Meet Trisha + Justin! They're getting married in just three weeks! I had SUCH a wonderful afternoon with them during their engagement session! We started off at their home and then headed to a random redwood forest tucked away just a few miles away from where I live! Love the mood of these photos and it makes me super excited about the upcoming wedding day!
tj_engblog002.jpgtj_engblog003.jpgtj_engblog004.jpgtj_engblog005.jpgtj_engblog006.jpgWe threw all of their dogs in a few shots, so much personality!
tj_engblog007.jpgtj_engblog008.jpgtj_engblog009.jpgtj_engblog010.jpgtj_engblog011.jpgtj_engblog012.jpgtj_engblog013.jpgtj_engblog014.jpgtj_engblog015.jpgtj_engblog016.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
tj_engblog017.jpgtj_engblog018.jpgtj_engblog019.jpgtj_engblog020.jpgThe sunset was BANANAS!

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Lee Granger said:
I am so happy for you two! Congratulations!!! What a great looking couple.
(10.16.12 07:10 PM)
oriana said:
Amazing shots. Congrats
(10.16.12 08:02 PM)
elliebe said:
your work is always spectacular. and these are beautiful. :)
(10.16.12 08:04 PM)
shari said:
wow - gorgeous couple and beautiful work amelia! that sunset was breathtaking!
(10.16.12 08:17 PM)
Christine Chang said:
Super cute couple with super cute dogs! And that sky? Omg!!
(10.16.12 10:30 PM)
Scott Windes said:
I wish I could zap you back to the year 2001 to shoot my engagement photos Amelia...
(10.17.12 09:55 AM)
Innah | Cheap Dell InkJetSuperStore Printer Ink said:
These images are really nice and it looks like nature also joined to make the day a lot more special for the couples. Awesome images, I love it!
(10.17.12 03:48 PM)
Kathy said:
If I am crying looking at their engagement pictures how the heck am I going to make it through their wedding??????? Trisha's Aunt Kathy
(10.17.12 05:28 PM)
appleMOON said:
love that pick-em-up truck!
(10.18.12 02:27 PM)
Robert Arenz said:
Love the black/white couple in truck picture. Regards, Robert
(10.20.12 01:02 AM)
Bijutoha said:
Engagement with better spectrum Photography ! professionally love it so much . by the way best wishes for them .
(12.10.12 10:42 PM)
Soumen Nath said:
Awesome wedding photography.
(02.04.13 09:07 AM)
Ozzy said:
The trees from the first picture looks incredible. And the way the sun pokes through some of the trees is exceptional. These are really solid photos. This is a master at a work!
(08.16.14 04:29 PM)