Chris + Jess had this amazing idea to fly me up to Napa and photograph their engagement session at the very same vineyard Chris proposed to Jessica! I though it was brilliant, plus, who wouldn't want to go on a quick day trip to Napa? Such a beautiful place, I wish I could've stayed a bit longer!

This is engagement shoot #1 for Chris + Jess, I'll also be doing a second engagement session of them in Downtown LA in the very near future. I love that Chris + Jess decided to do two sessions to represent where they are and the places that they love!

I started the shoot off at this amazing tree, the light and the branches just made me so happy to be there!
cj_engblog001.jpgcj_engblog002.jpgChris designed this label to go over the wine bottle he used to propose to Jess with!
cj_engblog003.jpgcj_engblog004.jpgcj_engblog005.jpgOf course she said yes!:)
cj_engblog009.jpgcj_engblog010.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day on the left.
cj_engblog011.jpgcj_engblog012.jpgcj_engblog013.jpgcj_engblog014.jpgcj_engblog015.jpgcj_engblog016.jpgcj_engblog017.jpgcj_engblog018.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!:)
I'm looking forward to engagement shoot #2 in Downtown LA!

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jess said:
thank you sooo much amelia!!! you're amazing! can't wait for our second shoot!
(11.01.12 02:41 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
SO BEAUTIFUL! My favorite is your favorite! That needs to be blown up and hung in the house. So cool.
(11.01.12 03:07 PM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Great session AMELIA! Thanks for sharing!
(11.07.12 07:17 PM)
Fotograf Bytom said:
I love your natural style and fantastic pictures breathtaking,
(04.02.13 05:20 AM)