A few weeks ago we had an absolute delight of photographing the ever-so-beautiful Angel (super-fab wedding/events coordinator of Events of Love and Splendor) along with her ever-so-handsome husband Erik at the Villa Del Sol D'oro in Sierra Madre. We loved, loved, loved shooting at this location, so much to work with with a romantic feel. We also loved, loved, loved photographing Angel + Erik, honestly, how can two people be SO photogenic!?!

Ps. For anyone out there looking for cool gift to give your photographer hobbiest friend, sister, brother, or spouse, we highly recommend purchasing the TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS!We use these amazing actions for all of our color toning, black and white toning, grainage, and sharpening...they ARE THE BEST! In this particular post I have concocted recipes from the first Totally Rad Actions! andTRA2 - THE REVENGE.

The first recipe is for color:

Ying/yang (for burning and dodging), Lux (soft) opacity 50%, Get Faded Winter opacity 35%, Warm it up Kris (to taste 10-50%), Grainstorm, flatten, Boutwell Magic Glasses OR Can-o-whoopass(8-bit).

The second is for Black and White:

Ying/yang (for burning and dodging), Detroit 50% (note, image was completely desaturated before using actions for black and white), Grainstorm, flatten, Boutwell Magic Glasses OR Can-o-whoopass(8-bit).


Upon Erik and Angel's arrival, the first thing I noticed was Angel headband, so intricate and fun, I totally want one now! If you are wondering where to get one, it is a Twigs and Honey headband, be sure to support the artist and get one for a stocking stuffer or even just for fun!







It was a tough decision, but this is my favorite shot of the day!





This tree is HUMUNGOUS!


Some tilt-shift blur action!





Thanks to Angel and Erik for the awesome afternoon and for the Thai food that followed, so excited for more good times to come with you guys!

