I know that this is a few weeks overdue, but I finally put together a post about this wonderful little boy turning 5 years old!! Wow, what a difference a year makes! This kid has grown by leaps and bounds! Sloan or "Sloanie" is the comedy relief to our family, he is so witty, artistic, inquisitive, sweet, stubborn, and full of so much personality. Sometimes Justin and I don't know how we got so lucky to call him our son!

Sloan October of 2012 on his 5th birthday!
October 2011 on his 4th birthday!
It's a wonder why he was born during the halloween holiday, Sloan LOVES dressing up! Our little sleeping dragon after his birthday party last year!
sloan_5_002.jpgNovember 2011. Thank you Jaclyn for this amazing photo of Sloan from our Big White Box session, this photo fits his personality so well!
sloan_5_003.jpgDecember 2011. Love this family photo taken by Joseph Llanes!
sloan_5_004.jpgsloan_5_005.jpgJanuary 2012. The basketball was so big he could alllllmost make a basket.
sloan_5_006.jpgMarch 2012. One of Sloan's bff Paisley!
sloan_5_007.jpgApril 2012, our little "lion".
He is SUCH a boy! Not afraid to play with worms, insects, dirt, etc...
sloan_5_010.jpgsloan_5_012.jpgsloan_5_013.jpgMay 2012. Baseball! His favorite position to play was catcher, just because he got to dress up in the cool gear, lol!
sloan_5_014.jpgsloan_5_015.jpgDirty face = he had fun baseball game.
sloan_5_016.jpgsloan_5_017.jpgsloan_5_018.jpgJune 2012. Summer Sloan!
sloan_5_019.jpgSloan's graduation cute that he wants to "work with my dad" when he gets older.
sloan_5_020.jpgLove this kid!
sloan_5_021.jpgsloan_5_022.jpgJuly 2012. He literally sunburned his eye balls after a long day of swimming.
sloan_5_023.jpgAugust 2012. The first morning on our way to a family reunion, I adore this pic of all my kids waking up with the bright sun on them, so funny!
sloan_5_024.jpgCamping at the family reunion, he had so much fun and he got SO dirty!
sloan_5_025.jpgsloan_5_026.jpgsloan_5_027.jpgsloan_5_028.jpgConquered Sierra Trigo with Dad!
sloan_5_031.jpgSeptember 2012.
October 2012. He also got a haircut! He begged and begged us for months, it was SO hard to part with his long red locks, but it was time and his haircut turned out SUPER handsome!
sloan_5_034.jpgsloan_5_035.jpgSloan wanted a "Star Wars" themed birthday party, he played young Anakin Skywalker.
sloan_5_036.jpgsloan_5_037.jpgHappy birthday my sweet Sloanie! This mama adores you and loves you beyond words! Can't wait to see how much you grow this next year!

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Angel Swanson said:
i loved this sweet look at Sloan's last year!
(11.08.12 11:05 PM)
Trisha said:
Your family dresses up so well! Where do you buy all of their amazing clothes?! Love your family photos!
(11.09.12 01:10 PM)
darby said:
ha ha. i was thinking that looked like the homestead!!
(11.09.12 01:49 PM)
brautkleid neckholder said:
I really Love your family photos! Your family is so happy! Enviable!
(11.11.12 06:19 PM)
myrtle said:
Great! Wonderful photos.=D
(11.13.12 10:23 PM)
sandie said:
AMELIA & JUSTIN!!! WOW 5 already!! your kiddos are so much fun + Sloan is so, so, so cool!!!! What a fantastic job you are doing at giving them a great life full of adventures and tons of love! I miss you guys. Happy 5th Birthday Sloan!
(11.13.12 10:34 PM)
The Sloans said:
Yay!!! We love Sloanie and glad he had a happy happy birthday!!! Love the pic of him and Paisley!!!
(11.16.12 02:09 PM)
Sheresa said:
I peek at your blog every so often to admire your photos and I'm always inspired by the way you make everyday life and insignificant moments seem breath taking. You have a beautiful family and take gorgeous photos.
(11.18.12 10:17 PM)
Fotosessioon Stuudios said:
Really adorable child,
(11.27.12 06:17 AM)
Bonny said:
Amelia! your family is too cute!! love every pic :) cant wait to see you at another wedding
(01.16.13 10:53 AM)
robin said:
Amelia, I look at his beautiful face and I just see you so clearly! You have such a beautiful family and a charmed life. I am lucky to call myself your friend.
(02.08.13 07:27 AM)
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Chris + Jess had this amazing idea to fly me up to Napa and photograph their engagement session at the very same vineyard Chris proposed to Jessica! I though it was brilliant, plus, who wouldn't want to go on a quick day trip to Napa? Such a beautiful place, I wish I could've stayed a bit longer!

This is engagement shoot #1 for Chris + Jess, I'll also be doing a second engagement session of them in Downtown LA in the very near future. I love that Chris + Jess decided to do two sessions to represent where they are and the places that they love!

I started the shoot off at this amazing tree, the light and the branches just made me so happy to be there!
cj_engblog001.jpgcj_engblog002.jpgChris designed this label to go over the wine bottle he used to propose to Jess with!
cj_engblog003.jpgcj_engblog004.jpgcj_engblog005.jpgOf course she said yes!:)
cj_engblog009.jpgcj_engblog010.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day on the left.
cj_engblog011.jpgcj_engblog012.jpgcj_engblog013.jpgcj_engblog014.jpgcj_engblog015.jpgcj_engblog016.jpgcj_engblog017.jpgcj_engblog018.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!:)
I'm looking forward to engagement shoot #2 in Downtown LA!
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jess said:
thank you sooo much amelia!!! you're amazing! can't wait for our second shoot!
(11.01.12 02:41 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
SO BEAUTIFUL! My favorite is your favorite! That needs to be blown up and hung in the house. So cool.
(11.01.12 03:07 PM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Great session AMELIA! Thanks for sharing!
(11.07.12 07:17 PM)
Fotograf Bytom said:
I love your natural style and fantastic pictures breathtaking,
(04.02.13 05:20 AM)
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