I always love a good excuse to shoot in Downtown Pasadena! I really LOVED all the color in Arleen + Greg's engagement session, so fun and so bright!
ageng_blog_001.jpgageng_blog_002.jpgageng_blog_003.jpgageng_blog_004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
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Mel said:
That dress!!! I want it on my body, nowish. Beautiful images as usual Amelia!
(04.09.13 08:43 PM)
Kishan said:
Just wow & awesome photography. clicked in a different way specially black & white photo are looking cool.
(04.10.13 04:25 AM)
jennie k said:
so beautiful.. you're SO good at what you do and you have so much fun doing it! true talent!! and we CANT WAIT to get our pics... yippee!
(04.10.13 10:57 AM)
Chereta said:
Awww, Arleen!! You look gorgeous! You two look so great and soooo HOT!! Great pictures, friend. I am excited for the wedding!
(04.11.13 09:01 PM)
Mostafizur said:
Wow!!!Nice photography.Thanks for sharing.
(06.05.13 09:35 AM)
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Just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that made a donation to help Davy Jean! The winner of the free photo sitting has been contacted and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude toward those that participated in any amount. Because of your donations this little girl will continue to grow and have the means that she needs to survive LIFE!

You can continue to make donations for Davy Jean by CLICKING HERE

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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professional pic editor said:
Just Amazing.
(04.17.13 11:23 PM)
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