Glad I got to work with Bekah + Yohan shooting their engagement session. We shot this session at the Griffith Observatory overlooking Downtown LA. I was a bit nervous because the only time Yohan + Bekah were available for the shoot was at 11am and mid-day lighting is a challenge, but I faced the challenge head on and LOVED it!   
yb_blog002.jpgyb_blog003.jpgyb_blog004.jpgyb_blog005.jpgyb_blog006.jpgyb_blog007.jpgyb_blog008.jpgyb_blog009.jpgyb_blog010.jpgyb_blog011.jpgyb_blog012.jpgyb_blog013.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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kati said:
amelia lyon: 1, mid-day sun: 0!
(05.05.11 04:33 PM)
Joe+Kathrina said:
Oh lordy I love the of them sitting on the table under the tree!! Gorgeous! And adorable couple!
(05.05.11 04:36 PM)
Amy Paulson said:
I absolutely LOVE these. The way you captured the spirit of the couple is absolutely incredible. Way to work the difficult light!
(05.05.11 06:35 PM)
Marlene McCune said:
LOVE the 7th one down with LA in the background.
(05.05.11 07:32 PM)
rich said:
your shots are so inspiring! love all these shots!
(05.05.11 10:56 PM)
Katie said:
at least it looks like it was a cloudy day? that helps. Beautiful photographs! I love your work!
(05.06.11 08:19 AM)
fotograf lublin said:
Perfect colours and emotions!!
(05.06.11 09:54 AM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Great mid-day work Amelia! Amazing as always :-)
(05.10.11 06:49 AM)
Kristin said:
Love love love this series! So summery and dreamy looking!
(05.11.11 09:30 AM)