Loved this backyard wedding with Jen + Andy! The lovely couple got ready at The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel and then headed over for their ceremony and wedding celebration at Jen's sister's residence where they turned the backyard barn into a sweet intimate reception!

ja_wedblog_002.jpgja_wedblog_003.jpgja_wedblog_004.jpgja_wedblog_005.jpgja_wedblog_006.jpgja_wedblog_007.jpgja_wedblog_008.jpgja_wedblog_009.jpgja_wedblog_010.jpgja_wedblog_011.jpgja_wedblog_012.jpgja_wedblog_013.jpgja_wedblog_014.jpgja_wedblog_015.jpgja_wedblog_016.jpgja_wedblog_017.jpgja_wedblog_018.jpgja_wedblog_019.jpgja_wedblog_020.jpgja_wedblog_021.jpgja_wedblog_022.jpgja_wedblog_023.jpgja_wedblog_024.jpgja_wedblog_025.jpgja_wedblog_026.jpgja_wedblog_027.jpgja_wedblog_028.jpgMy favorite detail of the day: Jen's grandfather's pocket watch that she wore around her neck!  I thought it was a perfect addition to her look!
ja_wedblog_029.jpgja_wedblog_030.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! So much happiness!
Click here to see more from Jen + Andy's wedding day!
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Malinda said:
ABSOLUTELY Love LOVE how you captured this wedding!!! Will be participating in THE LYON-SHOP some day:)
(07.02.13 01:08 PM)
faisal said:
your photography inspire me and make me learn so much more about being a photographer.
(07.05.13 09:47 PM)
Net said:
I especially like your black and white.
(07.07.13 06:12 AM)
eric leleu said:
some really nice pix ! very fresh.
(07.10.13 10:38 AM)
Hannes Uys said:
Discovered your work today. All I can say is: stunning!
(07.11.13 06:31 AM)
adam said:
Found your message searching for Radlab articles. Just wanted to say terrific photos!
(07.15.13 04:51 AM)
Mostafizur said:
Nice photos.Thanks for sharing.
(08.07.13 11:11 PM)
Natalie said:
Oh please please please tell me where she got this dress! I want it for my vow renewal! xoxo
(06.16.14 12:45 PM)
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Custom suits said:
So Romantic Picture.I love it.
(07.25.13 12:05 AM)
Tre Cavil said:
Wow! Love the first pic with the couple hidden in the leaves.
(07.15.14 02:44 PM)
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