It's that time of year again!!! Time to post all of my FAVORITE images from each portrait sitting, engagement session, and wedding!! Truly, these posts are my favorite to feature, I love going through an entire year of work looking back on what was accomplished and what I can do to keep on top of my personal game for the next upcoming year.

First up: BEST OF 2012...PORTRAITS!

Wow! What a WIRL WIND 2012 was for portraits, and what AMAZING portrait clients I had! After going through all 40 sittings I shot last year, I'm SUPER excited to show off some of these images for the FIRST time! There were so many portrait sessions that deserved to be featured, but due to time limitations I wasn't able to post everything. So here's a look at 2012, PORTRAITS!

Looking forward to all the portrait clients in store for 2013! Up next: Best of 2012....Engagements!
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Malinda said:
Love love love! Your perspective and ability to capture incredible moments is a true gift:)
(02.12.13 05:39 PM)
James said:
you've had an amazing 2012..... I really love the second to last image of the baby in black and white close up...perfect
(02.13.13 04:24 AM)
Simon said:
Beautiful work!
(02.13.13 07:04 PM)
Leah said:
You.are.amazing. I can't wait to be photographed by you! Some day....
(02.17.13 12:15 PM)
samantha said:
Love your use of lighting in the photos and the creative angles. It is always fun to look at other peoples work and see their creative eye! I also love the interaction you capture between everyone in the families and engagements!
(02.19.13 08:18 AM)
Mandy said:
*sigh* Another gorgeous photog full of SKINNY people! Just goes to show that fat people aren't beautiful, nor photogenic. They never show up on photographer's sites for advertising, and (except for one woman in the background) neither make the cut for the "favorite images" of 2012.
(02.22.13 10:38 AM)
amelialyon said:
Mandy, thank you for following my blog! I have to be honest, I am a little frustrated that you seemed to have "jumped the gun" with this comment. If you looked through all of my posts, and some particular ones lately, you'll notice that I photograph and feature people of all shapes, sizes, race, etc. All you really need is love, it doesn't matter what you look like, if there's love and I can see it through my lens, that's what makes a great image, it's the emotion. Also, in my "best of" posts I've included my favorite images from EVERY portrait session I shot in 2012, I didn't leave even one portrait session out. Also, my clients choose me, I don't choose my clients. I hope this reply finds you well, may I suggest that next time you giving others the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions. Take care sweetie. -Amelia-
(02.23.13 04:33 PM)
Amanda said:
Love all the emotion and character in these images! I'll keep saving my pennies so I can fly you to Austin or I can bring my family to CA! These are fabulous!
(03.09.13 09:09 AM)
Jon Tinkler said:
Some beautiful shots of some beautiful little kids there :-)
(02.09.15 04:11 PM)
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Ahhhhhh yes! The last wedding we shot in 2012! What a FANTASTIC way to end such a wonderful year and we got to do it in Mississippi (Lol, had to spell that like I was back in grade school) featuring the wedding of two amazing sweethearts, Beth + Michael! Truly, what wonderful people they are and the wedding day just kept getting better and better! The friendship, the love, the was ALL fabulous!

