Sometimes you get all the shots you need in a short amount of time. In this case with Cathy + Will's engagement session it's exactly true! We were racing with the sun setting, the location not working out, and having to find a back up location to fit the look they were going for. Luckily it all fell into place and I shot for a total of 40 minutes (much different than the 2 hours I'm use to for engagement sessions). I downloaded the images and LOVED the set that I ended up with, working under pressure is definitely a plus in my book!

wc_engblog001.jpgwc_engblog002.jpgwc_engblog003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day and 100% shot this way on purpose!:)

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Down Hall Wedding Photographer said:
Great set of images, Love the last 4 :)
(08.16.13 02:52 PM)
Shumi said:
So sweet and you are a beautiful couple. God bless you :)
(08.16.13 10:25 PM)
Wedding Photographers Harrisburg Pa said:
Beautiful photos!! Great locations too!
(08.21.13 05:54 PM)
Kooler Pub said:
Best wishes to you. Really nice couple and pics.
(09.02.13 12:54 AM)
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Loved the classic Jin & Eugene's wedding. Both being doctors in the medical field, I thought that the feel and style of their wedding day really reflected this couple's personality so perfectly!

Decided to start off this post with my favorite shot of the day!:)
je_wedblog_001.jpgje_wedblog_002.jpgje_wedblog_003.jpgje_wedblog_004.jpgje_wedblog_005.jpgje_wedblog_006.jpgje_wedblog_007.jpgje_wedblog_008.jpgje_wedblog_009.jpgje_wedblog_010.jpgje_wedblog_011.jpgje_wedblog_012.jpgje_wedblog_013.jpgje_wedblog_014.jpgje_wedblog_015.jpgje_wedblog_016.jpgje_wedblog_017.jpgje_wedblog_018.jpgje_wedblog_019.jpgje_wedblog_020.jpgje_wedblog_021.jpgje_wedblog_022.jpgje_wedblog_023.jpgje_wedblog_024.jpgje_wedblog_025.jpgje_wedblog_026.jpgje_wedblog_027.jpgje_wedblog_028.jpgje_wedblog_029.jpgje_wedblog_031.jpgje_wedblog_032.jpgje_wedblog_033.jpgje_wedblog_034.jpgje_wedblog_035.jpgje_wedblog_036.jpgje_wedblog_037.jpgje_wedblog_038.jpgje_wedblog_039.jpgje_wedblog_040.jpgje_wedblog_041.jpgje_wedblog_042.jpgje_wedblog_043.jpgje_wedblog_044.jpgje_wedblog_045.jpgje_wedblog_046.jpgje_wedblog_047.jpgje_wedblog_048.jpgje_wedblog_049.jpgThis shot makes me feel especially happy:)
Congratulations to Jin + Eugene! Click here for their wedding slideshow!
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Emily Hartvigsen said:
So pretty! I love the first one especially, so unique. And the photos at the alter are absolutely lovely!
(08.01.13 06:29 PM)
Cindy Brown | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist said:
What a fun style. Love your photos of the bridal party.
(08.04.13 08:25 PM)
Heather Hamer said:
Her dress is spectacular. These photos are so beautiful and classy! I love the traditional indoor setup they have and the spoon shot is great!
(08.07.13 11:33 AM)
Photographer Guy Ryan said:
great work guys! I agree with the best shot of the day. Looks rad
(08.10.13 01:20 AM)
Lola said:
These pictures are absolutely beautiful!
(08.18.13 10:54 AM)
Malinda said:
Amelia, Love the rainbow coloring you're using in some of your photos! Are they Totally Rad Actions? Do you mind sharing the recipe?
(08.21.13 01:18 PM)
artur akseonov said:
(08.25.13 05:19 AM)
Ottawa Photographer, Black Lamb said:
Your work is beautiful. What a lovely wedding.
(08.25.14 03:33 AM)
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