What a sweet wedding day Ben + Jeannie had! We started the day off in Newport Beach and then headed over the Strawberry Farms for a daytime reception. It was great working with such an easy going couple, zero stress, just love and enjoyment!

bj_wedblog012.jpgbj_wedblog013.jpgbj_wedblog014.jpgbj_wedblog015.jpgbj_wedblog016.jpgbj_wedblog017.jpgbj_wedblog018.jpgbj_wedblog019.jpgbj_wedblog020.jpgbj_wedblog021.jpgbj_wedblog022.jpgLOL! Ben + Jeannie had a fun time ringing the bell to the church after the ceremony!
bj_wedblog023.jpgSweetest flower girls ever!
bj_wedblog024.jpgbj_wedblog025.jpgbj_wedblog026.jpgbj_wedblog027.jpgbj_wedblog028.jpgbj_wedblog029.jpgbj_wedblog030.jpgbj_wedblog031.jpgbj_wedblog032.jpgbj_wedblog033.jpgbj_wedblog034.jpgbj_wedblog035.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congratulations to Ben + Jeannie! Click here to see more on their wedding day slideshow!
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Brandon Lata said:
really great! love the composition of the negative space sky shots!
(07.26.12 06:58 PM)
Kate Haake said:
Love the sock photo!!
(07.27.12 08:35 AM)
Tina dela Rosa said:
You captured so many beautiful moments! Lovely work!
(08.02.12 12:52 PM)
Xavier Swanton said:
Superb photographs!
(08.03.12 04:04 AM)
wayne said:
inspiring images - thank!
(08.06.12 08:40 AM)
Unique Wedding Favors said:
What a lovely couple! Love these photos!
(08.06.12 07:23 PM)
Joseph Weigert said:
Really gorgeous wedding images!
(08.15.12 03:16 AM)
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After a FOURTEEN month hiatus from our LYON-SHOP classes, we are SUPER EXCITED to finally announce, not one, but FIVE new LYON-SHOP dates in five different cities!

We never meant to take such a big break, but with adding a third kid to our family and moving, time seemed to fly! We are really happy to have the opportunity to offer this many classes to our possible attendees! More choices and more options! See the dates and cities below.

Seats are open NOW, so please visit our official LYON-SHOP site for more info about what to expect, OR you can even click on a date & city below to reserve your seat right away!

NOTE: Seats are limited to just 12 attendees per city and date! The total seat fee is $800. We'll collect half up front ($400) as a reservation fee and then the remaining balance is due two weeks before your LYON-SHOP date! Once you have paid the reservation fee you will be sent a registration form to make your seat official! All reservation fees are non-refundable.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the instructional shoots we conducted during our last LYON-SHOP that took place in Laguna Beach on May 19th, 2011!

During our instructional shoots we cover interacting and posing with our subject, shooting during difficult outdoor lighting, what lenses to use and when, as well as creative use of available light!
lyonshop_10002.jpglyonshop_10003.jpglyonshop_10004.jpgOn the day of class, we won't just be shooting, we will also be covering a wide range of topics that will benefit your business based on our own personal experiences. This will include topics like post processing, time management, marketing your business, where we grab inspiration from, building client relationships, snowballing your business, etc...
lyonshop_10005.jpglyonshop_10006.jpglyonshop_10007.jpglyonshop_10008.jpglyonshop_10009.jpglyonshop_10010.jpglyonshop_10011.jpglyonshop_10012.jpglyonshop_10013.jpglyonshop_10014.jpgWe conduct two shoots on the day of the LYON-SHOP, the second one covers more of our equipment and off camera lighting, creative use of flash, and proper settings for night/evening photography.
lyonshop_10015.jpglyonshop_10016.jpgSome of the attendees wanted us to demonstrate how we photograph our ring shots, so we used our own wedding rings for this shot:)
lyonshop_10017.jpgI realize that it's been over a year since the last LYON-SHOP, but I still wanted to post this shot of all the lovely people in attendance that day! Thank you for coming out to learn from us!!
Justin and I are looking forward to seeing who signs up! We cannot wait to meet all of the attendees! I'll be posting updates as well on the upcoming LYON-SHOP classes!
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Alyssa Armstrong said:
HOW AWESOME! I want to go so bad!!
(07.13.12 09:19 AM)
Sofia said:
I have always wanted to attend one of your workshops and just last year, I moved to Mexico from Austin. I would love to attend the Dallas class. Too bad I don't have a job. I think it's great that you guys are branching out. Have y'all thought about making a book as well or doing videos?
(07.13.12 10:33 AM)
amalie orrange said:
Come to Florida! I am dying to do a workshop with you guys:)
(07.13.12 11:52 AM)
Jenna Elliott said:
I was an attendee at this last workshop. What a fun and informative day!! Love seeing some of the photos especially the group shot!
(07.13.12 12:45 PM)
Liz said:
Thanks so much for the information. I am always interested in adding new workshops to my site. Please let me know of any more. I would be happy to post them!
(07.15.12 04:06 AM)
Lisa said:
I'd love to attend one of these workshops. Ever think about coming up to Canada?
(07.16.12 06:02 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
How awesome to see these photos and re-live the last LYON SHOP! I can say with complete confidence that attending the LYON SHOP changed my business! So thankful for you Amelia & Justin! p.s. Amelia we look like sorority girls in that last photo. lolz
(07.20.12 12:33 PM)
Summer Ewers said:
Hey Amelia, I found you thru my sis-in-law (Rebekka Baldwin), who is friends with your sis-in-law (Jill!) ... Your work is absolutely amazing and I would love to participate in one of your classes! Any plans to come to NorCal with a class? If not, I will keep an eye on your HB class/availability. All the best, Summer
(07.23.12 11:35 PM)
Unique Wedding Favors said:
stunning photos! Love them all! great job!
(08.06.12 07:23 PM)
Rebecca Morgenegg said:
You should really consider coming to Colorado. It's like the good neighbor to the east of Utah!!
(09.04.12 08:27 PM)
Lucie Zeka said:
(02.25.13 06:52 PM)
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