Just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that made a donation to help Davy Jean! The winner of the free photo sitting has been contacted and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude toward those that participated in any amount. Because of your donations this little girl will continue to grow and have the means that she needs to survive LIFE!

You can continue to make donations for Davy Jean by CLICKING HERE

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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professional pic editor said:
Just Amazing.
(04.17.13 11:23 PM)
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Over the past year Justin and I have had a blast traveling to various states to teach LYON-SHOP classes! Although we don't have any other dates planned yet, I wanted to do a couple of blogposts recapping some of our favorite portraits that took place during our live shoots.

This recap is from our Dallas LYON-SHOP that took place back in January at the Nylo Hotel, it was such a fun venue to shoot at, SO much to work with! Erin + Brad were the GREAT models, loved the chemistry between these two!

Also, before I go on, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all of our fantastic SPONSORS that help make the LYON-SHOP classes happen! LOVE all of you! Mwahh!:)

be_lyonshopd_001.jpgbe_lyonshopd_002.jpgbe_lyonshopd_003.jpgbe_lyonshopd_004.jpgbe_lyonshopd_005.jpgbe_lyonshopd_006.jpgbe_lyonshopd_007.jpgbe_lyonshopd_008.jpgbe_lyonshopd_009.jpgHands favorite shot of the day!

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canvas prints said:
i liked your photos. they are very stylish and very cool to.
(03.27.13 07:33 AM)
Ryan said:
#2 is so simple, yet so lovely.
(03.30.13 05:31 AM)
Charleston Wedding Photographers said:
Nice photographs. Very artistic! Great work.
(03.31.13 12:49 PM)
Online Collage Maker said:
Beautiful couple and awesome photography.
(04.02.13 02:23 AM)
Clipping Path said:
Great & lovely Photography.
(04.03.13 11:38 AM)
Sydney Wedding Photographer said:
Love this set and the use of flash!
(04.06.13 04:45 AM)
AKP Photography said:
Beautiful session!
(04.09.13 08:43 AM)
mcaullum said:
BEst wishes to the lovely couples some of the best lens work you have shared with us
(06.12.13 09:56 AM)
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