Introducing our brand new workshop: GO OUTSIDE! I know it's been a while! A ton has happened between now and the last LYON-SHOP, Justin and I had new arrival to our family and have had to put things on hold for a bit. Recently we've received a TON of emails from people curious about our next LYON-SHOP date and figured it was time to get the workshop business going again! There will definitely be more LYON-SHOPs in the future, HOWEVER, this time around, Justin and I have partnered up with Matt & Angie Sloan of SLOAN PHOTOGRAPHERS to host a first ever workshop called GO OUTSIDE! 

The THREE DAY workshop will be held on March 28th-30th in Palm Springs, CA. Check out what the GO OUTSIDE workshop is all about by visiting our rockin' website!
Expect a ton to learn, share, inspire, & laugh about! We are SUPER excited about this workshop because we get to spend THREE DAYS hanging out with all of the attendees, teaching, business talk, guest speakers with vendors we actually use, chatting, one-on-ones, presenting challenges, and conducting a real shoot with a real couple!

Be sure to sign up ASAP as seats are very limited due to space!

For further info visit our website, send an email to or CLICK HERE to sign up ASAP!

Justin, Matt, Angie, and I are BEYOND excited about this, can't wait to see who makes it out!:)

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Sara Lucero said:
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! ...that's all :)
(02.01.12 11:09 AM)
laura ryan said:
Oh i wish you guys would come to NY one one of these days... :)
(02.01.12 12:52 PM)
Kirsten said:
What a neat idea! Some of the best photos are outdoors, and this particular shot with the couple in the middle of nowhere is just awesome! This will be a fabulous experience!
(02.01.12 06:10 PM)
ashley perlberg said:
i've followed you since i knew what was good. that was 3 years ago. and now i'm coming! we just paid our deposit and we are beyond stoked!
(02.01.12 11:38 PM)
amelialyon said:
Ashley, we're SUPER excited to have you out!!! Yippee!!:)
(02.02.12 11:26 AM)
Julie said:
This workshops sounds SO awesome! I would have loved to participate! But, unfortuantely I am going to WPPI and have no spare $$! Darn, hopefully next time!
(02.03.12 08:06 AM)
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AND NOW, what I've been waiting all month long to post....the BEST OF WEDDINGS from 2011!!! What a FANTASTIC wedding year it has been, Justin and I couldn't be more happy with the wedding clients we were able to work with! This makes us even more excited for 2012 weddings!
2012 wedding season HERE WE COME!
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Sara Lucero said:
Wow! We are so honored to be amongst all these beautiful people and photographs! Not gonna lie... I was really crossing my fingers that we'd make the cut! :) We love seeing your work on our walls. Will you ever get tired of me telling you how amazing you are?! :) xo
(01.31.12 01:58 PM)
amelialyon said:
Sara, You're sweet! :) Of course you guys made the cut, what a fun shoot that was!:)
(01.31.12 10:55 PM)
Jen said:
Your photos inspire me EVERY SINGLE TIME! Thanks for always sharing :)
(02.01.12 08:21 AM)
David Ferguson | Brisbane wedding photographer said:
Awesome Amelia, inspired me to put together my favourites of the year. Great year good luck for 2012!
(02.06.12 10:21 PM)
SR said:
Yay! So glad to see our wedding here! I wish we could do it again this year!
(02.08.12 07:52 AM)
Fernando said:
Love your work as always!! We have been following your work for a couple of years now. And it's still awesome.!
(03.06.12 04:27 AM)
Missy said:
Wow. Very inspiring.
(05.06.12 06:05 PM)
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