Cassie + Erik were married in Santa Monica at the LDS Temple there. We opted to take their portraits with the "good light" a few days before the actual wedding day and I'm smitten with these images!!

Since they weren't actually getting married the day we shot their portraits I decided to set up a little "first look" for them, it was the perfect way to start off our shoot!
ce_wedblog002.jpgce_wedblog003.jpgce_wedblog004.jpgce_wedblog005.jpgce_wedblog006.jpgce_wedblog007.jpgce_wedblog008.jpgce_wedblog009.jpgce_wedblog010.jpgce_wedblog011.jpgce_wedblog012.jpgce_wedblog013.jpgce_wedblog014.jpgce_wedblog015.jpgce_wedblog016.jpgce_wedblog017.jpgce_wedblog018.jpgce_wedblog019.jpgI really loved Cassie + Erik's timeless look! Especially Erik's Vera Wang get up, not too shabby!
ce_wedblog020.jpgce_wedblog021.jpgce_wedblog022.jpgce_wedblog023.jpgLipstick anyone?!
ce_wedblog024.jpgce_wedblog025.jpgce_wedblog026.jpgce_wedblog027.jpgA few days later on their wedding day.....
ce_wedblog033.jpgce_wedblog034.jpgce_wedblog035.jpgce_wedblog036.jpgce_wedblog037.jpgce_wedblog038.jpgce_wedblog039.jpgce_wedblog040.jpgce_wedblog041.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
And of course.....a wedding blog post needs a slideshow! Check it out!
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Jordan Glazener- Sunday Sky Photography said:
I love all of these! You're a fantastic photographer!!
(06.14.13 07:31 AM)
Wedding Photographer lancaster pa said:
Your perspective with this couple it dead on. Great job
(06.14.13 03:22 PM)
Danielle Rigby said:
Hey I used to work with Cassie here in Utah!! Love her! And your skills are on point as always :)
(06.14.13 07:28 PM)
Lindsey Hopper said:
Absolutely beautiful. I adore your work!
(06.17.13 08:36 PM)
mcaullum said:
loved your work you have capture the precious moments of life which cant be replace...good job
(06.20.13 04:23 AM)
Meer Anis said:
A love for photography and it's talents has been presented here. I appreciate the photography.
(01.10.14 08:52 PM)
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I always love a good excuse to get out the desert and shoot! Had SO much fun with this engagement session of Kelly + Chris I shot in and around Palm Springs!

We started out at the Ace Hotel and then ventured out to the desert!
Kelly's smile is INFECTIOUS!
ck_eng_blog002.jpgck_eng_blog003.jpgck_eng_blog004.jpgHair & Make-up by 10.11 Makeup
ck_eng_blog005.jpgck_eng_blog006.jpgck_eng_blog007.jpgck_eng_blog008.jpgck_eng_blog009.jpgck_eng_blog010.jpgck_eng_blog011.jpgck_eng_blog012.jpgck_eng_blog013.jpgck_eng_blog014.jpgck_eng_blog015.jpgck_eng_blog016.jpgck_eng_blog017.jpgck_eng_blog018.jpgck_eng_blog019.jpgck_eng_blog020.jpgck_eng_blog021.jpgck_eng_blog022.jpgck_eng_blog023.jpgck_eng_blog024.jpgck_eng_blog025.jpgck_eng_blog026.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Heather Hamer said:
Love these! Especially the windmill farm shots!
(06.05.13 08:58 PM)
canvas print said:
well done you two guys. your photos look great and so do you together.
(06.06.13 05:20 AM)
Heather Armstrong said:
(06.06.13 06:20 PM)
Malinda said:
(06.08.13 12:15 PM)
Wedding Photographer lancaster pa said:
You are so talented. I will be back for ideas Joelle
(06.08.13 03:40 PM)
Angie said:
CUTIES!!! Love how happy they are together!
(06.11.13 04:21 PM)
mcaullum said:
Good wishes for your future endeavors ...Too good pictures
(06.13.13 09:02 PM)
Marisa said:
Love, love, love the balloon set!!
(06.17.13 06:30 AM)
Julia Sikira said:
The photos are really beautiful. I love these photos
(07.31.13 08:16 AM)
Sandra Pan said:
ahh it's Kelly and Chris!! so adorable!!
(09.01.13 11:29 AM)
Corlis Gray said:
Beautiful engagement session! Looks like it was a lot of fun. I love those cute!
(01.23.14 09:08 AM)
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