Jeff + Jane were married on August 29th and had a sweet reception at the Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Irvine. We really like the open feel of this venue, very down-to-earth. You may recall Jeff + Jane's faces from their engagement session we posted back in April. Two things that I thought were sweet touches to the overall look to Jeff + Jane on their wedding day were: 1. Jane's simple, yet classic hair-do with make-up (compliments of Nicole DeAnne) & 2. Jeff's classic black suit with bow-tie.


My favorite item of the day: Jane's shoes! I'm a die-hard for a good pair of heels!

jjwed_004.jpgjjwed_005.jpgjjwed_006.jpgjjwed_007.jpgjjwed_008.jpgjjwed_009.jpgjjwed_010.jpgjjwed_011.jpgjjwed_012.jpgjjwed_013.jpgjjwed_014.jpgjjwed_015.jpgjjwed_016.jpgjjwed_017.jpgjjwed_018.jpgjjwed_019.jpgjjwed_020.jpgjjwed_021.jpgjjwed_022.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
jjwed_023.jpgjjwed_024.jpgjjwed_025.jpgjjwed_026.jpgjjwed_027.jpgjjwed_028.jpgjjwed_029.jpgjjwed_030.jpgjjwed_031.jpgjjwed_032.jpgjjwed_033.jpgJustin's sweet ring shot!
Click here to see the whole day in its entirety, the slideshow!

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Courtney Craver said:
These are gorgeous! Love the tilt shift pics...
(10.14.09 12:40 PM)
Chris Robertson said:
The first few portraits of the bride and groom are wide which can go wrong real fast but you nailed it. Lovely!
(10.14.09 12:49 PM)
yan palmer said:
um, maybe it WASN'T a good idea to check your blog while i'm trying to edit an engagement session. now i have to go have a wicked duel with the green eyed monster. =)
(10.14.09 01:14 PM)
Kirstinrose said:
Oh my goodness, these pictures are so stunning! The bride is very beautiful! I adore the 6th picture, the one of the bride. So beautiful! =)
(10.14.09 01:22 PM)
Tina said:
Beautiful! The one of the bride looking over her shoulder is stunning!
(10.14.09 02:55 PM)
megan welker said:
you are on a roll with your blog posts girl!! love this sweet wedding!
(10.14.09 05:22 PM)
Megan said:
Completely beautiful wedding, just beautiful.
(10.14.09 07:03 PM)
Jane Hasty said:
(10.14.09 07:54 PM)
Alexandra said:
Wow :) These are all so beautiful!! I love the ones of them in the field! So beautiful :) Great work!
(10.15.09 12:31 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
beautiful wedding, i love the details!
(10.15.09 10:52 AM)
paula said:
gorgeous images!!!
(10.15.09 05:23 PM)
angie monson said:
amazing. love this wedding.
(10.15.09 08:28 PM)
John Johnston said:
Absolutely stunning. your imagery is amazing.
(10.16.09 03:33 AM)
Cathy said:
Wow, you guys captured some amazing shots (as always!). I love the group shot with the puddle reflection. Oh, and LOVE the shoes! :)
(10.16.09 07:46 AM)
Kyle Richter said:
Lyons!! Always love your night shoots!! the direct light on purpose is awesome.. great style.. Love it. cheers.. Kyle @ s28.
(10.16.09 10:15 PM)
Laura Lawson said:
Beautiful wedding and photography! I just started following your work; stoked to see more! I especially love the gorgeous shot of the trees with leaves on the ground with the couple almost in the middle. Keep it up! Cheers!
(10.17.09 07:35 PM)
Michelle Stone said:
again, you guys ROCK. seriously amazing photos!!!!
(10.20.09 12:57 PM)