I always love shooting in Pasadena, I've had a special place in my heart for that city ever since Justin and I lived there in a little tiny bungalow house when we were first married. Also, my grandmother use to own a wedding gown shop on Colorado Boulevard. I suggested to Fred + Grace that we shoot there and they quickly agreed. I shot the whole thing around the Pasadena City Hall, LOVED it!
fg_eng126.jpgfg_eng127.jpgfg_eng128.jpgfg_eng129.jpgfg_eng130.jpgfg_eng133.jpgfg_eng136.jpgfg_eng139.jpgfg_eng140.jpgfg_eng143.jpgfg_eng144.jpgfg_eng145.jpgfg_eng148.jpgfg_eng149.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Love the colors and genuine emotion!

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Leigh-Ellen said:
What a gorgeous set of photos. Beautiful spots.
(06.21.11 09:37 AM)
amber fischer said:
That wall is incredible!! And I love her dress against it. Rad shoot.
(06.21.11 10:00 AM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I love the "old fashion" effect you used on a few of them!
(06.21.11 10:19 AM)
shari said:
amelia - that one of the fountain plays games with my eyes! i love it. beautiful!
(06.21.11 01:04 PM)
cobz hoffmann said:
wow love the black and whites where their legs are like so out of focus how do you do that!
(06.21.11 07:25 PM)
grace | wedding favors said:
Second and third photos will be my pick as the sweetest! I love looking and browsing throuhg engagement photos. I can definitely see how the lovely couple feel in these pictures. :D
(06.23.11 09:02 AM)
maggie fortson said:
awww... these are so fun and romantic. perfection!
(06.23.11 03:39 PM)
Kim Bullock said:
Great shoot. I love your style.
(06.23.11 07:27 PM)
watercolor portraits said:
Classic old fashion pictures look and are the best.
(06.24.11 01:03 AM)
Rich said:
Beautiful shoot! I passed by that location one time but another photographer was already there! So we went to shoot at the foot of the mountains close by! The city hall is such a gorgeous location. Wish I had had a chance with it!
(06.26.11 07:05 PM)
Pierre Graf said:
Great serie. Very emotional.
(07.15.11 08:02 AM)
Deepetch said:
Great shoots!!! You have nice creative on the way you captured this photographs.Great job and happy working.
(07.28.11 01:52 AM)
Fotograf slubny Lublin said:
Very nice!
(10.28.11 04:03 AM)
Mostafizur said:
Awesome!!! Great photos.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 08:06 AM)