We are SUPER excited for next LYON-SHOP to be held on AUGUST 6th, 2013 in LOS ANGELES, CA!!! Check out our official LYON-SHOP site for further details or CLICK HERE to reserve your seat right away!

Here's are some of our favorite images that were shot at the last few LYON-SHOP classes! The first set is from the LYON-SHOP in Huntington Beach and the second is from the LYON-SHOP in Atlanta, Georgia.

Huntington Beach with Gretta + Rob as our fabulous models!
lyonshop_blogla001.jpglyonshop_blogla002.jpglyonshop_blogla003.jpglyonshop_blogla004.jpglyonshop_blogla005.jpglyonshop_blogla006.jpglyonshop_blogla007.jpglyonshop_blogla008.jpglyonshop_blogla009.jpglyonshop_blogla010.jpglyonshop_blogla011.jpglyonshop_blogla012.jpgAtlanta, Georgia with Sarah & Travis!!:) 
Justin and I are humbled to have the opportunity to teach each LYON-SHOP class and we're even more humbled by those that attend, just a quick THANK YOU to those that have and will participate, we LOVE every bit of what we do and can't wait to share it with others!:)

We also wouldn't be able to do these classes without the help of some of our favorite people and business vendors! Extra thanks to the following RADICAL companies:

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Custom suits said:
So Romantic Picture.I love it.
(07.25.13 12:05 AM)
Tre Cavil said:
Wow! Love the first pic with the couple hidden in the leaves.
(07.15.14 02:44 PM)