It's always fun to photograph a new little bunch, just like the Wu family! They celebrated their son's first birthday with this shoot and I loved every minute of it watching them play and care for this cute toddler!
wu_familyblog0001.jpgwu_familyblog0002.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Hands down, the best part about this business is that you get to be with happy people EVERY time you work!:)
wu_familyblog0005.jpgwu_familyblog0006.jpgwu_familyblog0007.jpgwu_familyblog0008.jpgToddler kisses are the best! LOL!

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Malinda said:
Love how you captured the sweet and fun interactions between this family! The REAL moments are the BEST!
(05.02.13 10:57 AM)
Heather Hamer said:
Cute family. I really love the first silhouette photo. Beautiful!
(05.06.13 02:36 PM)
Graphics Clipping Path said:
Wow! Cute family. Very nice! Looking great!!
(11.08.13 08:30 PM)
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Ahhhh yes! The first wedding of 2013! What a good way to start out the year with Chris + Jessica's wedding! I'll let the images do the talking!:)

jc_wedblog001.jpgjc_wedblog002.jpgjc_wedblog003.jpgEmbraced the under-lit room Jessica got ready in, love the tone it set for the rest of the day's portraits.
jc_wedblog004.jpgjc_wedblog005.jpgjc_wedblog006.jpgjc_wedblog007.jpgjc_wedblog008.jpgjc_wedblog009.jpgjc_wedblog010.jpgjc_wedblog011.jpgSo sweet to watch Chris react to seeing Jessica during the first look.
jc_wedblog012.jpgjc_wedblog013.jpgjc_wedblog014.jpgjc_wedblog015.jpgjc_wedblog016.jpgjc_wedblog017.jpgjc_wedblog018.jpgjc_wedblog019.jpgjc_wedblog020.jpgjc_wedblog021.jpgjc_wedblog022.jpgjc_wedblog023.jpgjc_wedblog024.jpgMy favorite detail of the day: the Mad Men themed set up they had on the stage for the wedding party during the ceremony!
Second favorite shot of the day!
jc_wedblog037.jpgMy favorite shot of the day...out of focus, cropped, and amazing!
Want to see more from this wedding? Check out their online slideshow!
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Manuel Ortega said:
You have a unique and very artistic style! I came across your blog accidentally and I couldn't stop looking at your images. Very nice work!
(04.23.13 12:40 AM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Great start to the 2013 wedding season! Great couple! Thanks for sharing!
(04.23.13 07:17 AM)
Malinda said:
LOVE this wedding! Such great photos that really show the emotion of the whole day:)
(04.23.13 11:32 AM)
wedding invitations wording said:
(04.26.13 12:49 AM)
Frances said:
So lovely. These photos made me smile. Well done!
(04.30.13 07:01 AM)
stella said:
the bouquet looks very stunning
(05.07.13 07:19 PM)
Graphics Clipping Path said:
Nice collection. Really great couple photography. Thank you very much for a creative post.
(11.08.13 08:26 PM)
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