Wow, THAT was a long break for me to take from blogging! It was all due to us moving (only a 1.5 miles), but moving a family of five has definitely been a GREAT undertaking and yet SO refreshing! If you really want to spring clean your life, MOVE!

Anyway, I'm super excited to post this engagement session of Diana + Jon! We shot it at the Griffith Observatory in LA. I've shot there many times before, so I always challenge myself to come up with a whole new look for each couple, I want my couples to have images unique to them. This time we went up onto the roof of the observatory and explored with all of the white walls. I was having fun in the broad daylight shining on the white!

dj_eng_blog010.jpgAfter being at the observatory we headed down to the park area and had fun in nature!
dj_eng_blog014.jpgI couldn't choose between these three so all three of these next images are my favorite for the day!
I'm looking forward to the wedding in June up in San Francisco!
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Sara Lucero said:
Amelia! I love this session! I've been loving the broad daylight photos too! I always thought that was supposed to be the worst lighting, but I love it now! AND YOU DIDN'T PHENOMENALLY, obviously. :) Happy to have you back up and blogging!
(03.20.12 01:42 PM)
sara said:
absolutely stunning!!!
(03.20.12 02:28 PM)
Rock This Moment said:
Another AMAZING photo session brought to you by the Lyons. Good work guys! -Ryan
(03.20.12 02:31 PM)
Janea Greene said:
You never fail me! Every stink'n time I fall in love with your work and the way you are purely awesome. period. Just amazing!! If you had to pick just one, which one would you pick for your top fave? Mine would be the last of the series of three. My hubby does the same thing and I can just "feel" that photo. LOVE!!!
(03.20.12 02:38 PM)
amber said:
aaah love! and that dress...need!
(03.20.12 02:38 PM)
Shari Hanson said:
awesome! love the flirty pose on the last one!
(03.20.12 02:42 PM)
Sophie Russell said:
Love this session! Just gorgeous!
(03.20.12 04:46 PM)
Julia said:
I love your style!! I've been following your blog for quite some time and it just amazes me how relaxed the couples look and how everything just look so natural. people in love having fun and you get all the right moments. you rock!
(03.20.12 06:48 PM)
kate said:
what an amazing comeback! congrats on the move :)
(03.20.12 07:53 PM)
Katie said:
Love this session!! Absolutely gorgeous shots! I really look forward to your blog posts:)
(03.20.12 09:44 PM)
Trizza Gerhart said:
Agh, AMAZING sun flare!!! LOVE it!
(03.25.12 11:14 PM)
Mirko Herzner said:
Let me help choose your favorite: For me the first of this series of three stands out. Amazing work!
(03.31.12 01:35 AM)
Emily said:
I really like the shoot, it's difficult not to get cheesy shots when you photograph a couple. But you've managed, I like the one from above close up on their eyes most. Emily
(04.02.12 02:57 AM)
Fotograf Fotopromedia said:
Love the photos! You captured such grat emotions and expressions!
(04.04.12 05:42 AM)
Fotograf Fotopromedia said:
Grat work, just love every single photo!
(04.04.12 05:43 AM)
Ruth said:
Love your work, always looking forward to the next blog post!
(04.04.12 05:57 AM)
C. v.h. Kaar said:
Great shooting , good catching of the atmosphere !! Just a question : Are the "sunstars"in some of your shots induced just by aperture, or do you also utilize sometimes one of those "Star Filters" ?
(04.17.12 03:21 PM)
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I was saving this fun family post of the Thompson family because I thought it would be a perfect feature on this holiday of love with the colors and fun graffiti wall at the end. I LOVE the Thompson family to pieces...and Lucy is such a crack-up, her personality just gets better and better the older she gets!