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Amber said:
This is such a gorgeous couple. I love those Totally Rad Actions. I tried out the demo they had today and I have fallen in love!
(12.16.08 02:23 PM)
Ryel j said:
these are killer!! And her eyes are amazing. I love the first 3 images... I couldn't pick my fav. xoxox
(12.16.08 02:28 PM)
Jen@Green Wedding Shoes said:
Love this! I saw that headband in the Twigs & Honey etsy shop and loved it, but now I love it even more! Beautiful Amelia.
(12.16.08 02:40 PM)
kristin said:
Holy Cow these are amazing.. How do you manage to get the cuttest style couples! Great...GREAT shoot. :) I will for sure check out those head bands.
(12.16.08 02:46 PM)
angel swanson said:
adooooore these!! ;-) you are amazing, amelia! we had the best time with you guys and can't wait to see you soon. xoxo
(12.16.08 02:48 PM)
jac said:
yeah baby! awesome shoot! and angel + erik, you look hot!
(12.16.08 04:05 PM)
Melanie said:
Beautiful! Angel and Erik so stunning together.
(12.16.08 04:25 PM)
kristin brancaleone said:
these are utterly fab! you captured them beautifully!
(12.16.08 04:56 PM)
WeezerMonkey said:
What lovely images!
(12.16.08 05:20 PM)
Eric said:
You've become my favorite photographer Amelia!!! Seriously!
(12.16.08 05:25 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Awesome. Serious girl! You rocked this! Love the close close up one!
(12.16.08 05:46 PM)
stephanie . o said:
these are super sweet!! they photographs very well!! i love this session!!
(12.16.08 06:05 PM)
Lyndzee said:
HOLY CRAP!!!! I freakin love these pictures you guys!! And I'm just gonna have to get me one of those headbands (you know me with headbands,, I'm such a sucker). Anyway,, I would have to say that the 4th one down is my fav. Rock on!! See you guys this weekend!!
(12.16.08 07:31 PM)
Amanda said:
* Whistle * That's one hot couple!!
(12.16.08 07:48 PM)
Joel Flory said:
I love the photos. You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for all of the great inspiration.
(12.16.08 08:56 PM)
mark brooke said:
UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! you two rocked out so hard on this shoot!! miss you guys! -mark
(12.16.08 09:03 PM)
lisa said:
hi amelia! i love these photos! have always loved the villa del sol d'oro. did you need a special permit to take pictures there? thanks!!
(12.16.08 09:06 PM)
Annie said:
Those are AWESOME! I love her outfit and the headband looks super cute on her (even though I'm not sure I could pull it off! :)
(12.16.08 10:17 PM)
jac said:
yeah baby! awesome shoot! and angel + erik, you look hot!
(12.16.08 10:27 PM)
Quinze said:
Another great shooting ... really ! Whoahhh
(12.16.08 11:36 PM)
john waire said:
wow this is an amazing session. is the photographer? the subjects? the totally rad actions? or all 3 ? really really awesome. can't wait for the totally rad actions to make their way to lightroom.
(12.17.08 04:35 AM)
Mary Marantz said:
OOOH I LOVE THESE!!!! each and every one!! Absolutely amazing yumminess!!
(12.17.08 07:02 AM)
WillSin865 said:
Amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipes for coloring on these pics. I am always wondering how great photographers like yourself accomplish this!
(12.17.08 08:12 AM)
angie monson said:
I think you are my fave wedding photographer ever!
(12.17.08 09:22 AM)
jackie wonders said:
LOVE this shoot! i'm all about the whimsical and dreamy-ness. just curious- did you demand for her to give you her outfit or what?! that girl had got some great style!
(12.17.08 10:40 AM)
tiffany said:
yay! Angel!! I adore her and these images are GORGEOUS. she and her hubs are totally photogenic. beautiful, beautiful pictures. love them all.
(12.17.08 11:18 AM)
Jessica Strickland said:
Oh my gooooodness...the color on these is THE BEST EVER, Amelia!! Love it soo much!!
(12.17.08 11:26 AM)
wrecklessgirl said:
gives me goosies....seriousry.
(12.17.08 02:58 PM)
ariel Green said:
love, love LOVE your work!! Gorgeous, perfect lighting & processing as always!!
(12.17.08 03:38 PM)
greta, smitten photography said:
i am in awe every time you post. stop it!! :) i love your work so so so much.
(12.17.08 04:06 PM)
michelle said:
wow. thanks for the recipes. I LOVE rad actions.
(12.17.08 04:32 PM)
Chantel said:
Thanks for your recipes! I have those actions and love them! It's great to see how others use them. Great session!
(12.17.08 05:53 PM)
Jasmine* said:
Luuuuuurve this shoot! FABULOUS! :)
(12.17.08 07:13 PM)
marco said:
thank you so much for sharing your recipes! what a lovely sesh
(12.17.08 08:33 PM)
Natalie said:
Thank you for the action mixture, I love your work. If you can any other photography tips into your blog that would be great!
(12.17.08 08:33 PM)
laura g said:
wow. i really love your photos. so inspiring. thank you.
(12.17.08 08:56 PM)
chatti said:
i love etsy! the photos are awesome!
(12.18.08 11:05 AM)
Adrienne Gunde said:
These shots are beyond amazing!! Such a beautiful couple and such stunning images - love love everything about this shoot!!
(12.18.08 11:11 AM)
Calvin said:
Love those shots with the sun flare. Very nice.
(12.18.08 11:28 AM)
Ashley said:
I ADORE these images!!! She has such great style and the location is absolutely perfect. Awesome work as usual!
(12.18.08 12:10 PM)
heather saunders said:
Amelia, these are beautiful! Alot of emotion and the postpro is killer! You never cease to amaze!
(12.18.08 08:46 PM)
CReid said:
Hey Amelia Great shots...I especially love the B&W shot under the hugh tree. Wifey, if you are reading this blog the TRA2 - THE REVENGE for Christmas (Hint Hint Hint)!!!
(12.19.08 11:44 PM)
ROG said:
Hey, I know this girl from back in my "follow Nate from 'the image is found' home and dig through his trash just trying to find out how the F he does it" days. Good times, heh he heh. I'm so glad you two put in that tilt shift blur shot, because when I saw it at your compound and fell in love with it, I tried to explain what it looked like to Lyndzee and she's all "I don't get it", and I'm all "it was calming and exciting all at the same time with a hint of 'want to put it in my jacket and take it home' added". She now gets it. Thank you for letting me see it again my faithful Photog friends. You are cool.
(12.20.08 01:31 PM)
jenberry said:
where's that dress from. sooooo cute
(12.21.08 07:05 PM)
julie martin said:
amazing photos. you are VERY talented. and you had GREAT material to work with!!
(12.21.08 10:43 PM)
ScotWharton said:
This whole shoot....EVERY SINGLE AMAZING!
(12.22.08 09:43 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
LOVE that hair piece and LOVE that stair shot, oh! and the tilt shift love just above it. Awesome session!
(12.23.08 10:14 AM)
annaliza said:
they're absolutely fabulous inside and out! your beautiful, amazing work just enhances them! gorgeous photos
(12.24.08 05:44 AM)
Neville Chu said:
Hey! Awesome pictures! I went to high school with Angel!
(12.25.08 11:36 PM)
carissa jones said:
OMG that headband!!!!! what a find!!! i am obsessed!!!
(01.07.09 11:31 PM)
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