'Tis the season for family portraits! This particular family sitting with the Kim family makes me SO happy! So much love and joy radiating from each member, featuring their little girl turning one!
kim_family_001.jpgkim_family_002.jpgkim_family_003.jpgkim_family_004.jpgThis is the funniest and the best! LOL!
kim_family_005.jpgkim_family_006.jpgkim_family_007.jpgkim_family_008.jpgkim_family_009.jpgkim_family_010.jpgMy favorite shot of the day tripled up in a sequence! CUTE overload!

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shari said:
I love all of these. that little girl is darling! you captured their family beautifully :)
(10.11.12 05:43 PM)
cathy blackstone said:
you are one of my favorite photographers ever. all time. great images. love the interaction, angles, love...thank you for constantly inspiring me.
(10.11.12 09:16 PM)
Mel said:
so precious! love your processing~
(10.11.12 09:51 PM)
Images said:
Sweet And Lovely Photography.
(10.20.12 10:33 AM)
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I'm so excited that the day has finally come to show off Charles + Debbie's wedding! I've been holding off for some time because I wanted to wait until after this lovely wedding was featured on Green Wedding Shoes. This was truly a wonderful, detailed, sweet day and I am happy to have been part of it photographically!

I also loved working alongside other fantastic vendors like Nancy of So Happi Together,  Holly Flora, and Found Vintage Rentals. What a fantastic wedding team combo!

The entire wedding took place at the Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles, I always have a great time photographing this venue!
dc_wedblog_002.jpgdc_wedblog_003.jpgdc_wedblog_004.jpgdc_wedblog_005.jpgAs always, it was pleasure to have Jason Roger second shoot with me when Justin wasn't available, love this shot of Charles getting ready!
dc_wedblog_006.jpgdc_wedblog_007.jpgdc_wedblog_008.jpgdc_wedblog_009.jpgLOVE this first look set up! So fun!
dc_wedblog_010.jpgdc_wedblog_011.jpgdc_wedblog_012.jpgdc_wedblog_013.jpgdc_wedblog_014.jpgdc_wedblog_015.jpgdc_wedblog_016.jpgdc_wedblog_017.jpgdc_wedblog_018.jpgdc_wedblog_019.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Love how different it feels!
My second favorite shot of the day!
dc_wedblog_025.jpgdc_wedblog_026.jpgdc_wedblog_027.jpgThe theme of Charles + Debbie's wedding was "when Squirrel met Mouse", I thought it was sweet and straight out of a storybook!
Congratulations to Debbie + Charles! I'm truly happy to have been your photographer, I LOVED your wedding day! Check out their slideshow HERE!

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alyda said:
oh my goodness, what a beautiful wedding. That venue is amazing! Love your work Amelia xx
(10.09.12 11:31 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
That First Look location is pure gold, her ring is one of the coolest, most unique rings I have EVER seen, and the details from this wedding are per.fect. Lovely.
(10.10.12 04:42 AM)
Jonathan Connolly said:
What a great wedding. Love everything about this one. Great work guys! You're still my favorite photographers.
(10.10.12 07:13 AM)
Christine Chang said:
Great job! :) What an adorable couple. Love her dress!
(10.10.12 05:54 PM)
Jai Catalano said:
These are amazing. I always say be careful on your honeymoon. My son was born 9 months to the day. :)
(10.11.12 07:41 AM)
Polina Bulman said:
That's a HUGE wedding post! And every singe image is amazing! Great job Amelia! As usual..:)
(10.13.12 02:31 PM)
Rebecca said:
WOW, love this wedding!!! I especially love that graphic painted wall!
(10.19.12 03:18 PM)
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