This letterpress card sums up the whole feeling of Beth + Michael's wedding day, what a great design by Thimblepress!
bm_wed_blog002.jpgbm_wed_blog003.jpgBeth is also a talented photographer, Justin and I were honored that she chose us to photograph this important day!
bm_wed_blog004.jpgbm_wed_blog005.jpgbm_wed_blog006.jpgbm_wed_blog007.jpgbm_wed_blog008.jpgbm_wed_blog009.jpgThe first look took place on the roof of the classic King Edward Hotel.
bm_wed_blog010.jpgbm_wed_blog011.jpgbm_wed_blog012.jpgbm_wed_blog013.jpgbm_wed_blog014.jpgBeth + Michael are such SWEETHEARTS and such genuine, sweet people!
bm_wed_blog015.jpgbm_wed_blog016.jpgbm_wed_blog017.jpgbm_wed_blog018.jpgbm_wed_blog019.jpgbm_wed_blog020.jpgbm_wed_blog021.jpgbm_wed_blog022.jpgbm_wed_blog023.jpgbm_wed_blog024.jpgbm_wed_blog025.jpgbm_wed_blog026.jpgbm_wed_blog027.jpgbm_wed_blog028.jpgbm_wed_blog029.jpgbm_wed_blog030.jpgbm_wed_blog031.jpgThe official venue: The Cotton Market....PERFECT for this Mississippi wedding!
bm_wed_blog037.jpgLoved these paper goods by August Bloome!
bm_wed_blog038.jpgbm_wed_blog039.jpgbm_wed_blog040.jpgBe still my heart with these little ring bearer bow ties and suspenders by Molly Gee Designs! She also provided Beth's reception hair piece and all of the bridesmaid jewelry.
My favorite shot of the day! Everything about it....Especially the gold flamingos, which were my favorite detail of the day!:)
bm_wed_blog055.jpgEvent styling and floral design provided by Lesly Frascogna of Tulip. Lesly also worked closely with Kendall Poole to coordinate this sweet sweet day...complete success!
bm_wed_blog057.jpgbm_wed_blog058.jpgbm_wed_blog059.jpgbm_wed_blog060.jpgBest event of the reception: the father-daughter dance! Never laughed so hard at something like this! I loved every second of it!
bm_wed_blog061.jpgbm_wed_blog062.jpgbm_wed_blog063.jpgbm_wed_blog064.jpgbm_wed_blog065.jpgbm_wed_blog066.jpgAaaaaaand of course..THE RING shot!
Want to see more? Check out Michael + Beth's wedding slideshow!
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Rhonda said:
As a Mississippian, I can tell you that it's so rare so see a wedding this amazing and so beautifully photographed. Love it!!
(01.30.13 03:46 AM)
Monica Justesen Photography said:
Ahh, cutest invitations ever! I am in love with so many things about their wedding. Great work Amelia!
(01.30.13 04:43 AM)
Marilia said:
lovely wedding, great photos
(01.30.13 06:08 AM)
Camille said:
Gold flamingos!!! Are you kidding me? Genius. Gorgeous couple. Stunning pictures. Love everything about this wedding!
(01.30.13 08:12 AM)
Cassie said:
This wedding is adorable!! beautiful work :)
(01.30.13 01:45 PM)
Scarlett & Stephen said:
Beth, you were a stunning bride!! I'm so happy for you my friend. You have a true eye for detail and all of your creative vision came together beautifully. Amelia, beautiful use of lighting! :-)
(01.30.13 02:46 PM)
Maggie said:
What a beautiful couple and a gorgeous wedding!
(01.30.13 08:49 PM)
Shain said:
Dude, Beth, you were on fire! You looked Amazing!!! You two were soo happy, and I loved every last detail! You two are soo special! Amelia, your such boss! Honestly one of my top 3 favorite photogs :)
(01.30.13 10:44 PM)
Pozycjonowanie said:
Nice pics. Good job!
(01.31.13 06:28 AM)
Flix Photography said:
Nice Theme!
(01.31.13 11:46 AM)
Bonnie said:
Lesley of Tulip Floral also worked with Bonnie of Southern Sprout created the chalkboards as well as the calligraphy for the day of the event.
(01.31.13 01:23 PM)
Dominik said:
Your work is truly wonderful!
(01.31.13 04:29 PM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Great wedding Amelia! Looks like it could have been here in MO. :-) Oh, you are the ring shot queen! Nice!
(02.01.13 01:25 PM)
Angela said:
I think the photos are beautiful and the lovely couple will love them forever. BEST WISHES to them.
(02.03.13 02:10 PM)
Soumen Nath said:
Amazing photography. I love all the pictures. But the first dance picture in colour is so much more striking. Kudos to you.
(02.04.13 09:03 AM)
Alli McWhinney said:
Love those letterpress cards and all the great details!
(02.04.13 02:11 PM)
Michelle said:
Wow. This wedding & couple have so much style. LOVE every detail. Wonderful photography!
(02.04.13 02:58 PM)
Angie said:
so pretty, love all the pinks and decor! And Beth is a gorgeous bride, love them!
(02.04.13 04:54 PM)
Amanda Pomilla Hagood said:
This wedding is photographed gorgeously! (Did I make up that word??) Awesome work!
(02.10.13 06:48 PM)
JF Mayoral said:
Congratulations on these beautiful pictures. I think being wedding photographer is one of the most beautiful professions.
(02.10.13 09:08 PM)
Pere lliteras said:
Very beatiful wedding and job. Congratulations from Spain
(02.11.13 12:22 AM)
David Luque said:
Very nice work. Congrats.
(02.11.13 12:35 AM)
Joaquin Corbalan said:
Beautiful pictures, really well captured the love between this couple.
(02.11.13 12:56 AM)
kimbrali said:
such a fun and colorful and perfectly styled wedding :) this makes me think every bride should wear fuchsia lips and carry a matching bouquet. you make flash photography look gooooood.
(02.12.13 11:43 AM)
Robert Arroyo said:
These photos are awesome! The couple is awesome. rad wedding!
(02.12.13 04:19 PM)
Kendall Poole said:
AMAZING!!!! The details are simply stunning. Yall are so talented! Blessed to be a part of such a special day!!
(02.20.13 01:57 PM)
Hormann said:
Beautiful pictures! You're very talented photographer:)
(02.28.13 12:45 AM)
Millgrove Photography said:
Some beautiful moments in there with the kids and love the father/daughter dance - those kind of moments absolutely make your night :-)
(02.03.15 08:18 PM)
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