Meet Trisha + Justin! They're getting married in just three weeks! I had SUCH a wonderful afternoon with them during their engagement session! We started off at their home and then headed to a random redwood forest tucked away just a few miles away from where I live! Love the mood of these photos and it makes me super excited about the upcoming wedding day!
tj_engblog002.jpgtj_engblog003.jpgtj_engblog004.jpgtj_engblog005.jpgtj_engblog006.jpgWe threw all of their dogs in a few shots, so much personality!
tj_engblog007.jpgtj_engblog008.jpgtj_engblog009.jpgtj_engblog010.jpgtj_engblog011.jpgtj_engblog012.jpgtj_engblog013.jpgtj_engblog014.jpgtj_engblog015.jpgtj_engblog016.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
tj_engblog017.jpgtj_engblog018.jpgtj_engblog019.jpgtj_engblog020.jpgThe sunset was BANANAS!

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Lee Granger said:
I am so happy for you two! Congratulations!!! What a great looking couple.
(10.16.12 07:10 PM)
oriana said:
Amazing shots. Congrats
(10.16.12 08:02 PM)
elliebe said:
your work is always spectacular. and these are beautiful. :)
(10.16.12 08:04 PM)
shari said:
wow - gorgeous couple and beautiful work amelia! that sunset was breathtaking!
(10.16.12 08:17 PM)
Christine Chang said:
Super cute couple with super cute dogs! And that sky? Omg!!
(10.16.12 10:30 PM)
Scott Windes said:
I wish I could zap you back to the year 2001 to shoot my engagement photos Amelia...
(10.17.12 09:55 AM)
Innah | Cheap Dell InkJetSuperStore Printer Ink said:
These images are really nice and it looks like nature also joined to make the day a lot more special for the couples. Awesome images, I love it!
(10.17.12 03:48 PM)
Kathy said:
If I am crying looking at their engagement pictures how the heck am I going to make it through their wedding??????? Trisha's Aunt Kathy
(10.17.12 05:28 PM)
appleMOON said:
love that pick-em-up truck!
(10.18.12 02:27 PM)
Robert Arenz said:
Love the black/white couple in truck picture. Regards, Robert
(10.20.12 01:02 AM)
Bijutoha said:
Engagement with better spectrum Photography ! professionally love it so much . by the way best wishes for them .
(12.10.12 10:42 PM)
Soumen Nath said:
Awesome wedding photography.
(02.04.13 09:07 AM)
Ozzy said:
The trees from the first picture looks incredible. And the way the sun pokes through some of the trees is exceptional. These are really solid photos. This is a master at a work!
(08.16.14 04:29 PM)
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'Tis the season for family portraits! This particular family sitting with the Kim family makes me SO happy! So much love and joy radiating from each member, featuring their little girl turning one!
kim_family_001.jpgkim_family_002.jpgkim_family_003.jpgkim_family_004.jpgThis is the funniest and the best! LOL!
kim_family_005.jpgkim_family_006.jpgkim_family_007.jpgkim_family_008.jpgkim_family_009.jpgkim_family_010.jpgMy favorite shot of the day tripled up in a sequence! CUTE overload!

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shari said:
I love all of these. that little girl is darling! you captured their family beautifully :)
(10.11.12 05:43 PM)
cathy blackstone said:
you are one of my favorite photographers ever. all time. great images. love the interaction, angles, love...thank you for constantly inspiring me.
(10.11.12 09:16 PM)
Mel said:
so precious! love your processing~
(10.11.12 09:51 PM)
Images said:
Sweet And Lovely Photography.
(10.20.12 10:33 AM)
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