The lovely Claudine + David were referred to me by Angel Swanson from Events of Love and Splendor, so of course I was ecstatic when they wanted to book us! For one, any client of Angel's is already a sweet client in our eyes and for two, we love any chance we can get to work with Angel as she and her fab sidekick sister Ana "bring it" to every event that they coordinate!

We shot Claudine + David's engagement session literally three days before the wedding, so you can guess which post is coming up next...yup, their wedding! So hold on tight as we begin to show you the story of Claudine + David!
cdeng03.jpgcdeng05.jpgcdeng06.jpgcdeng07.jpgcdeng09.jpgcdeng10.jpgcdeng11.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Their wedding post is just around the corner!

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Bianca Valentim said:
awesome post!!! GREAT images as usual!
(11.03.09 01:10 PM)
mfmg said:
Eeeeeexcellent... While the hubby's away the wife will... blog. Love the shot with the strobe on the ground. Awesome!
(11.03.09 01:12 PM)
angel swanson said:
could they be any more beautiful????? love love love these, and can't wait for the wedding post. :) you & justin are always and the images = AMAZINGNESS. xo
(11.03.09 01:27 PM)
Lauryn said:
they are both so gorgeous! must have made it easy :) 3rd from the bottom is my fav!
(11.03.09 01:37 PM)
Ryelj said:
I just love your lighting!!! Beautiful!
(11.03.09 01:38 PM)
Alexandra said:
Great shots! I'm loving the pretty colors and great lighting! :)
(11.03.09 02:14 PM)
Krista Photography said:
oooh, I love that shot in the grass!
(11.03.09 02:49 PM)
angel swanson said:
not sure if my other comment got lost in cyberspace... hmmm... just commenting again to say I LOVE these images, LOVE this couple, LOVE you & justin :) xoxo
(11.03.09 03:22 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
The first and last shots are soooooo gorgeous!!! Just gorgeous!
(11.03.09 03:22 PM)
Jane Hasty said:
(11.03.09 05:56 PM)
Jenny said:
Love the crispness and the color processing ! Your poses are always so fresh and unique ! Great work !
(11.03.09 08:27 PM)
Kristen Snyder said:
oh my! what a beautiful pair of loves!! the 4th to last photo is a fav!
(11.05.09 08:55 AM)
Paco and Betty said:
Hi Amelia! We adore your work and we want you to take our pictures, just looking for an excuse :) Keep it up, we love your blog! Whitney
(11.05.09 01:46 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
LOVE the shot of them sitting in the grass..... very dreamy in a way.........just like you Amelia!!!
(11.06.09 02:32 PM)
digital wedding album designing said:
Beautiful shots!!
(11.13.09 10:15 PM)
Riccardo said:
These are awesome! Great backgrounds!!
(10.12.10 09:39 PM)