omg, I love your work! So great!
(08.11.08 05:37 PM)
LYND-to-the-ZEE said:
You guys rock my boat,, wave after wave. Love the overhead grass shot as well. Well done right?? Right!
(08.11.08 05:37 PM)
Brandi said:
Oooh I love them, my faves are the ones of them lying in the grass but they are all fabbbbulous.
(08.11.08 05:39 PM)
Oly said:
wow, those kept getting better and better as i scrolled down :) awesome set.
(08.12.08 07:42 AM)
Rachel @ Southern Weddings said:
Love the shot of the feet at sunset. Makes me miss the west coast! Lovely collection for a lovely couple!
(08.12.08 09:08 AM)
jenn said:
yesterday was fun and i'm so excited to see your work!! thanks for everything!!
(08.12.08 03:28 PM)
karin dailey said:
omg! i just found your blog from the blu domain blog......and i don't know how i lived before that!!!!!!!! AMAZING! WOW! SUPER! SPECTACULAR! LOVE your work! Rock on!
(08.12.08 09:21 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
Amelia baDelia. Great shots! Love the shadowed crazy tree one. Emotional...I get that. Justin, these totally look different after a brownie from Chronic Taco. I'm know I'm brownie intolerant. Just can't do it captain, I don't...have...the Power!
(08.12.08 11:52 PM)
Cathy said:
I can't pick a favorite, I love them all!!! Makes me wish I had an ocean to shoot by --- Awesome job! :)
(08.13.08 05:38 PM)
Jennifer said:
w o w .... loooove these!
(08.20.08 09:04 PM)
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Anne and Mark are definitely rock-stars to the max! They looked so amazing for their engagement session and were even cooler to photograph! We shot their engagement photos in Downtown Los Angeles. We started out at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and I'm not going to lie, I was a little hesitant to go there at the risk of taking images that look like all of the other photographs I've see from there, but much to our delight the location was awesome and I think we took a totally different view on it.







My favorite shot of the day!






After shooting at the Walt Disney Concert Hall we went down into the streets!

Thanks to my amazing husband, and his awesome producing-people skills,we were able take this image!




We're looking forward to the wedding in August!
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Michelle Moore said:
ROCK ON Amelia! I JUST saw Get Smart, and I was dying to see someone do a photoshoot here, and guess what, you DID IT! :) Awesome photos, I'm totally diggin' these, and what a sexy couple!!
(06.25.08 05:04 PM)
Hanssie said:
LOVE IT! The first one and the one where they are lying in the circle are my favorites, but I also loved the one on the fire escape. Great shoot!
(06.25.08 05:25 PM)
Tiffany Izatt said:
What a hot couple! These images are rockin! What awesome locations and again these guys are so photogenic! Great job!
(06.25.08 05:45 PM)
carlie said:
you always have the most smokin clients. seriously.. she's hot!! ok ok he is too!!! sorry babe. :)
(06.25.08 05:53 PM)
denise bovee said:
RIDICULOUS! ohh so love these...i mean really love :) as i was scrolling down i kept thinking oh thats my favorite, but each one I saw was my favorite haaha! mmmhmm I wanna be like you one day :)
(06.25.08 06:06 PM)
Ashley said:
Oh my gosh, I just read that other comment and when Jeff and I were watching Get Smart, I was thinking the same thing! I kept pointing at the screen telling him where we were. Just as I suspected, these turned out so amazing! I also love your favorite shot of the day.
(06.25.08 06:09 PM)
Bonnie Berry said:
I LOVE the one with them on the fire escape. Amazing idea!
(06.25.08 06:23 PM)
Lyndzee said:
Holy Crap,,,, I LOVE these!! One of my favs of yours so far and how could it not be with this blazin hot couple? The Lyons' are def in it to win it. Great job! My personal fav is where she's sitting between his legs with their reflection above them,, too cool!
(06.25.08 08:17 PM)
Lan Bui said:
(06.25.08 09:21 PM)
david & kimi b said:
you did it!!! we've seen SO many shoots here, and you're right they ALL look the same. these are off the hook amelia!!! the justin "producing skills" shot is our fav!!!
(06.25.08 10:32 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
You guys are serving up sexy beasts all day long. What a model couple! I want to be just like them. I could wear the same clothes and even smell the same, but these two just have..IT! B-E-A-utiful. DANG! -lyndzee beat me this time... I must be slipping in my old age.
(06.25.08 11:22 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
What a cute couple! You got some amazing shots. I love the stairs one... and what a great shadow. WOW!
(06.25.08 11:46 PM)
ksen :) said:
wow!!! i absolutely LOVE, love this esession! so fun, awesome post-processing -- as always, you two rocked it out!!!!
(06.26.08 07:28 AM)
jackie wonders said:
what a hot couple?!?!!
(06.26.08 09:35 AM)
Kyle said:
oh my gosh I LOVE every picture in this set. I'm a blog stalker in Chile by the way :) I was just wondering, what lens were most of these shot with?
(06.27.08 07:51 AM)
Jasmine* said:
Looove this session! LOVED it!
(06.27.08 04:07 PM)
amelialyon said:
Thanks lady!!! They are a couple that you sent our way!!! When can we take you and JD out to dinner to say "thank you"?
(06.28.08 05:40 PM)
Marla said:
wow....glad I found your blog!! LOVE your work
(07.11.08 08:59 PM)
Ross James said:
Hello Amelia! Your work is very inspiring. I have been following your blog for a while and I thought I would just drop by a note. When ever I feel like being inspired your blog is one of the first I visit :) ross.james
(07.18.08 06:35 PM)
Tola said:
I found out about you guys by word of mouth and I must say I love your work! I keep coming back to check out your latest photos and am always amazed with what I see. :)
(08.19.08 03:24 PM)
Gracie said:
These pictures are so cute!
(08.25.08 10:28 PM)
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