Here's to wishing you all a day full of love and happiness!
thompson2_007.jpgthompson2_008.jpgthompson2_009.jpgthompson2_010.jpgthompson2_011.jpgI have to give a big shout-out to my talented little sis Nicole DeAnne, she has a ROCKIN company that works magic on hair and make-up on most of my brides, seriously, her and her associates are amazing! If you're looking for a fantastic hair & make-up artist, I highly recommend Nicole DeAnne!

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Shari Hanson said:
amelia, I LOVE these! the one from behind with mom and dad swinging lucy up is my fave! soo sooooo sooooo cute! can't wait to see you at BREATHE this weekend! xoxo
(02.14.12 02:44 PM)
Jill Brady said:
Awwww. I like those people. And I like these photos.
(02.14.12 03:06 PM)
Maddie said:
Gorgeous images! What a happy little girl and a beautiful family :)
(02.15.12 02:51 AM)
Katie said:
Love!! I love your work and this family is so adorable!
(02.15.12 06:48 AM)
Carrie Miller said:
She is the most smiley girl ever! Super cute!
(02.15.12 06:52 AM)
Mirko Herzner said:
Such a nice series. These three show so much love and fun. Well done!
(02.15.12 09:25 AM)
Josh Gruetzmacher said:
Too cute!!!
(02.16.12 11:22 AM)
anna said:
i've been dying to see these photos!! LOVE them!!!! lucy is so precious, and nicole and jeff are such a good looking couple!! :) LOVE love love!!!
(02.16.12 02:15 PM)
Magan said:
You guys make family sessions look like the coolest sessions EVER. I love your work so, so much. I'm keeping a lookout for workshop announcements. I'd like to break out of my norm and hopefully learn a thing or two from you guys. :) Happy belated Valentine's Day!
(02.16.12 07:14 PM)
kati said:
So lovely! I just love how dreamy your images are!
(02.17.12 03:14 AM)
canvas prints said:
your picture are amazing, you should be very proud
(02.17.12 05:00 AM)
Erin said:
I've seen this bridge before... is it in Yorba Linda?
(02.17.12 12:07 PM)
Eileen said:
These are so amazing - such real moments!!
(02.23.12 07:56 AM)
Charleston Wedding Photographers said:
Great photos! I really like the black and white one on the bridge! Good job!
(02.23.12 11:12 AM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
Oh my goodness I LOVE these. Lucy is such a crack up and Jeff and Nic are beautiful as always. Hotties!!
(02.23.12 04:32 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
I can honesty hang up any of these photos in my house. Haha! All of your photos have that effect on me, Amelia. Gosh this is such a beautiful and playful session and Nicole looks STUNNNNNNNNING.
(02.23.12 09:19 PM)
Hannes Uys said:
Amelia I discovered your site today. I love the energy and approach to your work.
(02.28.12 01:31 AM)
SR said:
Love these!!! Lucy is way too cute! Amelia & Nicole, you both are the best!
(03.05.12 05:32 PM)
lublin fotograf said:
Fantastic set!!
(03.06.12 03:53 AM)
Dinu George -Fotograf Nunta said:
Beautiful Light
(03.06.12 10:07 AM)
Jean Smith said:
AMELIA!! These are so wonderful and make me smile so huge :)
(03.07.12 07:40 PM)
bryan said:
always helps when its a good lookin family
(03.10.12 04:55 PM)
Catherine said:
Just stumbled upon your site.. and am floored by your stunning images. I'll definitely be checking back when in need of inspiration.
(03.13.12 02:59 PM)
briana @ Divine Light Photography said:
Gorgeous! I love the life, emotions and movement displayed in these images. Such a beautiful portrayal of a beautiful family, amazing as always!
(03.15.12 09:43 AM)
ava said:
wow! made my day. you are very talented. the two last ones are killer
(02.14.13 07:18 PM)
mcaullum said:
I am just short of my words really amazing work you have carved here thanks for sharing
(06.12.13 08:44 AM)
shane watson said:
good wishes for the cutie pie and your sweet little family lovely gorgeous family pictures....touch wood
(06.13.13 09:31 PM)
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